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  1. Stevensb21

    pve official Looking for some advice for the Ragnarok Arena

    Thanks heaps! This is exactly the advice i was looking for. 1 more question tho have you experienced the manticore not landing at all? It seems a fair few people have been complaining about it on the forums.
  2. My tribe is planning on doing some medium Ragnarok arena runs sometime this weekend we plan on running 7-10 players with +250% ARs 1 Yuti, 1 pig and 18 Rexes. Our Rex stats are 15k health 600-800% melee because iv heard a few people say putting points into health is useless because the dragon burn is % based. Does the stats on a Yuti and pig matter at all, or just tamed 140+ will be fine? Are there any players experienced with the fight able to give me some advice and a rough idea of the Rex stats that i should be aiming for to do beta and probably even alpha later down the track
  3. Stevensb21

    How to summon Ragnarok labyrinth bosses

    To summon the bosses in there u need to take the dino sacrifice path instead of the player sacrifice path
  4. Stevensb21

    3rd DLC Guesses

    I think it will be a underwater expansion
  5. Stevensb21

    wyvern Wyvern's Problem

    I thought this post was going to be about the real problem with wyverns. (Trying to make them land or be close enough to the ground to get back on if they fly away)
  6. Stevensb21

    Bosses and Tek Tier

    I hope that gets added when they put S+ into the game, its kind of annoying having to move all your boss dinos to and from the obi everytime u want to fight a boss because every1 else has all their rexes around the obi taking up all the room
  7. Stevensb21

    New officials servers???

    They will just release abberation servers so u need to buy the DLC to be able to actually play the game
  8. Stevensb21

    Mute option

    Not only the chinese but the noobs that spam chat because they dont know how to use local or tribe chat even after being told by half the server
  9. Stevensb21

    Trains and railways

    I cant see this being added to the game would just cause even more lag, but could be made into a mod for private servers
  10. Stevensb21

    Too many tamed creatures on this ark?

    The mutation system also encourages the use of multiple females for higher chances at mutations so it would take way too long (on official rates) to get high lvl mutated dinos for bosses ect with only 9 females
  11. Stevensb21

    Too many tamed creatures on this ark?

    u take 20 rexes for boss fights so thats not a good idea at all
  12. Stevensb21

    QUESTION: Why do you choose Official?

    I play official because i know the server will be there when i wake up in the morning
  13. gratz guys, looks like i need to breed some theris lol
  14. Stevensb21

    The Future of Flyers

    Im in the exact same boat, the nerf didnt bother me, made the maps feel bigger but flying a quetz across a map to pick up a dino you tamed or traded for is too slow lol
  15. Stevensb21

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    We had so many more legacy servers that were up for alot longer than these "official release" servers yet i never saw any of my previous legacy servers tame capped. There just needs to be more servers to split people up.