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  1. Tropeognathus Since the crash and fix has anyone seen any. I have a base in the city on extinction and they were huddled with the tapas but since fix there has been none.
  2. It's now Saturday might sitting on dinos is fine now but still have extreme lag and dashboarding every ten minutes
  3. Besides dadhboarding any one else experiencing character standing up in saddles
  4. game crashing saddle bug I tried to get on after all the summer patches everything was fine till I got on my owl character is standing up in saddle and paused lag every few mins then complete logging out took hours to get my dino back home. got on today after be set back still doing it. this is a crossplay extinction sever xbox one
  5. 839 crosplay still missing for me. has it came up for you yet
  6. Island Crossplay Servers replaced with beginner All other servers on Rag, Ext, ate there but when I switched over to island my favorite star is next to a beginner sever and not a crossplay I clicked to make sure and it started off at beginning. checked list for any other crossplay they are not there.
  7. Can not do this either
  8. This has happened two days in a row around the same time at 10:30pm eastern.
  9. Herperornis not taming on Genesis Tried taming one today on Genesis dragged 9 dead fish to it. would not light up option to feed remained gray. Anyone else tried or experienced this.
  10. Oh yeah could transfer saddle still just no dinos
  11. Can't transfer dinos from The Island tried to transfer 2 Dinos from Island by drop box the came up as available click on them hit download button message came up as normal accepted but they did not transfer. Pve Xbox Crosplay Island public server
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