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  1. Balska

    Ark 2 character transfer

    That will destroy a part of this "new" game... You will skip a big part of the content with it. Restarting from 0 is cool too, i'm bored on a game when i already have everything. Boosted characters will start from 0 too and will have to tryhard or pay for seats again rather than pretending to be alpha. But giving a special cosmetic to the veterans of ARK 1 could be an idea
  2. Balska

    Help, I'm being griefed on PvE!

    2 ways : 1) Ask again on support 2) Pillar him back and close as possible from his builds so he can't build anything more sadly, the 2nd works fine because wildcard don't help much in game
  3. Balska

    Max level dinos

    If you don't found any issue, you have a mod who can do that for you. Max wild dinos levels will be 150 with official stats like
  4. Balska

    i put it here wildcard

    They got the good idea to wipe legacy servers If you have a name of some with active players i want it lol, and officials stay forever now (or wipe some if the game dying)
  5. Balska

    i put it here wildcard

    cuz we are playing since the beginning and we want to stay here cuz no one unofficial stay forever or admins are trolls or reset
  6. Balska

    i put it here wildcard

    I'm just trying to revive wildcard developpers
  7. Balska

    Is this a fair punishment?

    I wiped a lot of trashs players for that, by killing every tamed dinos and tames. They can change the rules i will not stop (anyway i don't care if my char is banned cuz we loose them every rollback lol). It's to Wildcard to move their millionaire's buttocks by finding news solutions. They are punishing for nothing now cuz they are to lazy to find a good way for everyone. Why just not bound the eggs/fertilized to the tribe and make sure no one can take them for exemple? I don't know why i'm proposing suggestions cuz Wildcard never listen the community. BFA come soon on WoW anyway >>> road to glad
  8. My EUROPEAN server : 60% chineses
  9. Balska

    Could this computer run ARK?

    Yes, to be safe you can overclock your graphic card
  10. Balska

    Could this computer run ARK?

    yes you can
  11. Balska

    Minimum stats for a boss rex

    That depending of the meta, if it's 19 rexs 1 yuty you can easely beat gamma-beta broodmother with 20k-25k HP, and 500+ melee (alpha require MINI 30k HP 700+ melee if you have 80+ armor saddle) i personnaly prefere to play with 40k HP and rest in damages (700+) Monkey is easy too, he don't deal so much damages, but same as broodmother. For dragon i'm using therizi and shotguns.
  12. When i'm starting, i'm starting with a trike to make narcoberries fast, then i'm hunting to get meat and spoil them. You can also tame dodos to prepare an high level pteranodon to explore for a better base spot etc. After making narcotics, i'm taming a beaver and after a doedicurus (low levels) with berries same as low levels they are really interesting for starting a stone base (you can also use a trap or a trap boat to be safe for the tame). After you can tame an ankylo and left him near a metal spot to start to farm ingots. For first fighting dino i prefere to use dire bear, cuz they are really good in all points (fighting, carrying, somes caves etc) they are really easy to tame, just kite, use traps or high rocks (don't forgot to use longneck rifle, cuz with crossbow they are dying) for my first carry flyer i prefere to use argentavis, more easy and a bit faster and you can use them with your ankylo and carry ingots to your main base a low level is not bad too with some level (you can also explore and levelup him with explorer notes).
  13. Balska

    Island boss questions

    Hey, you will definetly don't loose any rex, ape don't make much damages and your saddles are not so bad. Just stay at the spawn area, pull him and keep your yuty buff on your rexs. shuffle attack this target on ape and not neutral or agressive. You can also beat beta brood with them, but not alpha.
  14. Balska

    Lost Rex undermap help!!!

    I do not even count the number of times it happened to me... Happened in tek cave too (that was really cool to see our rexs dying like that) Open a ticket on the support and ask some help