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  1. Balska

    Fanart Friday 1!

    You need to complain too or you're a wildcard developer that's not possible
  2. I don't make vacuums just for that stupids bars ?
  3. That depending of the meta, if it's 19 rexs 1 yuty you can easely beat gamma-beta broodmother with 20k-25k HP, and 500+ melee (alpha require MINI 30k HP 700+ melee if you have 80+ armor saddle) i personnaly prefere to play with 40k HP and rest in damages (700+) Monkey is easy too, he don't deal so much damages, but same as broodmother. For dragon i'm using therizi and shotguns.
  4. i'm waiting for the cap i can't tame anything since 2 weeks, and maybe gonna leave ARK a bit and waiting for an update... nice gameplay everyday, just visit the map on my ptera, we can't do anything lol
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