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  1. "What about the taming cap? Do we need to find a way to prevent this?", "Nah f*ck that, just ban players and reset their bases" Same story for meshers, they took to much time to wake up and banned a lot of players without patching this bug. When a youtuber kick their ass and make a bad buzz they are suddenly woke up ahah that's hilarious. I'm really happy that i leaved the game and this "enterprise". I'll no buy anything again from them. I lost to much time to support them. Now i'm playing some other games and that developers are experienced. I'm sorry for your base, this game don't take the good way sadly...
  2. Balska

    Fanart Friday 1!

    You need to complain too or you're a wildcard developer that's not possible
  3. Right click on Wildcard, unistall all games and install another real enterprise
  4. There is no patch, don't wait for a patch wildcard are to "busy" for that. That's like that since so long. Make another char, one stay on island and the other one on ragna. ARK data is the same for all your chars/servers, you can send items from one to another one. Ragna is crashing a lot soooo do this...
  5. ask him to reduce the bandwith in options
  6. He did that to woke up devs, but they are sleepy as f*ck. Use your DLC money to pay real devs please. Still waiting for a game fix to buy Atlas
  7. I didn't read everything, your message is bored as f*ck and sounds like a beginner one :). There is no reason to left dinos on the base anymore, old dinos for specific kibbles can be removed and replaced by news one. That's reducing the amount of dinos required, cryopods was released for your beauty eyes? Lel. YOU use your brain or go f*ck yourself by trying to taunt others players i only have like 200 dinos out and that's just for mutations searchs anyway
  8. you don't understand what i'm saying, that was for reduce tame cap as possible too, same idea with the cryopods
  9. thecenter 200 have a lot of instability, server keep crashing, ping to 255 and more, a lot of disconnects etc...
  10. it's not worse, you gain more bonus on additional levels than mutations (based on the %)
  11. What was is melee pre-tame? And gg
  12. I don't make vacuums just for that stupids bars ?
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