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  1. Game crashes every time server saves (Official) I've done some research and cant find this issue for official to be super common.. anyways every 15 minutes my game crashes (when the server saves). Wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Yes I've already verified files. Yes I've reinstalled Ark entirely
  2. I was mocked by the community mods here for saying that 3.5x was causing serious issues (see previous post history) with snide comments. THAT IS HOW WC reacts to reality. Shame on them
  3. In regard to pillars, that is Ark official PVE for you. Always will be that way. As far as one server after another becoming unplayable due to rollbacks and now once again even with cryopods - dinocaps, yeah blame that on WC. I know community mods will defend WC tooth and nail but the reality is they will never learn how to run a game properly. Did they know this influx of players was about to hit them? I mean for a bit, yes. They also have control over new servers for those new players too among many other things but you talk to their fanboys and welp its totally out of their control! Literally nothing they can do about it! If you dont like it, dont play official! And that mentality is why part of the community is the way it is too. There are some unofficial servers that've been around for years.. just gotta do your homework. A lot of my oldest Ark friends that've played for 5 years now have all gone to unofficial, they will NEVER touch official. I prefer official due to trade and volume of servers plus I hate the idea of some 14 yr old on a powertrip destroying everything I've worked months on because his friend said he doesnt like you. Anyways Ark is very much a love hate situation. I think once you accept all of the endless BS this company spews out, its a one of a kind game unlike anything out there.
  4. Ocean Platform - Allow Behemoth Gates to actually function!! Why am I not shocked that I can place behemoth gate frame but not the actual door? Ark devs best! For those that dont know, placing down ocean platforms on most maps will have you elevated high above the ocean platform. Everything so far works for me except for the gate. The frame even works. Regular small doors work but not behemoth nor dino gate doors themselves. sigh
  5. But they say that theres nothing really wrong with the servers, no major issues and certainly not due to endless 3x! I lost some stuff too.. best bet is to not transfer or transfer only to DLC servers with a lot fewer problems due to fewer bases / dinos out. Those seem to be doing fine
  6. Well they are trying to address structures.. it's structures, not dinos for most maps that's causing the issues. Like on mine over 70% of all bases are either 100% empty or there is a single flyer in the base for timers. What they've done so far: Increased slots in most structures including forges, fridges, vaults over time Created large walls which renders what'd be 4x walls to 1x thus rendering it in much faster I think they need to keep pushing with structures, its a great idea but I think matching a large wall to 4x smaller walls exactly is a mistake. If it was 10% cheaper, I think more people would bite. Nobody I know uses them. I'm only using them for the first time on 3x ocean platform.. I don't want to be part of the problem but I also am not wanting to pause while my base renders in. One guy on my server used tek gates for the walls of his base (not sure I'd use tek gates.. but still) and regular ceilings. His base is MASSIVE yet it renders in just fine. Why? Because the gates are single objects verse many objects so even though they are large, the game doesn't see them that way thus a base 4x larger than a regular comparable base will load in faster, not slower if designed properly. Anyways glad to see not everyone is blinded fanboys of WC where they can do no wrong while theres reports every single day (right now even) of peoples official servers going down for 6+ hrs. But totally nothing to do with 3x! lol
  7. Maybe shoot them up a PM and ask if there are any side effects from the boosted rates
  8. There are also endless people asking for official servers to be wiped yet they don't. I assume as a volunteer to these forums you arent in contact with the GM's that restore peoples characters which is why you dont understand how bad this is hurting players on Official PVE. I gurantee you there is a massive uptick in tickets. A guy right before writing this lost his 130 character due to a rollback and he was not the first one to lose his character. If you look at the schedule for getting a character restored its well over a month just to get someone out. I lost my character a month ago, it will still take another month just to have a GM come out. I hear openings are pushed back even further now. How about this, you go on Ragnarok 408 for a day then report back an honest opinion. Would you be willing to do that?
  9. Pro Tip: Ocean Platforms Cheap Plenty of areas to place them Safe Accessible I know pillaring sucks but I even admit I'm part of the problem because if I dont, I'll have others pillar to death around my base (as seen on my rag server). On their one game Atlas, they tried a method with flags and territories but its a total disaster last time I played it so this problem unfortunately wont go away anytime soon. Best to adapt. One really cool thing you can do though is like for example you pillar too much and some noob is looking for a base spot, ask them if they'd like to check out that area you dont need and give it to them. I've seen it done on my server, it really helps out a lot and creates an overall pleasant server vibe.
  10. LOL right so boost rates when people have nothing else to do, have more time than ever to play. Boost rates so much that its rapidly causing more and more servers to crash and rollback. So no, the fact that people can play more than ever does not conclude that its actually more logical to have 3.5x rates that're ruining the servers compared to regular 2x on weekends, 1x during the week. Perhaps you dont play on official so you might not be able to wrap your mind around servers that were perfectly find just a couple of weeks ago having crashes and rollbacks 8+ times in a single day.
  11. Can someone explain why WC keeps having insane boosted events? I've never seen Ark like this in all the years I've been playing. We get back to back 3x.. well 3.5x coming this weekend. I get logically speaking it keeps the player numbers up but what it's also doing is causing serious server issues. My rag server for example has crashed 8 times in the past 12 hours with rollbacks every time. People including myself have lost dinos that they may never get back and structures / blueprints they may never get back. For me, I lost a lot of items I had crafted on extinction along with dinos I had just bought in a trade. It might be a news flash for some but this game cannot handle inferior server stats coupled with 3.5x rates! Even 2x rates, even if we never touched 3x we'd still be in this mess. 2x before became whats not considered 1x. I hope they are not about to turn what we consider now, 2x into 1x and then 2x ontop of that. I'd just love to know what crack they're smoking. The only logical conclusion I can come up with is that if they were coming out with PVPVE servers that they knew most players would flock to but I doubt that's going to happen.. expect certain maps to just be unplayable for months. Edit: No duh they're doing this for COVID-19. Still make no sense to ruin servers in the process. Edit 2: I love how I keep seeing MORE and more post about servers going down.. but no, cant have anything to do with boosted rates!!
  12. There has always been an issue with Ark, one size fits all. It boils down to coding / time / priorities / etc. There are still MANY things that don't make sense on PVE that exist due to PVP but yeah this is a really great change, it makes the game less annoying for sure.
  13. You state that Server Health is so important yet all I ever see is horrible lag on my Rag server with fewer than 17 players at any given time. I've already written a ticket in and I realize that there are many large empty bases that're helping to contribute to the lag but I also know there are technical ways to reduce the lag via server performance on the hardware end. One would think with such a large influx of revenue lately that said studio would push hard for a solid product. Most current players on my rag server are NEW meaning this is their first go at Ark. Is this really what you want peoples first impressions to be? The heavy pillaring is bad enough. The rollbacks and constant lag is inexcusable.
  14. Existing maps need TLC, not new ones constantly | Low pops Existing maps should be reworked similar to how they rework dinos While new maps like once a year is a lot of fun, 2+ a year is a quick bandage for deeper issues with Ark Low populations are becoming the norm on Ark official. I think most people agree that playing on official is for the social aspect, otherwise people would just play single player Existing MAP TLC A prime example of maps that seem dead most of the time are Aberration, The Center, Scorched Earth. There are many reasons for each of them to why The Island keeps its population up just like Rag while they do not. I get that. What I dont get is why instead of constantly pumping out new maps, why they dont TLC the existing maps and just bring out a single new map instead. I know that the new maps creates a bandage fix for things like pillaring and it keeps end game players that have everything and are bored from quitting. It also fills in a void where one person might hate 7 maps but love 1 and that one keeps them playing. But there are also ways to make old, dead, 'boring' maps refreshed. Biomes would create new land mass but might make too big of a map, instances however can be small, fun, challenging. The thing I see everywhere are complaints about Genesis. Genesis is EXACTLY what Ark needs. Rather you hate Genesis or not, it brings fresh mechanics to Ark. Ark hasn't had major new mechanics in years. Missions was a great move and frankly I had a blast racing! It's something I can do solo too which I love. They could add something similar to existing maps via instances where instead or if they had to, demo certain areas of the map like they did back in the day when they added stuff (Basically there were tiny areas where they'd give you X amount of days to move and whatever was left after the update would be destroyed with whatever new thing they added to the map). It's not just things like adding missions but expanding on boss fights such as just you and your weapons fighting it out in the same existing boss arenas but having much easier bosses where a noob could get SOME element even if it was small. This can go on and on with possibilities - point is I really think the dead maps need a facelift without wiping them in the process (or perhaps a wipe is good.. thats another topic though). New Maps (2+ per year) This me no likey One thing it's causing is servers across the board to become less and less populated. I know from a business standpoint it makes sense because they have these mod programs, they buy the map for relatively cheap, polish it to official standards (which is still a low bar lol) then wallah everyone has a fresh start together, they can make an event out of it, have discounts, have 3x to hook new players in faster. I get it! But on the flipside whats happening now like I said before is low pops which ironically makes the game feel more dead, not more alive when every single server I'm on except whatever the newest map is, feels dead (I know there are servers out their for every map thats the contrary to being dead, I'm speaking about the ones I am on including Ragnarok even). I really think 1 map per year would be amazing instead. Make it really good, if you want to really use the mod program then perhaps hire those people onto WC's payroll like whats done in the past to have them work with the dev team to create a totally new experience. Again, I know Genesis has a lot of hate but it is exciting playing on a map that's never been seen by the public for the first time. Too Long, Didn't Read: Complaint, suggestion, rant. Call it what you like. I'm just not all 'yay' about yet another map coming out. I want higher quality across the board instead including what's been out for years. They added swamps and redwoods to The Island, surely they can revisit that same mentality.
  15. Check my account, I've been here from the start. I've been salty directly to mods here in the past and to WC as a whole. I dont really come on these forums much anymore so I dont know if rules have changed where they delete stuff as you're claiming, could be true but from my experience people just voice their opinions and move on. WildCard will never be a loved studio by most of its player base, plain and simple. They still ultimately do what they want and they breed a toxic culture across the entire community but in the darkness there is also a great deal of light that I see every single day both from WildCard devs, their support teams and from the playerbase where out of 20 toxic elitist traders for example, there is 1 guy that just wants to have fun and enjoy life and that is why I always come back. But yeah the forums gets a big thumbs down, especially how they handled the trade forums. Very stupid on their part because it gave players a sense of security. Now its anything goes via Discord. At least here you could downvote someone and only trade with people that have a reputation they built up thus something to lose if they scammed. I do respect your opinion but I'm just not sure I entirely agree with it is my point
  16. Lag on Rag, Why should I pay for a DLC when game is like this? @Cedric Please explain to me why WildCard finds it okay to have maps with such extreme, frequent lag like we get on Rangarok 71. Back in the day it was "it's in Beta, what do you expect! If you dont like it then just LeAvE NoW!" was the attitude / excuse from players while WC seemed to just shrug while we were experiencing constant rubber-banding, crashes, rollbacks, etc. I'm wondering what the mentality is today. The problem for me isn't that there's some lag, I get it. The problem is the frequency of lag and how long that lag last. There is ALWAYS an excuse for what boils down to cheapness on the hardware end and inefficient coding. I could be completely wrong but I have a feeling at least a slight part of the lag could be fixed with slightly better hardware spec increases from the host provider which I'm sure they'd be happy to provide if it weren't for WildCard trying to make this game as profitable as possible aka being dirt cheap with making the game run smoother. What I'm most confused about is why in the world would we buy this new DLC/Expansion pack when this is how the game will ultimately be? Fortunately we haven't paid a cent for it yet. I know it'll once again boil down to "welp, theres other survival games out there for you or you can play unofficial/solo" instead of addressing the actual issue. It's tiring and frustrating knowing I'm dealing with a studio like WildCard that truly couldn't care less.
  17. When people say how toxic this community is, they're not remotely wrong but there's also an incredible amount of heart in players here too. I'm very sorry to hear he passed away and I think it's a great tribute you're doing for him. We need more people like you in this community that care more for people than pixels. Here's a helpful link for the most deadly form of cancer: https://www.skincancer.org/skin-cancer-information/melanoma/melanoma-warning-signs-and-images/#abcde I strongly believe that while memory of an individual is important, it's far more important to help educate those still here on this Earth from avoiding triggers or at least learn the signs of cancer before it gets to the late stages where it's wack-a-mole trying to remove the tumors. Knowing what cancer looks like, knowing how to feel for lumps (most here already touch your private parts so just feel a bit deeper while you're down there..) takes less time than lag on Rag. If an individual cares so little for their own life that you don't have the time, at least think about those around you. It's extremely painful seeing someone die of cancer (I've been there). Take the time to educate yourself. It's the leading cause of death in most Western countries, its NOT a joke. Anyways, I'm sure you'll have a huge turnout and again I'm sorry to hear he is gone.
  18. I have a 12k weight gasbag I get to encumbered when I farm crystal, I just pick it up with my wyvern (typically use poison/pump pure weight into it) and it usually gets to about 20% total of the wyverns weight, with a full 12k gasbag so yeah that sounds about right . I would try using a wyvern if you can though unless you're intentionally using a quetz, they just go soooo much faster.
  19. The ONLY other person that sees the value in them... What I love so much is on PVE, people using Quetzals over Gasbags.. like WTH.. you fly with a wyvern, pod your dino(s) you farm with, fill up gasbag = winning! Unless you're using quetz with two people to farm metal (should be doing that an ab), then I really don't see the point in gasbags over quetz for farming/moving stuff. My gasbags aren't even fancy, they don't even have imprints on them for that matter yet I have 12k weight and move at the speed of a 80% empty wyvern.. I farm crystal mainly with them (dont need them on other servers) on The Center and obsedian.. when I get home, I have thousands and thousands of either one of them.. I still havent ran through half the crystal I farmed two weeks ago and I've been making a ton of tek / greenhouse structures. This is official btw. They're also very easy to raise but my biggest annoyance is handling them is very annoying if they go flying but thats about it.
  20. Is calling someone a thief against TOS? I was threatened after calling someone that stole from us a thief. I've been with Ark since week 1, I don't recall anyone ever getting banned by saying such a thing but then again WC has a very interesting way of being extremely vague on what they actually enforce and don't enforce such as this guy that stole from us, I didn't even bother putting in a ticket because I'm 99% sure nothing would happen even if there were 5 other reports prior to mine on the same guy and frankly the amount wasn't so substantial that I was out much to begin with. Not sure if a mod would be able to respond.. I'd ask in a ticket but it'd be three weeks until I got a response. That is not a burn, I'm being literal lol
  21. Ark PVE Community is very toxic. Coming from a 3 year veteran. The current trade community for PVE to be very specific is the most toxic gaming community I've ever come across, so much so that I started to trade again but pulled back after thinking why give these people that act this way to others stats or color combinations that still to this day don't exist on the trade forums? No way. I don't mind buying from them but now I only sell stuff to actual friends that I talk to regularly. Anyone reading this that's tried to buy from me knows this to be true. As a result, people don't have my stats which is far more important to me than a stack of tek walls or color combinations.. due to the current toxic community. I'd rather quit than trade with some of these people. Who to blame? The top sellers who set the tone for everyone else, they're the ones that push the current trade climate. Not all of them are this way.. being direct is not considered toxic, not wanting to waste time isn't either nor following personal trade rules.. it's the rest that's messed up. Many are so full of themselves over having things that others dont on a dinosaur game that they don't care. Granted most have been nice to me, but I suspect that's because I have stats they don't.. or they're just nice. But to clearly newer players.. they can be outright mean. This for once is not WildCards fault nor the moderators. Trade Rant done. As for PVP.. I've never really played PVP on Ark but I have with other games. I will find you, I will destroy you. Period. I will show you mercy only to toy with you then make you watch as everything you ever loved or cared for dies infront of your eyes.. what I meant to say is PVP being toxic is another story, it's the nature of the beast. You have alliances that go south, some start them just to conquer you weeks later. It's a reason why private PVPVE servers exist where people don't want that extreme of an environment. I'm serious though if we were on a PVP server, I'd let you build some, then destroy you just so I could get more resources out of you.. milking you essentially from what you have. Dealing with Ark players in general is simple.. 100% ignore the people you don't like and trade more with the people you do. People HATE when you're the one ignoring them and not begging for help. That's another thing, NEVER beg or act weak with this game. They're like little goblins, they see weakness and wanna eat you. In PVP, trade can be a vital part of building relations.. if you keep feeding a tribes vaults filled with mats they need, chances are they're going to wanna protect you and eventually ally themselves with you. With PVP, think tactical with literally every person/tribe/thing you do. I'm that way with PVE.. so far within the past 3 years it's worked out very well for me. This honestly is what makes me hooked with Ark.. I love strategy in general so being put to the test against other players is fun, even on PVE. Why I come back to Ark again and again is mostly because I just like having a "home game" where I can default to a game, build up over time, take long breaks but keep everything alive and then start up again, refreshed and go from there.. I also like seeing other peoples bases (most are ugly af tbh jaja) or seeing a noob on his raft trying to outrun a Leed. Ark is a horribly addictive game. Most of us have a serious love hate relation but that toxic community is also a reason why a lot of us play because at the end of the day you do meet a lot of great people and have a lot of memorable experiences you cant get in any other game.
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