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  1. Waiting For Login Lock Whenever I try to join crystal aisles I get waiting for login lock please wait and try again....
  2. See, I don't see this as a legitimate reason to put things out. Okay, for live breeding maybe. If you have a ton of wolves you're working on etc. Most tribes only have a few people that breed dinos. It's rare to see tribes with over 3 people in one. Let's say there are 10 people though, you all choose to breed/raise at the same time. You can't do 20 dinos at a time? Especially considering the male doesn't need to be out the whole time, just when the mating process happens. I've seen countless times on PvE a tribe with one person in it, who does not breed consistently, just leaving tame cap of
  3. Ragnarok 194 Down Since 12:23 PST Please fix, been 2 and 1/2 hours now and I can't go to bed until I logg on and put my stuff away along with some others I'm friends with. .-.
  4. Ragnarok 194 has crashed twice since the update for an hour and a half each time. :L Still down as of this post.
  5. Reduce Tame Cap For PvE Tribes From 500 to 200 There is no need for there to be 500 dinosaurs out on people's bases and it causes performance issues in the server. We have cryopods now, force people to use them please. I can't imagine needing 500 dinosaurs out all at once for any reason....even a large tribe isn't using all those at once.
  6. Thank you for the fix server squad! 194 appreciates you.
  7. Same with Official Rag PvE 194, we are listed as PvP and everything else that goes along with your server after that.
  8. Ragnarok 194 - Battle Eye Not Present It doesn't have a battle eye icon, it says PvP, it's a PvE server, and I've been disconnected by the server multiple times for it not responding. Can't use global chat, can't ride dinosaurs. Tried restarting the server and have gotten a black screen. Can hear everything, but black screen. Update: Am able to logg in, but battle eye keeps kicking me saying the server isn't responding. The server is playing fine except for it kicking me. I'm thinking something is going on with the battle eye. Update: Back to the first paragraph. Seems to be bouncing
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