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  1. Hi all Big thanks for the replies, it has definitely convinced me to try again tonight. I'd prefer to get in to a PVE server however lots of you recommend single player first to learn the ropes so to make sure I enjoy the game I think i best start on single player. I always want that multiplayer online feeling which is why I wanted to jump straight in to a PVE server. @ArkRage I am playing on PC. @Thymemy discord is itsmeJosh#1336 please kindly add me.
  2. Having a real bad time Hi guys, looking for a bit of encouragement to keep trying the game. Have only purchased the game today, tried playing it several times and failed! I joined up a load of official servers where I start by spawning on players bases, bugging through them and not being able to find anywhere to begin. With this I cannot concentrate because the servers seem to lag and I am rubber banding everywhere even though I am choosing low latency servers. Not sure whats going on there. Checked my internet and it appears ok my end. I did not want to go to unofficial servers as I really want to play vanilla. Desperate to play I tried some un official ones though the ones which are low enough latency have mods on which wont let me join and some crash/time out. I really want to be able to sink a load of hours in to the game but can't find an official server I can call home and spend time on. I'm a new player and having a really bad experience Am I being silly and just unlucky? Can anyone suggest an EU/UK server I can call home?
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