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  1. thanks for this example thats quite a list but its far away from listing all bugs in ark the devs know, or are able to know since a loooooong time.
  2. ok now i got it, i think you are right about that and i missunderstood his post, sorry.
  3. does that mean you recommend us to better not buy any products from Studio Wildcard / Snail Games anymore? LOL I mean where is the difference? Should he Blame Snail Games now instead of Studio Wildcard? it that whats your post is about? Or why you mention this instead of telling us something we dont know already? @Joebl0w13 I mean what is with the rest this Thread is about? All trash because he said Wildcard instead of Snail Games USA? where is the difference? All we hear from you (Studio Wildcard officials / Daughter of Snail Games USA Daughter of Snail Games China) is "HYPE HYPE HYPE !!!" "Something big is coming" "We are the best" "its going to be such a great Year for Ark" "We will fix duping, meshing, ..." bla bla bla but where are the solutions? Actually Ark has more bugs then Dinos! and im pretty sure, you will release Genesis and it will be even more bugs. (I hope not, but your work in the past makes it hard for me to believe) and tbh the hardest pill to swallow for i guess the majority is you know about bugs for years! but it seems like you dont even want to fix them and honestly i really hope that you will convince me of the opposite but this is only possible by doing, not by bla bla bla anymore.
  4. For me the "funniest" part of all is the Network Status is still showing healthy! https://prnt.sc/qkch0l I mean you can loose a Dino you was searching for, for weeks and if you loose it you will never ever see it again bc they still after 4 years cant replace what you lost, but hey Servers are stable, stable as they always are, lol. We have event wyverns, we have breeding event but we cant breed them during the whole event because there is the risk of loosing it completely while unpodding out of the cryopod. Now we can decide risk the event wyverns and throw em out again to be able to get 100% imprint or let em inside the cryo and get like 80-90% in some weeks when they fixed the fix that should fix that Problem.
  5. thank you Fanboy here is your Candy The Point is: im not surprised at all !!! But again why blame People that are trusting promises of Studio Wildcard instead of getting the fact that Wildcard dont care tomorrow of what they tell you today?
  6. I dont even play on Legacy anymore i moved to official on day 1 official came out because i saw that coming but i can understand the People that was still playing on Legacy to the fullest bc there is no support its all about the community! If you have a good Community over there and someone blocks off a cave, its no problem then People will Block all his Gates with Brontos and Gigas for example until he didnt block off the community from the cave anymore, that kind of stuff they mean when they say "we fix it ourself" and instead of blaming the Legacy Players, what about Studio Wildcard? They are the Ones that made promises they dont keep! (Once again) Of Course this People are pissed off, and it seems like that Wildcard forgot some of these ppl are or was your Base and helped you to your success! And to tell them "Future content will also come to the Legacy Servers" and then say "hell no we close ALL PVP LEGACY SERVERS NOW and some of the pve its like ok give me your money and you dont get anything back ok? So what do you expect? That they are happy now? Sorry but thats no positive Vibes at all.
  7. ARK: State of the Game By Jatheish July 19, 2017 641 comments 55,098 views July 19, 2017 original you can find here: so the Legacy Players arent crazy imo. For me it looks like Studio Wildcard dont do what they promised. (One Time More)
  8. thanks! we had with all the lags anyway much too little waiting times. Thanks for adding this great feature to Ark, it fits so perfect to the rest of the Game. Thank you so much!
  9. joining this server is such a fun if you have to login 5 times just to do an imprint. https://prnt.sc/q55c66 and farming Element is a dream while x2 is been up that long. Unfortunately, it will remain an unfulfilled dream. Because this Server is still running like an 1000 Year old Turtle on Valium and ofc its still kicking people!
  10. ok i understand we cant have immediate results but sorry "... because this is the direct line straight to the server management team." im still laughing about that one.@invincibleqc Question: How many Days a Report takes trough the Direct Line to the server management Team? Im just curious because we reporting since DAYS and still everyone is getting kicked every 10 or 15 minutes. Its Impossible to do a Loot or an Element Vein like this! Oh and btw, Server Performance is the Reason why this happens: https://prnt.sc/pxrdcv
  11. ok but whats the point of this? im playing Ark since 14.000 hours now and more then 13k of this on official. Ive sended so many Outage Reports but nothing ever changed. Oh and btw. why do i have give my emailadress? ive never got any response. How many reports does it need till someone will take a look on the server? If someone would monitor or ivestigate this server he would definitely recognise that something is going wrong here. i would like to see a Wildcard Official doing a OSD for example, i would really like to see how they will arrange this with getting kicked every 10 minutes. The Majority that is playing Extinction is playing here to farm OSD and Veins imo but both is impossible with 255 ping and with getting kicked and server crashs. So pls @lilpanda take a look at 465. We also reported this Server multilple times and i really hope this server will be playable again, because as it is now it makes no fun at all.
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