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  1. 50k hp 1000md rexes with around 80 armor saddles did the job for alpha, and lost about half hp
  2. just spawn in lvl 150 wild barionix and tame them
  3. in ark doesnt matter what pc u got, u will always lag. in this 5 years had alot diferent pc s, from core 2 duo + geforce gt730 up to 10 gen i5+ rtx 3070, ark runs on all of them, but lags always there aswell.
  4. If u have official settings, then md is supergood, but health low, and could be improved. look for around 3k health as pretame, and 4k after tame is ok
  5. Ocean whale, plesio, mosa, tuso, megalodon, and turtle and dlphin escort misions done alpha with 3ppl with tusos.
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