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  1. We gave up after 9 attempts. After a few days, and probably masochistic tendencies this being Ark and all, she tried again and got one ! She said she couldn't get the feed prompt until she went out of render range then back in which is wildly outside normal following distance. The next feed prompt came up as expected. So, try that and see what happens Leaving the bug report open because that is not normal.
  2. Thanks for the comment Frael. My tribe has a member who is the goto for when we need a bee. They have bug repellent, ghillie, other consumables and a bear. I chip in to make enclosures around the hives and patrol the area during the action. Going to bug report it.
  3. Answering a question with a question is not productive, Moderator. I'll humor the question which is off topic and a Moderator should remove. First you assume I have knowledge of a "Bee Cave". Second, it is convenient to me to have a source of honey next to my cooking area. Have a moderate day.
  4. Third go and no prompt. Taming bees not a thing on Fjordur ?
  5. I can't tell what life drain does except get blood packs slower than just regular combat. I've watched the healing rate and it seems the same doing nothing or or attacking with/without life drain. I've tried force feeding the blood packs but no option for that. I thought for a moment it was feeding off blood packs in my inventory but can't repeat. I also thought maybe it was burst healing when it's food was low and consumed a blood pack but can't get that to repeat just yet. My expectation is life drain is to boost healing by some amount but I'm not seeing it or not using it correctly. Advice is welcome, please
  6. Yay for parallel thinking. Post wasn't there when I did that. All good. I swear, for a guy not playing, you are Johnny-on-the-spot and lightning fast for suggestions and other maintenance. .json scheme looks good. Be well !
  7. Here are Fjordur's Realms' bounding boxes I collected in-game. I imagine more precision can be had by someone with the editor. Perhaps Z height range can be added to the .json map descriptors and then common code to filter the item lists /shrug ? It looks like the layers, top to bottom, are Midgard, Jotunheim, Vannaheim, Asgard. What I don't know is the bottom boundary and if the XY Realm placement is to minimize space so the planes may intersect, eg. maybe the deepest Midgard ocean trench is below the top of Jotunheim. If so, then the filter will need to take in account all three coords of XYZ to make the bounding box... if that is indeed, how it works Using admin commands to fly up in corner and "showdebug camera" (ASV indicates from the save file Z is 350 more than in-game "showdebug camera") Midgard top NE GPS Lat, Lon 00.0, 99.9 Player POS X,Y,Z 377983.469, -365083.469, 70459.055 Midgard top SW GPS Lat, Lon 99.9, 0.00 Player POS X,Y,Z -372453.406, 357573.531, 70459.156 Vannaheim top NE GPS Lat, Lon 0.00, 99.9 Player POS X,Y,Z 393597.000, -403011.344, -125791.547 Vannaheim top SW (not precisely in corner though up all the way) GPS Lat, Lon 33.1, 66.5 Player POS X,Y,Z 117962.820, -120665.750, -125791.734 Asgard top NE GPS Lat, Lon 17.6, 56.1 Player POS X,Y,Z 43999.340, -231116.531, -269462.125 Asgard top SW GPS Lat, Lon 68.7, 05.2 Player POS X,Y,Z -319216.938, 133661.766, -269462.813 Jotunheim top NE (not precisely in corner though up all the way) GPS Lat, Lon 57.8, 59.9 Player POS X,Y,Z 71036.680, 56352.563, -103541.438 Jotunheim top SW GPS Lat, Lon 94.3, 21.6 Player POS X,Y,Z -202710.422, 316841.438, -103541.422
  8. Thank you for your efforts, MirageUK ! I am using My servers are the Linux Steam distribution on an Ubuntu 20.04 server vanilla install (ensuring FTP/OpenSSH servers running). A few things: 1. Fjordur map scaling is off but that is on their side, like Lost Island was initially 2. I currently use the SFTP option with no issue. Almost all prior issues were due to permissions/firewall 3. I suggest adding the Fjordur Realm maps to the map drop down as Fjordur_All, Fjorfur_Midgard, Fjordur_Asgard, etc. The drop down will cause the respective map to load programmatically as it does now. Hopefully the .json parameters will scale, etc so the coords are correct - as it does now. The main reason for this suggestion is to add a new feature so when a Fjordur map is selected, a Z coord range filters the lists so, eg. when Fjordur_Asgard is selected, that map displays using legacy code though with only the items in the Asgard layer displayed. I hope the devs make the in-game map an automatic process for whatever realm you are in.
  9. So far, on PC, building has gone well. We did put a shield wall above us to keep unexpected guests to a minimum My apologies, I was just reminded we are on a dedicated server with clipping off, so if you are on vanilla official this may not be helpful and I can can remove it. The post is meant as encouragement. I still had to bump things around, work out snap points, blind place cables and pipes etc.
  10. Like how Lost Island wasn't scaled right at the beginning. Confusing as hell for people who have trouble with maps.
  11. I was casually thinking I understand not wanting element to not screw up the new planet. It is natural for humans used to modern tech to want that, though. Even those stranded on islands sometimes work out how to get a water wheel going etc. Lots of fodder in the fiction, eg. Tek rained from the sky in the form of the devastated Genesis ship (screw you Rockwell !)
  12. I'll have to see some gameplay footage but if this is really to be no Tek then ick. I like the power progression in Ark I. It feels right to me and will actively try to find a group of modders and put forth a Tek option for those who want it, much like those that worked on Primitive+. Statements in the marketing that include "what we *all* want" don't fly with me and those I game with. We enjoy the progression and it feels great when we reach Tek tier. I like a lot of what I am reading. I'm fine with waiting for more gameplay details. I just want to put out there the no Tek in a sci-fi game is goofy and hopefully the tools suggested will remedy that (it doesn't have to be element derived, Santiago). That and whoever siding with this, you are not alone !
  13. Okay, there was another server patch about an hour later and "Fjordur" as the map name appears to work.
  14. The Linux Steam server updated for me at 13:00 edt. Looking for docs on what the map name is because "Fjordur" is not working for me. Okay, it's Ark, so might be something else
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