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  1. I want to specifically thank you for your efforts. For a single developer hobby project, you have kept on top of it for years. Thank you !
  2. I just noticed the oil vein coords are off ~ +4.4 lat on Lost Island with util coords vs in-game GPS which is bizarre as I'd expect the data pulled from the save file to be what is presented to the in-game GPS. I also checked a few map pins I had with some sea loot crates and they are way way off since the recent patch adjusted some scaling.
  3. Thanks for the dev response. I'd also like to see a scaling option for the arrow please
  4. Liking it so far. Is there a way, setting, workaround to resize the map ? I started in the south but most of my locations look to be in the middle of the ocean instead of land.
  5. Hard to loot a wishbone. PC multiplayer dedicated server. Oh and Genesis if it matters. I'm just asking so I can stop trying to fix something if I can't
  6. So I typed the title, walked away, did some googling, apparently this was an issue in beta, what 5 years ago ? Can anyone point me to a fix please ?
  7. This is my first Fear Evolved event and I have progressed to Genesis. So, no candy corn drops on this map ? I do see pumpkin patches popping up. Anything I should be aware of being new to this and this map seems to have some different mechanics than the others ?
  8. Hurray, new commands to use...wait can't go into admin mode ?!? Oh, noooos ! I guess not as bad as Steam not pushing server updates so the client/servers being so far out of version sync then didn't show on the in-game lists. Still, though, Oh nooooos !
  9. I've had that a few times. It happened after a Windows or AVG update screwed the firewall. Try briefly shutting down the firewall for a quick test or even try a VPN. A friend had that and turned out their ISP had started blocking "nuisance" ports much like the old Mindspring did with Quake until it went belly up with gamers moving to different ISPs. VPN worked for that too.
  10. The patch notes are pretty sparse for such a huge version jump but, so far, this is the smoothest play I've ever had. Even the world saves seem to be quicker. What had me really notice the interface being snappier was transferring items between inventories. Moving stuff individually , eg., to a replicator used to take a couple of seconds per item, now it is almost instant - same for other inventories. I've also noticed the RAM requirement for Gen2 seems to be several gig reduced. Server startup took about x5 longer but hey, overall, good patch so far. Thanks !
  11. 답장해주셔서 감사합니다. 자동 킥을 활성화하는 명령줄 옵션이 있다는 것을 알고 있지만 옵션이 없고 이것이 새로운 버그인지 궁금합니다.
  12. I do not have it enabled on the command line and was kicked while afk. I also lost all my equipment unless I have to do something like go to a terminal or log back in to get it ??? (I did and no go) I've not had this issue since I set up my servers last year. So, if this is WAI how to disable it ? Thanks for any assistance !
  13. Looks like the ...\Scorched\ directory was never created and no fault message for failed FTP (SFTP). Copying the file with a different SFTP client then opening via the file interface worked fine. Also noted no levels for Wyvern eggs, just a "x1" on some ??? (nm uncheck "Stacks") Mode: Mode_Ftp Save: E:\games\ark bu\ArkViewer2021-3-19\Scorched\ScorchedEarth_P.ark Message: Sequence contains no elements Trace: at System.Linq.Enumerable.Min(IEnumerable`1 source) at ARKViewer.frmViewer.RefreshWildSummary() in F:\Projects\VS\ARKViewer-Master\ARKViewer\fr
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