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  1. So there Will be literally nothing on 4 year birthday? Not even a 2x?
  2. hello, many element structures you want por a couple of rinhos

  3. Hey,

    I can sell you 355 giga egg and 100+ giga bp for ele gacha male+female. I cannot send you a PM because your inbox appears to be full(?)

    1. JonasHR


      strange.. my inbox are empty


      also already got the eggs now im only need the bp

    2. Oli4


      EQsNcaD.png this is what I see

  4. thank god WC you heard us! GIBE SERVERS PLOS
  5. they have edited the post, last night they said Alliances are allowed that's why BTW IS THEY ALREADY OPEN?
  6. How many alliances are allowed? please say just one
  7. Should have installed the game on a SSHD. This is what I did when that stupid out of space bull started. To resolve the problem with mods taking too long to load up on joining a unofficial server, I used a nice feature in command prompt called mklink to junction the mods folder to my actual SSD.


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