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  1. GP


    Chibi's are event related, you can't get them now, unless someone gives you one. No-one knows how transfers will work yet on Genesis. You'll have to wait until it releases to find the answer.
  2. If you breed the mutated 378 with the clean 378 you will get 378 unless the baby gets its own mutation on melee.
  3. The point is "fix the game first" doesn't help anything. This game will never be 100% bug free. Also it's not necessarily the game that is not working properly it can sometimes be the servers. For example, you say you'd like to teleport to other maps.... well everyone that plays unofficial servers don't have problems transferring between maps. Is that a game issue or a server issue? As I said "fix the game first" doesn't help anything as it's too generic.
  4. GP

    Genesis Store Description

    As long as biome borders can't be pillared off! This whole thing generates many questions and worries, but we'll find out soon enough.
  5. No disrespect towards the person that created the poll, but "fix the game first" is stupid to have on a poll. It is too generic, too wide. For example, the game for me works fine, it doesn't need fixing. Yes there are bugs and stuff that would be nice to have fixed, but it's playable, so that doesn't really fit in that option. The PS4 bluescreen issues are being resolved on 25th when Genesis release. This fix can't come sooner, it can only come on that date. So you got to ask yourself, does the results of the poll provide anything useful in terms of what people want? No it doesn't, like many polls generally.
  6. GP

    Genesis Store Description

    Thanks, I hadn't noticed this, I was very interested to find more about the missions aspect.
  7. Genesis is released on Tuesday next week, so if you don't have the HLNA then the problem should hopefully be resolved by the release anyway, considering it's only 3 days away now.
  8. Yes I believe there will be the usual 2x event this weekend. Ced confirmed it on twitter a short while ago.
  9. There is nothing to install yet, although you should have the HLNA. I would suggest holding off until the DLC releases next Tuesday 25th which should hopefully resolve the no HLNA issue.
  10. GP

    Why is HLNA useless?

    HLNA will have a purpose in Genesis i'm sure as that is what it was made for. I wouldn't expect it to function fully outside of Genesis before Genesis is even released.
  11. It's not a bug. It's an exploit. If players didn't exploit the issue then duping wouldn't exist, therefore not a bug. Basically it comes down to one's definition of a bug, but it most definitely is an exploit that people take advantage of. If people didn't do that then there would be no issue, so not classed as a bug persay.
  12. I am in total disagreement. Server transfers should be allowed the same as previous DLCs. Survivor transfer allowed without items or dinos to begin with. If you restrict it to new survivors only and don't open transfers until Genesis 2 then there will be a lot less people on Genesis servers, and would likely put people off the DLC entirely. What should be considered at least, is the ability for people to transfer items and creatures off Genesis servers to be held back for a while, rather than the usual allowing it straight away. I mean think about it. I have a max leveled survivor, why would I want to start a new survivor just to play on Genesis and wait almost another year before using my main survivor on Genesis? None of that makes sense, and i'm sure it wouldn't make sense to Wildcard either.
  13. Genesis has its own season pass. If you buy the Genesis season pass you will only get Genesis on 25th. You can get the other DLC at any time when buying the original season pass.
  14. It may be worth just waiting until the actual DLC releases on 25th?
  15. The event is not being extended unfortunately. It's all steam ahead for Genesis next week.
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