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  1. The launch trailer, will probably come at.... launch. I wouldn't expect anything sooner than that.
  2. They previously announced a few years back that Primal Survival was shelved indefinitely. Around the time SOTF was shelved indefinitely.
  3. That is because, and this has been said many many times, that stone picking is always one unless during an EVO event. Everything else went up 2x (i.e. 4x) so XP, harvest, taming. Stone picking should ONLY be used to test whether an EVO event is active.
  4. There is no pre-determined dates for discounts. I don't know if there will be a discount for the launch of Gen 2 or not. I think pretty much you'll have to do what you do when you buy anything in life, buy it and expect a discount to appear some time in the future as with everything.
  5. No-one was talking about post-fight. Besides, using a Daeodon doesn't avoid damage.
  6. Absolutely unnecessary for Gamma with his stats.
  7. It is not, it is a config setting currently released on PC for unofficial servers.
  8. It might just require a restart of your Xbox, i'm not totally sure for god mode. But for leavemealone true you just enter leavemealone false to switch it off.
  9. You can use the cheats 'god' or 'leavemealone' or even 'enemyinvisible true', but you'd have to be mounted on the Yuty for it to affect the Yuti and not just you. But if you wanted to do it "the right way" by not spawning in the artifact, then you wouldn't be using cheats to avoid creatures. If you lose in a boss fight you lose everything, the only thing that survives is your naked body.
  10. I think it is pretty obvious the topic was mis-posted and it doesn't involve Aberration. I would say yes I think you probably can beat Gamma with those Rexes. The Yuti doesn't need 10k stam at all, but I think you should be fine. If you haven't done Megapithecus before or seen how the fight goes then that is likely to be your downfall more than anything else.
  11. What exactly is the question here? Are you stupid, or are you doing something wrong? I'm a little confused by the question.
  12. Because you can't have everything fighting everything, it would be a mess. Imagine wild Therizino going round slashing everything into pieces.
  13. Comparing raptors and basilo is like comparing apples and oranges. Basilo are not designed for fighting. You'd be better off having loads of sharks follow your Basilo.
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