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  1. We still got the FjordHawk spotlight to come first. I don't think we'll see Carchar for a while yet, they've not given any indication when it is coming to the game.
  2. I usually stay out of the ARK is dead arguments considering people have been saying that for years. However, one cannot ignore the ludicrous claim you just made. I enlarged the graph for easier sight and put a straight yellow line across from now all the way back to 2015. In 2017 the green went above the yellow line, what, twice? Compare that to the above yellow line from 2020 until now? Obviously the big peaks towards the end are the Genesis DLCs and Lost Island etc. But they are still considerably higher than anything before that. Also you can clearly see there were a lot more dips below the yellow line between 2016 - 2019 than there has been since 2020 at least on Steam. So @Joebl0w13 is correct in that it shows the player base staying nearly the same over the entire life of the game. However, with the yellow line added, it clearly shows that since 2020 it shows an improvement with hardly anything under the yellow line. So i'm a little confused how you claim to say the graph shows more people played in 2017 than now.
  3. No-one on the forums can assist you with this issue. Submitting support ticket is the only way you can get help. Please do not create further topics on this.
  4. Yup dieing, fast travel, and server transfers often fix these sort of bugs.
  5. Join me as we take a look at the recent FjordHawk promo reveal. Does this have one of the best shoulder pet abilities?
  6. GP


    When you say Game Pass I assume you are meaning the Season Pass? Game Pass is not the same as Season Pass. The Season Pass for ARK gets you Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction. It is a one-off fee. This is what I mean, you should just be able to buy the Season Pass here: https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/games/store/ark-survival-evolved-season-pass/BRZ8B5RSTKCG/0001
  7. Why would you assume you'd be able to develop it yourself? There's clearly tek in the trailer, it's right there in the cave. If it gets turned off as in the trailer, surely it can get turned back on again. Doesn't mean people will learn how to make it themselves. The fact one of the developers has stated there will be massive alien worlds suggests to me there's going to be some form of travel between worlds which in my eyes is tek. It's just not "tek tier" that you can make yourself.
  8. But i'm talking crafted tek, stuff you learn, craft and use. I'm talking about existing tek, like an Obelisk would be considered tek, used for the sole purpose of transferring maps. It's still tek, just not in the sense of tek tier. This is what i'm referring to. Just because they said No Tek doesn't mean they mean everything, they may be referring to tek tier content.
  9. Yes there's already tek there, like I'm sure that ringed thing is some sort of teleporter, like in Stargate. People seem to be translating primarily-primitive to no Tek whatsoever. I suspect there will be some form of usable tek at some point, but tek that is already on the map. Not tek you can craft and place yourself or anything like that.
  10. I've done a bit of an ARK news round-up highlighting some of the exciting stuff we should be expecting through June. I have a feeling it's going to be an exciting couple of months.
  11. What's everyone think about the new Desmodus Draculae coming to Fjordur? I break the spotlight trailer down to see what to look forward to in June 2022.
  12. GP

    Ark 2 space travel

    Well if it's made out of wood it would likely burn up in the atmosphere, so I guess yes I am saying that.
  13. GP

    Ark 2 space travel

    Good luck with that.... ARK 2 is going to be primarily primitive, no tek, so unlikely spaceships!
  14. I'm jumping into the world of Alemia with a new adventure. To start with we talk a bit about the sponsored mod and map as I prepare to venture into a solo play.
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