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  1. I would like you to specify, even if I already understand, because if you have nothing constructive to say let it be prey. Ah and I pray for voting for your Sinodelphys T anyway, even if I would have set it differently.
  2. Sounds reasonable to me, at least YOUR comment seems thoughtful. But don't you mind seeing a creature in the game that isn't what it really is? In the end it's like seeing a bear standing upright, right? or a perennial quadrupedal raptor. But I am of the opinion that thanks to the legends that revolve around the creature, its ability, the fact that it looks like a Viking Breserker ... it suits us great.
  3. Yes, perfect, if you also want other advice just write me, if you want to get an idea on how I did it mine is that of Blakypithecus, obviously mine is not advertising but just to show you what it can become. However, you did very well.
  4. Hi GP, sorry but I wanted to ask you two questions: 1- How to become a moderator 2- Do you know when the competition for submissions ends?
  5. Defining it as "another gigantopithecus" is a bit simplistic, even if I understand your perplexities. More no than yes, this is the largest species of this family. And, compared to that of ark, this species is the newest and largest ever discovered, and its shape and physical pose are very different. And its capacity is innovative. Do you like?
  6. But don't worry, it's just a matter of training (I gave you her name but I don't know if you are male or female, who cares)
  7. very very cool, also I would like a parrot like that in the game, if you want some advice but to present it at its best I would do some great colorful titles, to divide the topics
  8. aaaaaaaaaa some advice and things to add about the game is? .... Interesting
  9. Hey man, I'm Ermerus and I wanted to tell you that your submission has good potential but should be better argued according to better arguments, with beautiful artwork and a detailed description. In the meantime, he takes my vote ok ?! Come and see my beautiful submission so you get an idea to start, maybe then you like it.
  10. Hesperocion is a little ancestor of dogs, because dogs were once arboreal weasels, is found in forest areas and in addition to having the power to be a cold-lessening scarf, but, when thrown at a human enemy or a medium-sized dino-small. ... it suffocates them ..... I know it's a bit OP because if you are alone you are DEAD, but it is not difficult to remove it, as long as your friend or pet attacks it and it will go away. DOMESTICATION: His taming is similar to the Bloodstalker, in fact he will attack you from the trees and try to suffocate you. In your inventory you must have rare flowe
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