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  1. Evolution Event: Permanent Double Rates

    This is great news! Will definitely encourage me and my tribe to want to play more on official servers than our private server.
  2. Crashing Problem since Patch v738

    Experiencing the same crashing on my player dedicated server, but it doesn't crash the entire server. Just my own game. What game mode: Player Dedicated Server Xbox Home Screen or ARK Main Menu?: Xbox Home Screen Are you playing The Island or The Center?: The Island Did you wipe structures after doing the Biome update?: No How frequent are these crashes?: I've only experienced them when flying on quetzels and argentavis'. It usually happens around wooded areas or around my base when I first get on them. Have you restarted your console since the update?: My console that I play on, yes, numerous times. It usually allows me to rejoin and play fine after hard restarting. I haven't restarted the player dedicated xbox console since starting it up on this new update, but I have saved and adjusted settings on the server.
  3. Well I tried starting up the server the same way he did everytime on his xbox, but it started up a new fresh server. So I'm not sure if I need to have files from his xbox and transfer them over to mine or what. Or if its even possible to transfer the data from one console to another for player dedicated servers.
  4. Hi, Quick question regarding Xbox player dedicated servers. A buddy of mine had his account setup on a second Xbox to host a player dedicated server. His connection didn't hold up for many people, so I bought a second Xbox to host the server. We transferred his account to my console and started it up. Question is, is it possible to transfer the saved data from the server we had setup on the other Xbox console to this new console?
  5. Dodo Dojo Re-design

    Where do you find the specs required on PC for the game?
  6. If you could move them around like you can the cage that would be awesome. Good suggestion!
  7. Community Crunch 38!

    Can't wait to unlock all these glass pieces and brewery items.
  8. Dodo Dojo Re-design

    Ah, well someone was using the name The Dodo King on our server on Xbox. After seeing your signature I thought maybe that was you. I'd play on PC, but when I attempted to it was just too damn laggy. Not sure my PC is up to specs for running it at its current state.
  9. Dodo Dojo Re-design

    That's a lot of Dodo's! I remember seeing someone in chat on my Xbox One server (305) called The Dodo King, was that you? @GamerPerfection I made a silly sarcastic comment about whatever the discussion was, like "you are the dodo king?..." something about needing something for dodo kibble.
  10. Host Pending Connection Timeout Lost/timedout pending connection to host. Accept - Cancel ------------------------- Then it pops up and says Connection Failure - Server is Full. Only 50 people online. Doesn't even give you the option to go to settings and offline trick that previously worked before the patch. Also, when trying to change from the complete list of servers to bookmarks, the game crashes. It sometimes crashes multiple times before allowing me to switch to bookmarks or full list.
  11. Yup, happened to my buddy on the game last night and is now happening to me as well. I've tried restarting the game twice already, no luck yet. Only 50 people in the server according to the session list.