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  1. You see, its 2 years old and still nothing done about it so yes maybe it was time to refresh the developers on issues that are still occuring. Also, you see, on Aberration, if you don't use a bed you can also fall through the map upon spawning in. So yes, you kind of do need a bed because either way there's bugs effecting the game. Which is what this thread was posted for in a forum called Bug Reports & Support. As for the laying on the floor after 15 minutes, I don't have that problem. Otherwise, I wouldn't be posting in a bug report forum about being stuck in the bed...
  2. It does do this when in bunk beds as well. You spawn in and right away you're out of the bed able to move around, but can't function because your character is actually still in the bed.
  3. Laying in Bed Glitch I usually lay in a bed when I log out of the server. When I get back on, most of the time I'm up right away and able to move around freely. However, when I go to open a door or access something, I'm not able to do it. And that is because my character is still laying in the bed. I can't see my character laying in the bed, but others can. Others can see me moving around freely like I can when I'm stuck either. To fix this, I usually leave server and come back a couple times until it fixes or I just destroy the bed and it fixes it. This is just the regular normal bed, not the tek pod or bunk bed. Those I haven't experienced issues with. Just thought I'd share this bug with the devs.
  4. You can use grinders to grind items down. Just click on the item inside the grinder. It can also help you level up faster by grinding stone into flint. Especially on these 2x weekends.
  5. Maybe unofficial servers are what you're looking for?
  6. Ancestry Line Scrolling So, either I'm doing it all wrong or the scrolling through the ancestry line on a dino's creature ancestry is broken on Xbox. It just keeps the X in the top right highlighted and doesn't move from there. The ancestry lines are up to 15 on the Patrilineal side with a scroll bar, but I can't scroll down. Thought I'd share.
  7. Do you have a list of the confirmed events in the automated system available for the community to prepare kibble, etc, for?
  8. I had a character trapped on a server for a few months because I didn't know the drop locations and raptors, crabs, spinos, etc.. are vicious when trying to figure out where to go at first. Once you figure out the map though its not that hard to get out, other than having to wait for drops to spawn in. Having the ability to transfer out at charge stations would be nice though. I don't see how it would hurt anything apart from welcome more people to the map because they'll have easier access to get out.
  9. Just making it so that you can teleport to a public teleporter and back without having your teleporter on public would be ideal. I like the idea of having Tribe / Ally / Public options though.
  10. The day that the Evolution event always ends is Monday, unless extended for certain occasions. While I'm sure many of the community works on Monday, would it be possible to extend the event to later in the day that way those of us who work on Mondays can take advantage of it? If not, understood. Can't hurt to ask.
  11. I was just thinking they were what was already spawned in before the event concluded. Either way, I'm not complaining.
  12. When I try to submit a ticket, it takes me to the support page, however when I click the button to login and submit a ticket it gives me this error every time.
  13. They made changes to the text box so that you can see the chat now on Xbox. Awesome! Thanks devs Edit* Looking at my buddies stream, it looks like this was only for Xbox One X users? Regular Xbox One still has the old layout that blocks the chat box.
  14. Didn't see a game suggestion section under the Xbox category, so I posted here. My bad. If a mod wants to move it they can.
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