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  1. Best way to get a Dung Beetle?

    I use a dire wolf to eliminate the snakes, spiders and bats in the cave. I go to the cave near the Volcano. Use a ghillie suit to sneak up behind them and feed them poop.

    Nice video @GamerPerfection
  3. Evolution Event: Permanent Double Rates

    This is great news! Will definitely encourage me and my tribe to want to play more on official servers than our private server.
  4. Crashing Problem since Patch v738

    Experiencing the same crashing on my player dedicated server, but it doesn't crash the entire server. Just my own game. What game mode: Player Dedicated Server Xbox Home Screen or ARK Main Menu?: Xbox Home Screen Are you playing The Island or The Center?: The Island Did you wipe structures after doing the Biome update?: No How frequent are these crashes?: I've only experienced them when flying on quetzels and argentavis'. It usually happens around wooded areas or around my base when I first get on them. Have you restarted your console since the update?: My console that I play on, yes, numerous times. It usually allows me to rejoin and play fine after hard restarting. I haven't restarted the player dedicated xbox console since starting it up on this new update, but I have saved and adjusted settings on the server.
  5. Well I tried starting up the server the same way he did everytime on his xbox, but it started up a new fresh server. So I'm not sure if I need to have files from his xbox and transfer them over to mine or what. Or if its even possible to transfer the data from one console to another for player dedicated servers.
  6. Hi, Quick question regarding Xbox player dedicated servers. A buddy of mine had his account setup on a second Xbox to host a player dedicated server. His connection didn't hold up for many people, so I bought a second Xbox to host the server. We transferred his account to my console and started it up. Question is, is it possible to transfer the saved data from the server we had setup on the other Xbox console to this new console?
  7. So I'm currently experiencing an issue on a private server where when I'm right next to any wild dino, it doesn't show me the dino's info box that shows level and gender. I have to put down a dino before it finally displays the box to me. The spyglass doesn't even work for me.
  8. So this has happened twice now the same way. Once yesterday and once today. I turn on my xbox, join a friends party and then join a player dedicated server through friends xbox profile. It loads, but once I'm in the game it goes quickly to the loading screen then back to game menu. When I try it again, whether I restart the game up or not it loads and then lets me in, but the screen is a black line screen. I can look around and see my dinosaurs in my pin with the green names.
  9. So we started up a player dedicated server recently and I kept an Ankylo up on the Volcano to mine the metal, crystal and obsidian. Well we're now on our 4th Ankylo because the other 3 have apparently glitched into the mountain. This is on the green tower side, up on the ridge of the volcano that we leave them when not using them. No metal or anything spawns there, so its not metal respawning that's doing this. We've since built metal foundations and started placing them on those when not using, so far we're in luck. I have also kept a Argentavis up there each time and it has not fell through the map yet. Thought I'd report this issue we've been experiencing.
  10. Tame limit

    We had the same problem on the PVE server we were on. We started up a player dedicated server because of it.
  11. Questions form a Newbie

    1. I'm not sure that's possible. The beaver's torpor is like that to make it challenging to tame, I assume. 2. Check your logs to see if it died while you were offline maybe? Its possible that it could have glitched under the map as well. I've had dino's (direwolf) fall below the map. If you look down where you last saw it, if its down there you should be able to see its name. You might be able to whistle it to follow you. If so, go to the ocean where it should pop back out like my wolf did. Go slow to keep it following you and watch it though. 3. Haven't tested the stone railings as a protection wall myself. What is the strength of it compared to other wall strengths? A couple stone walls should be able to keep the alpha raptors from jumping into it, depending on the hill slopes around the area though. 4. I've noticed that alpha raptors spawn heavily around the rivers on our player dedicated server. The official PVE server we were on before we still got alpha raptors near the green pillar up near the big rocks on a hill, but not as many as I've been seeing up and down the river from green to red tower.
  12. Base being blocked by enemy Vaults!?

    Did not know that, was just assuming that they worked the same as everything else. Sounds like a bug in the game that needs patched.
  13. Base being blocked by enemy Vaults!?

    That should make anything on that foundation be deleted as well.
  14. Hacked?

    I was told that your own giga could kill your animals if you don't feed it. Not sure whether that's true or not though.
  15. We haven't had any luck with the beaver dams either. I placed 3 in a pin near the area they spawn by red tower last night. Come on about 2pm today and no luck. Added 2 more thinking the more there are the better odds of them building one. So far no luck there. Even with me near last night for around 20 minutes, they didn't build anything. Maybe its possible to transfer them to a pin near our base? Would that still allow them to build dams or do they need to be near the water front they spawn? This is a player dedicated server as well.