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  1. Hey there. For more information, i would need to direct you to https://support.survivetheark.com. You can send a ticket there.
  2. Hi! My husband and I got on to play tonight, but after the update, the game keeps kicking us out. Have you gotten any more reports of this? We just wanted to make you aware if you weren't already. Thank you so much, and we love the game!!!

  3. sorry brother i did not know how to delete the post about my server i found were you can post your server im sorry for doing that  thanks Marc Nichols 

  4. Dear mr Eldrax, I would like to get rid of my old account Dodorius, but I don't know how. I hope you can help me?

  5. Apologies Eldrax, Didn't realise I posted already. (being a long day at work) Thanks for not giving warning points to begin with. Appreciate it mate. :)

  6. Eldrax,

     im a new member to these forums, for some reason i can't post or send a pm to any admin so im posting this here hoping you will see it. Im wondering am I locked because I'm a new member and you don't want new members spamming the forums? Im just trying to get access to the trading forums as i have been on fb trade groups for a while now not knowing these trade forums even existed until today. Looking forward to being an active trader here on the forums. Thanks for your time, 


    1. Eldrax


      You're a Early Bird. You need to become official Member to be able to PM. This will be achieved when active posting and commenting (following the Community Guidelines ofcourse). You can also make a support ticket here: http://support.survivetheark.com

      Hopefully this helped you.

  7. I exited my tribe and lose all control of all my things,but my tribe only me one person.How can I solve this problem? It‘s a BUG ?

  8. ANyway possible you could help me on how I could approach my situation? I haven't played since November of last year and my bookmarks reset and I cant find the center map I played on with my character. I don't really wanna restart I was lvl 85 I believe. Know what I could do possibly?

  9. Until February 20 for PC atleast already. Not sure about consoles
  10. Once you summon the Dodorex with the materials in your cooking pot. it will be instantly tamed and will vanish again after 30 minutes Hope that helps Happy Holidays!
  11. Happy Holidays guys! Hope you have a wonderful time!

    1. Raven2520


      Thank you. You too.

  12. Almost halloween peeps :)

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