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  1. Eldrax

    NA PVE Aberration server 720

    Please inform the server peeps about a downtime here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform
  2. Eldrax

    Aberration 674 offline?

    Hello @DannyWigan If there are any issues with your server, then please report them here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform That way its much easier for the server peeps to look to it.
  3. Hi! My husband and I got on to play tonight, but after the update, the game keeps kicking us out. Have you gotten any more reports of this? We just wanted to make you aware if you weren't already. Thank you so much, and we love the game!!!

  4. Eldrax

    Christmas event?

    It has been said before that there will be a Christmas Event. As stated here: Holiday Events! We'd like to wish all survivors out there a Happy Thanksgiving and hope that have a great weekend! As for our plans, we will not be hosting an event for Thanksgiving this year due to our efforts being focused on Aberration and getting it out in December. We apologise for the lack of event this time of year, we love hosting holiday events, but unfortunately, we just didn't have the time to do so. Though, with Christmas around the corner, you won't have to wait long for a special Christmas themed Holiday Event!
  5. Eldrax

    video My tribute to ARK: Aberration

    Looks amazing! Great work!
  6. Eldrax

    Aberration Theme Music

    Gareth never dissapoints. Great music again!
  7. Eldrax

    Halloween Event?

    Reprashing, Spawns and items could be working as it is game content. But Ragnarok will not have things like landscape effects.
  8. Eldrax

    Halloween Event?

    The event isn't avaiable on the map Ragnarok.
  9. Speechless at this moment. Amazing message. Glad you're part of this community!
  10. Eldrax

    Am I allowed to make YT Videos?

    https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/29-creative-chat/ (ARK related videos)
  11. sorry brother i did not know how to delete the post about my server i found were you can post your server im sorry for doing that  thanks Marc Nichols 

  12. Removed a lot of content in this thread. Please keep threads civil without starting fights and insults. Have a proper conversation!
  13. Eldrax

    The Countdown [3 Hours left]

    Refrain from derailing the topic guys. This thread is about the countdown. Nothing more. Cleaning up as we speak.
  14. Dear mr Eldrax, I would like to get rid of my old account Dodorius, but I don't know how. I hope you can help me?

  15. Eldrax

    Introducing myself!

    Welcome. Hope you enjoy your stay here!