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  1. I have heard about this AND I LOVE IT! YAY I can't wait to play this DLC this summer. Thanks a lot :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  2. Oh god there are going to be reapers. Reapers are going to be so hard kill. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH like if you feel the same way lol
  3. FaCtS lol but they are known to delay like everything so aybe try not to again lol
  4. I mean I live in the US of A lol but BET ill go to a freezing cold hell known as Antarctica, also you misspelled Antarctica.
  5. I swear if you dare delay this I will LITERALLY EXPLODE INTO OBLIVION.
  6. Me 2019: oh they are releasing it on January 2020? CAN'T WAIT!!!!! Me now: Are you joking??? Another delay, wonderful - _ - Like if you agree.
  7. IF ARK ADDED LAMAS! I would laugh for ages if they added lamas to ark
  8. Can someone tell me what a chibi is because I have no idea what it is... also did anyone see the baby magmasaur(us) in the photo with the house below raptor claws.
  9. I wonder what it is going to look like! I hope this map is the best yet! honestly it has to compete with Ragnarok or Extinction.
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