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  1. Not sure why it keeps expiring, I've set it to never expire. Use this one: I'll sort out your whitelisiting shortly.
  2. A lot of people do care about the Community Crunch. I know it is frustrating not seeing the Digest week after week, but there's no need to disrespect everyone that has entered content in to the Community Crunch just because you don't see what you want to see.
  3. People have constantly complained because delays have never been communicated before the ETA date. If people booked days off work for a Patch and the delay is announced on the ETA day people get very upset. This is to be expected, although people should never book time off work for an ETA. So this delay was given prior notice to players, so for once there was communication regarding it before hand, but people still complain. If I booked some days off with my employer, and then I suddenly found out the reason I booked time off was no longer happening, I would just cancel my leave. Most employers would not say no to cancelling leave. And on this occasion, the delay was announced prior to ETA so I suspect you would have had enough time to cancel the leave. So really, the fault lies with you in my opinion. Communication was stepped up this time which is what people have been demanding, but they can't take the blame because someone decided to book time off work, and not cancel it themselves.
  4. crash

    I've mentioned it to Jat, regarding the Pegomastax side of things. Thanks for the update on v253.995, can others confirm whether it works after updating?
  5. crash

    That's curious. I didn't have a pegomastax tamed on my SP when I tried it, maybe that's why I never had any problems.
  6. crash

    If they did that, then I would have thought everyone would be experiencing the crashing issues loading their SP saves.
  7. There is no date for it yet. PC is getting it on 30th Jan, so I suspect it will be sometime in Feb.
  8. crash

    Hi, I loaded my single player up and experienced no crashes. I also have no Mods running.
  9. There is too much bickering going on here between members, it's like a school playground at best. Please stop arguing with each other here, take it elsewhere.
  10. If you wish to report any players or tribes you can do so by submitting a support ticket here:
  11. Yes the same happened on the PC too. You'll see here that it is on the list of fixes in the next Center update.
  12. Ah thanks, I wasn't aware of the enabler mod.
  13. Prim+ doesn't work with other Mods i'm afraid.
  14. If you wish to report a player/tribe etc you can do so by submitting a support ticket: