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  1. On PC hit '+'.
  2. Please stick to the original thread you made rather than creating a duplicate thread.
  3. In the top right corner of the screen there should be a green button to transfer your survivor to another server. Once you've uploaded your dinos and items you use that option to transfer your character.
  4. Still space for new Survivors that want a relaxed and friendly PvE server on both The Island and The Center. Come check us out at our Discord:
  5. Go to account settings, edit profile and there is an option to select what platform you own ARK on.
  6. The issue must be your end. ANSEL works fine for me on both driver versions 378.92 & 378.78.
  7. What a horrible thread. I'm locking this due to the nasty attitudes that this thread has highlighted. For the last time watch this video: Watch the last 4 minutes of the video and that is YOUR answer from the Devs regarding server wipes. This video was created in MARCH 2017 therefore, the most recent answer you will get. That is the only answer there is right now, accept that answer and play nice in this community.
  8. Gigas can't go to boss arenas?
  9. Nope don't think so. There is nothing Primitive about Tek Tier.
  10. I believe PC can cope with higher limits than console.
  11. 3 year old base? Game has only been on Steam 21 months.
  12. They've introduced this with the Tek Doors. Not sure they'll do it for the lower tier doors though.
  13. The Center creator has said that the center will be getting a Boss system upgrade. But at this stage there is no ETA or news on when it will be done.
  14. The Center currently only has the Microraptor out of the new creatures, not the other 3.