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  1. Yes same wifi connections. Is it because hes logged into the map?
  2. Hello Just wondering how i would join my sons dedicated server..He hit Run dedicated server but when i search it nothing pops up any tips would be great
  3. Console never going to get the flyer speed update. Is it?
  4. anything on when Xbox / PS get the New Single Player/Host Setting: Enable Level Up for Flyer Movement Speed?
  5. So with the delay can the Xbox Single player Dino Eggs,supply drops Not Spawning and settings be fixed? Ive been trying to raise awareness about this but its been tough.
  6. ID love to be able to use these mods for console
  7. Your not rude trust me, it does say possibility. Like id like to use S+ mod but being on xbox i cant.
  8. Will Consoles Get mods so everyone can benefit and enjoy?
  9. SassinPr0ph3cy


    That is Awesome!!!!!!!!! I so wish I could do something like that.
  10. Dynamic-Length Bridges didnt make it I assume? Dont have the pc version so i wouldent know.
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