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  1. X Creatures Are the X Creatures Spawnable on the ISland?
  2. are there any ids for these creatures?
  3. No event on xbox SinglePlayer Hello, got a 4gb update but after loading ark I dont see any event Id assume the items are crafted in the cooking pot but theres nothing. even demolished the old cooking pot and placed a new but still nothing. Anyone Else?
  4. Mods really need to make this a Sticky thread this problem has been months with no fix, and Ive seen So many players Posting about this including myself. Please @complexminded a little help.
  5. Been like this for awhile tried to raise awareness to @complexminded with no luck
  6. So with the delay can the Xbox Single player Dino Eggs,supply drops Not Spawning and settings be fixed? Ive been trying to raise awareness about this but its been tough.
  7. settings For xbox Hello would anyone have the Default settings For xbox for, Wild Dino Stats, Tamed Dino Stats per level, Tamed Dino Add per level and lastly Tamed Dino Stats Affinity?
  8. Same here, been this way for months. I don't think Sp is a priority ive had dinos stuck in the transmitter roughly 3 months with no help.
  9. Yeah unfortunately xbox cant access files wish we could but hopefully someday. Also went back to Valguero Went to the obelisk and Also tried using the personal transmitter but nothing, still no timer just dashes next to it.
  10. Stuck dino in transmitter/obelisks Hi so basically Im on single player and I uploaded Forcetamed Glowbugs from valguero to the island since i cant spawn in glowbugs on the island and since there is no way to charge batteries, I had no problem uploading them to the transmitter but now the glowbugs appear stuck as i cant download them and theres no timer on them. what do i do? Other then deleting all my game saves.
  11. ID love to be able to use these mods for console
  12. Update: I reset my settings hoping that would fix but unfortunately not My character is got 300% melee damage and a punch deals 12 really dont what to do
  13. Nope it still checked, and my slider input amounts are the same.
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