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  1. anything on when Xbox / PS get the New Single Player/Host Setting: Enable Level Up for Flyer Movement Speed?
  2. LB + Up Now hides the equipped weapon. LB + down just shows a cross hair but nothing happens
  3. It was that now i do it nothing happens idk if it was remapped or just bugged
  4. Remapped xbox controls???? hi just wondering if anyone knows the New Attack This Target & Move To Position controls.... ever since Genesis they seem to have been remapped but no idea to what and searching on gamepedia their control info seems wrong as it dont work.
  5. X Creatures Are the X Creatures Spawnable on the ISland?
  6. No event on xbox SinglePlayer Hello, got a 4gb update but after loading ark I dont see any event Id assume the items are crafted in the cooking pot but theres nothing. even demolished the old cooking pot and placed a new but still nothing. Anyone Else?
  7. Mods really need to make this a Sticky thread this problem has been months with no fix, and Ive seen So many players Posting about this including myself. Please @complexminded a little help.
  8. Been like this for awhile tried to raise awareness to @complexminded with no luck
  9. So with the delay can the Xbox Single player Dino Eggs,supply drops Not Spawning and settings be fixed? Ive been trying to raise awareness about this but its been tough.
  10. Same here, been this way for months. I don't think Sp is a priority ive had dinos stuck in the transmitter roughly 3 months with no help.
  11. ID love to be able to use these mods for console
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