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  1. Fear Evolved 3 Hey does anyone know if Fear Evolved 3 will be playable on single player?
  2. Actually being able to get/play events would be nice I play on single player and havent seen an event since the Turkey trial 2 back in 2016. Hoping we get the Genesis Chronicles on SP as well
  3. Locks for folders/ Charge Batteries in Generator 1. Can we get Inventory Folder Locks? to prevent accidental deleting I play on Xbox and its very easy to delete on accident 2. The ability to charge batteries in a generator.
  4. Is there a specific area or way to post ideas? that can hopefully make it to the list?
  5. Snow Owl controls Hey by any chance what are the Snow Owl controls for xbox? I can do the heat vision but not sure what the freeze heal is...
  6. SP Wild poo and eggs Not spawning HI excuse the title but i recently started back ark on SP, just wanted to know what are some good settings to get poo and wild dino eggs to be more frequent in the wild.
  7. Thanks it seems its in the canada/ US store now at the time i was looking i assume microsoft didnt release it but once more thanks
  8. Is ARK: Genesis Season Pass on xbox? Im Not seeing a link and no luck contacting wildcard.
  9. Question about Valguero Hi Just had a question are there Charge Nodes on Valguero?
  10. Your not rude trust me, it does say possibility. Like id like to use S+ mod but being on xbox i cant.
  11. Will Consoles Get mods so everyone can benefit and enjoy?
  12. SassinPr0ph3cy


    That is Awesome!!!!!!!!! I so wish I could do something like that.
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