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  1. Ive learned that making wooden landmarks and lots of zip lines is the way to go also never EVER spawn in at the portal room there are ravagers and raptors and no water bulb dogs.........tame them and be prepared to die......A lot btw When you ready for them I can even get on and help with rock drakes if you want.
  2. Just went there on single player and broke the game with my ferrox in the cave haha Pics to big to upload
  3. It would be cool if they added more resources and weapons and buildings to craft
  4. I hope not. Because Dinos are the thing I’m looking forward to
  5. So here’s what I tame first to last (I tame other thing along the way this is just my recommendation) dilo > trike and or raptors > stego and or carno > Beaver and argy > Rex
  6. The reason I made this it’s own topic is because I wanted an answer. I don’t know if the devs will see it now
  7. Does the fear evolved 4 end later on xbox because it’s starting on the 26th? Thanks
  8. Human cites have yellow lights They have red light {also living under water?}<-might be a possibility And here’s a twist what if those light are our new volcanic biome
  9. I actually haven’t seen the movie I just know the reference
  10. Ha you were 2 slow on the draw but yea I noticed that
  11. Gray argys are smoke, ash, red ones are blaze, crimson, my T. rex is Trump Rex lol I painted on a yellow hair spot on his head and a blue suit on him
  12. Aliens or humans is the question, I’m thinking aliens
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