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  1. You on pc because xbox is different. They are good if you don’t have a Rex yet and need protection from them
  2. Yea wondering about that myself. The carno needs some help .........
  3. Dang looks amazing It’s just what I need for single player!!! (goes into creative mode on the isles and tames it and brings it to the island) lol
  4. Sad but funny story When genesis first came out and you could get the ferrox way easier then now. I had one and we could just jump everywhere then, that one day a screamer brainwashed him and he jumped into the water (I was on the island) and started glitching out like crazy then we both got flung up into the air and, now I know to never put one in water again lol.
  5. My xbox deleted my single player game It glitched and deleted my single player game.( I was on the server menu not the single player menu) Can you restore my game please
  6. Wow cool. Congratulations for winning (forgot to say that in the last post I made) You play on xbox?
  7. I’m guessing ark action figures and a map/poster of the island or something. Btw what did you make your model out of?
  8. I agree. It looks like either one but don’t ask me how to say the names lol Edit It said dizzying so another spin attack Dino? Or can turn like a tape?
  9. Yea would be great I’ve been waiting for that castle building mod for xbox
  10. Looks cool. Will these be available on xbox??
  11. Looking for 1 person to play ark with be in between 14 and 16 years of age please, and I’m on xbox. pvp server I don’t care which one thanks edit I am beginning work on a kind of paintball arena map so if anyone wants to play on that give me a comment thanks
  12. Yea maybe just play on the weekend Wait will pc and xbox work together
  13. Oooh sorry should have put that in the game chat Lol
  14. Glad to be here...... you open to play today?
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