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  1. Argy art is my favorite, great job Everyone WC does this mean we get to tame ants and breed spiders and things like that
  2. It’s for the end of August I think go to wcs newest post, I know I can’t wait either
  3. Night vision is supposed to be grey and green and you can turn the tek outlines off
  4. Bloodstalker breeding What’s different about breeding bloodstalkers I know something about not moving the egg but what temperature do they need. thanks
  5. Hey dan I’ve used your app for so many things and it has helped a lot. I have 2 ideas for you if you want to hear them: : one is a x dino list (all dinos that have a x version) and : two what dinosaurs will attack other knocked out Dinos thanks, bigchingus7890
  6. Underwater domes big enough for a good sized house, horse shoe crab that can ram bigger animals and gives a stun effect
  7. wyverns in general need fixing they have a really bad glitch going on I’m on xbox and can’t find nests anymore on all maps. So no rock drakes
  8. I played mobile for a long time and horses were easily tamed after I had 3 trikes to protect me while I tamed it edit: right below green ob is where I found mine
  9. Ok my post glitched out sorry guys, what I was saying is, yea They changed the game with carnos now, I like it though
  10. I like starting there, getting a couple tames and then going to ocean biome maybe try that and see how it works out.(on single player at least, on servers I go arctic biome)
  11. Pretty sure it can with the web pull attack
  12. Carnos are now scary lol I thought I could take one because I had forgotten about the change, and it ripped me and my raptor (good bye Athena) to shreds... thanks WC for making them a predator edit. Now that stomp sound is unnerving
  13. I know they had some minor things in their inventory, did that do it?
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