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  1. Thank you so much jp, you have help, A LOT!
  2. oh i mean like on the island, and oh, but can you tame a dragon in general.
  3. Hello can you tame a dragon in ark, i want to know because i want to kill the megapithecus but i need that dragon so can?
  4. You guys are misinterpreting my suggestion cross platform for all platforms for all DLCs (except mobile yuck and switch) and not just on DLCs but all free maps, That is my suggestion. I always find it annoying when i want to play with my friends but you know covid and all i cannot. Especially after testing positive, the only way of playing ARK was on Mobile and mobile is not my favorite, that is the same for other people i know. Also thank you guys for all the information.
  5. I really think that you guys should make this game cross platform so i can play with my friends. Like I like playing with my cousin but i want to play with my friend but no cross platform so i cannot. It is up to you guys, but i think it would be a good marketing plan, then you could like raise the price like ghost of tsushima. I just joined this site and yeah this is why. Also question are there wyverns on the main ark, The Island? That is all.
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