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    Batch file for discovering engrams... Since I needed this a long time ago when I started using mods and wanted to block things, and when Tek was added to our original maps and I wanted to block it, here is a small batch file I just wrote to discover engrams in any mod which does not use a table or something to hide them. This works with mods like Structures Plus and Classic Flyers without a hitch. It outputs, in alphabetical order, the engrams found in any specified mod to e plain text-file with the mod ID. For exampe, S+ uses 731604991 as the mod ID. If I run the batch file and specify that ID on the command-line I will get a file named "731604991.txt" in the same folder as the batch file which contains every engram for S+ in alphabetical order that you can use in your Game.ini file to block, allow, or modify cost with. I wrote this in a few minutes today because S+ updated and has new items, removed old items, integrated Platforms Plus, and I am going to make a new Game.ini from scratch, blocking the things we do not want on our server, such as no Tek on The Island or The Center. I am releasing it to help other admins who may be new and just want to block, allow, or modify an engrams cost for his or her server and does not know how to dig through the folder structure, which takes hours, to find them. Feel free to ask me any questions here, but I only check the forum every few days so don't take it personally if I cannot respond quickly. @ECHO OFF REM Ark Engrams Discovery Batch File REM By: The Great Sephiroth REM (c) 2020 REM Feel free to distribute or modify this file to suit your needs! REM Common, popular mod IDs REM Eco Trees - 670764308 REM Platforms Plus - 719928795 REM Snappy Saddles - 725398419 REM Structures Plus - 731604991 REM Eco RP Decor - 741203089 REM Eco Garden Decor - 880871931 REM Classic Flyers - 895711211 REM Fused Troughs - 1342152255 REM Additional Lighting - 1380777369 REM Set this to the mod ID you want engrams for SET MODID=731604991 REM Set this to your Ark content folder SET GAME=D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content REM See if a mod ID was specified on the command-line IF "%1"=="" ( IF "%MODID%"=="" ( ECHO No mod ID has been configured and one was not specified on the command-line! EXIT /B 1 ) ECHO No mod ID specified, using the configured mod ID... ) ELSE ( ECHO Using mod ID from the command-line... SET MODID=%1 ) REM Set the full mod path or use core engrams IF "%1"=="-1" ( ECHO Outputting all core game engrams... REM Output the core game engrams SET MODDIR=%GAME%\PrimalEarth\CoreBlueprints\Engrams SET MODID=CoreArk CALL :FUNC_GETENGRAMS REM Output the primitive plus engrams SET MODDIR=%GAME%\Mods\111111111 SET MODID=CorePrimPlus CALL :FUNC_GETENGRAMS REM Output Scorched Earth engrams SET MODDIR=%GAME%\ScorchedEarth SET MODID=CoreScorched CALL :FUNC_GETENGRAMS REM Output Aberration engrams SET MODDIR=%GAME%\Aberration SET MODID=CoreAberration CALL :FUNC_GETENGRAMS REM Output Extinction engrams SET MODDIR=%GAME%\Extinction SET MODID=CoreExtinct CALL :FUNC_GETENGRAMS REM Output Genesis engrams SET MODDIR=%GAME%\Genesis SET MODID=CoreGenesis CALL :FUNC_GETENGRAMS ) ELSE ( ECHO Attempting to get engrams for mod ID %MODID%... REM Attempt to process the specified or configured mod SET MODDIR=%GAME%\Mods\%MODID% CALL :FUNC_GETENGRAMS ) REM Exit the batch file EXIT /B %ERRORLEVEL% REM Function to get all engrams from the configure mod directory :FUNC_GETENGRAMS REM Verify the full path exists IF NOT EXIST %MODDIR% ( ECHO The specified mod directory does not exist! You may not have the mod specified, ECHO or you may not have all of the expansions installed. ECHO The full path is listed below. ECHO. ECHO %MODDIR% EXIT /B 2 ) REM Delete existing output files if they exist IF EXIST %MODID%-temp.txt DEL %MODID%-temp.txt IF EXIST %MODID%.txt DEL %MODID%.txt REM Loop through recursively and store the engram entries FOR /R %MODDIR% %%F IN (EngramEntry*) DO ( ECHO %%~nF_C >> %MODID%-temp.txt ) REM Sort the output alphabetically SORT %MODID%-temp.txt > %MODID%.txt REM Remove the temporary file and return DEL %MODID%-temp.txt EXIT /B 0 I have updated the code to include support for listing all of the core engrams in Primal Earth. To get an alphabetical listing of all built-in engrams simply pass "-1" as the mod ID from the command line. You do this like "Engrams.bat -1" and it will output a file named "CoreEngrams.txt" for you to use. If you wish to block an engram you may use the names in the output files like I do in the line below. The line below blocks preserving salt on my Island and Center servers since you cannot get it there anyway. OverrideNamedEngramEntries0=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_PreservingSalt_C",EngramHidden=true) That's all there is to it! I hope this helps. Again, I uploaded the most recent batch file to this post for users to easily download and use. Engrams.bat
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    [Structure Plus(S+)] Now Respecting Vanilla Pick-Up Settings According to the latest discussion in Steam Workshop, Orionsun - the developer of S+ mod, has removed the pick-up function from this mod - respecting vanilla settings. This is applied since the recent major update on S+ mod. Additionally, S+ tool guns have been merged into one, and some of the S+ structures now have different Health. Please check in-game to familiarize them, or if your want to repair some structure due to the health change. This doesn't mean we all have to obey to the vanilla settings on picking up structures. ARK: Homestead update has add 4 server configuration command lines in GameUserSettings.ini, in ..\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor(for me, single player). The command lines are "AlwaysAllowStructurePickup", "StructurePickupTimeAfterPlacement", "AllowIntegratedSPlusStructures" and "StructurePickupHoldDuration". If you don't have these command lines in .ini file, please add it manually under "[ServerSettings]" section. AlwaysAllowStructurePickup: Boolean, the default is false. If set to true, any structures can be picked up at anytime, anywhere. StructurePickupTimeAfterPlacement: Float value, the default is 30. This value is the time(in seconds) that allows players to pickup a structure after it has been placed if AlwaysAllowStructurePickup is set to false. AllowIntegratedSPlusStructures: Boolean, the default is true. If false disables all of the new S+ structures (intended mainly for letting unofficials that want to keep using the S+ mod version to keep using that without a ton of extra duplicate structures). StructurePickupHoldDuration: Float value, the default is 0.5. How long(in seconds) players have to hold E and place their mouse on radar menu to pickup a structure. 0 means instant pick-up. This is quite a huge change in modded ARKs. I hope this topic can help as many players as possible. References: 1. Discussion page on Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/731604991/4203492762828736718/ 2. Server Configuration - by official ARK pedia: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration#ARK:_Homestead_specific
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    watch out cloning water tames i have placed my cloning chamber half in water. this way i was able to still clonce land dinos. and my water tames fit on it by poking their head and upper body over it. how ever when cloning my x-basilosaurus it says you can clone it. i started te cloning. it consumed all the element shards. but when the timer was done... nothing. there was not enough water for the water tame to spawn in. it did not spawn and die. it did not spawn inside the cloning chamber or under the ground. simply nothing. not even a message in tribe log. just a warning to other players. place your cloning chamber completely under the water, since sumbitting a ticket around this issue will not do anything.
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    Prim plus ps4 broke again Well once again the latest update on ps4 has broke primitive plus. We can not place any prim plus structures. Pretty incredible how wildcard manages to break somthing with every update
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    Suggest Engrams Cannot Buy Other Engrams All I wanted was the engram Electrical Outlet. I had the blueprints for the other electrical stuffs already. Just wanted Electrical Outlet. I click it and now I have purchased a Generator and a Straight Cable as well. That would be like me going to Walmart to buy Donuts for the wify and kids and some irate cash clerk hostilely grabbing a bag of Doritos off the stand and a Lighter, throwing them in my bag, grabbing my credit card out of my hand and ringing them all up with a greedy evil grin while I stood shocked. I'm like, but I did not come here to pay for Doritos and a Lighter. I don't smoke and wify already bought the kids Doritos at a gas station yesterday. The kids want Donuts. JUST DONUTS. Only donuts. To bad. Your engram moneys buys this Generator and a Straight Cable because you showed up at Ark-Walmart SUCKER. Could you NOT buy stuff with my engram points I did not ask for. Ruins the already redundant point of even collecting these dumb repetitive sup drop blue prints. You are going to make me pay for it anyway.
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    There is no fun aspects of PVP, i'm sorry
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    Alternatively, wire outlets bps exist, u can go get them, byproduct of farming swamp cave for rex saddles i believe.
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    This is an interesting one. To continue requiring the use of prerequisites or not to? On one side of the fence, it is a bit of a progression issue. The idea being that you can only learn how to build out of wood after you learned to build with Thatch makes sense. You start with the basics and work your way up. On the other side of the fence, there are some inconsistencies with the way Ark has created ways around that progression. Such as finding blueprints to craft higher level items. Why learn it when you can just find a blueprint and craft it? Now the point could be easily argued that the only reason some items are found as blueprints are because you typically do not earn enough engram points to learn everything. So blueprints are more of a support than a strict work-around. A well oiled-tribe can get around these issues by assigning tasks or engrams to individuals. Those with smaller tribes, as single-player tribes, or those that came together after having applied most of their points - they may have more issues if the blueprints weren't available for use. There are legitimate concerns for either way you look at it. Personally I am more for meeting in the middle. I think that prerequisites should stay. It is a progression point in the survival part of the story. However, some of what the need may need to be revisited; Yes, there are those that make sense. Such as the thatch to wood example. However there are those that do not, as with the highlight of this post. You shouldn't have to learn how to build a generator to craft a wire or outlet. If anything, progressionally it makes sense to have it in reverse. As such I believe the entire electrical wiring portion should not require prerequisites. Progressionally, removing prerequisites in this instance won't hurt much of anything. The entire wiring portion is the first step into power and really, until the tek generator, the only source of power beyond the single instance windmill. So much like how thatch can be learned in whichever order you wish, so should the wiring portion. I am sure there are other items out there that it wouldn't hurt to take a second glance at either.
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    Your problem is that you are still trying to play Genesis. That DLC is a complete worthless clusterf**K. Why waste your time.
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    I just updated the code and made a major change. The code which recursively searches for engrams is now a function. I did this because I realized that there are currently a total of six locations for stock game engrams. These include the core game, Primitive Plus, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, and Genesis. Oddly enough the Deinonychus saddle is part of the core game blueprints, so Valguero has none that I can find. When you run the batch file with -1 as the parameter it now outputs six files corresponding to the six core locations (expansions, mods, whatever). I updated the code in my original post and uploaded the batch file for easy download and use. Enjoy!
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    Because you made the choice to play official servers.
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    My problem with Genesis First of fall, this may have been posted before (probably). My problem with Genesis (and how it killed my PvE Ark community) is the mission system. Granted I can get behind the idea of having missions to complete and have some rivalry between players, locking boss fights behind a tedious wall of missions killed my server. We started in the bog biome, which apparently was labeled "easy" for some reason. Got our spiders tamed, went to snow biome, which was more peaceful than the bog. With our new HQ in the snow biome, we tamed some Feroxes, Magmasaurs and standard "boss rexes". We had some fun doing dodo basket games and fixed some glitches to buy some stuff from the in-game shop. We knew Moeder was a boss but not THE boss. So we got some Mosas and went straight for Alpha Moeder. No problem, we were happy to unlock some new blueprints. Then we started looking up how to defeat the real main boss...to our disappointment, we had to complete every single mission to even unlock the boss fight. This was back when the race timers on PC were still broken. People on my server simply quit. Nobody wanted to do all those missions just to unlock the boss fight?!
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    Or just fix the commands that used to be available: defeatboss defeatallbosses maxascend They have been broken around genesis release, but used to allow an admin to unlock any boss/ascension for any player.
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    Actually, they give you max experience. If you ascend before your appointment but haven't maxed out yet, the experience they give you will go above 105. However, if you don't, then yes, your character will indeed max out at 105.
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    False. GM Rose upon arriving to give me back my 134 all tek engrams character AFTER WAITING 17 DAYS informed me that even though I gave a SS of my ID# AND engrams she would only level me to 105, give tame imprints, and 5 tek engrams... And if I had an issue with it there was 0 I or she could do about it. Customer service is a joke.
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    Im assuming you watched the Syntac video and yes that is completely possible in vanilla. A friend of mine got one from a tier 2 box on official, no joke.
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    Having prerequisites makes sense for progression. Engrams are like skills or abilities, not like items you buy.
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    Besides all the Tek Engrams missing, it also reset all the maps for me. They are just like on day 1, nothing is discovered. I really sometimes ask myself how such things even happen and they only happen with Wildcard/Snail Games...
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    i was thinking myself it was 'dino difficulty' when i first started playing, but the easy, medium, and hard don't really have any sense at all. People use to think it was the weather rating, but with genesis that was totally blown out of the water, as the ocean is the easiest to survive in, both dino wise and weather wise, the only thing that seems to get you there is when diving in the water. I'm starting to think wildcard only labels the zones like this to goat new people into going to the zones. There are a total of 176 Missions across the 5 simulated maps, to do the final test, you need 58 for gamma, 116 for beta, or 168 for alpha. from my understanding only the individual starting the mission needs to have the number of missions unlocked, not everyone who wants to go. For me to unlock 168 missions on my character, the official servers would have to be lag free, which will never happen, lag stops too many of them from being done within the time frame, especially the races.
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    Well... I fell off my managarmr, after rubber banding due to lag, all the way from the ground to waaaay up in the sky, to the height of what was a managmr triple jump from the top of a mountain. I free-fell for a good 5 seconds before I remembered the glider wings.. and thought.. well what do I have to lose now.. might as well get as close to home as possible to grab a bird find my body and maybe find my (probably dead) tame. I had to close wings and free-fall multiple times to lose altitude so I wouldn't overshot my mark by 3 or 4 hundred miles. We lived!.. Now I'm planning on doing it again to see how far I can fly..
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    I play on PC and would love to be able to play with friends on playstation. Even if it's just on unofficial.
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    My theory is quite a bit out there and a bit long. Also I’m not that good at This so forgive the for any beginner mistakes. First here’s what I know. 1. Rockwell hacked into the Genesis simulation to turn the “sleepers” into his own personal army of slaves. 2. We are in a space colony/station 3. The Sim and the Station were both made by the Terran Federation 4. The tek we see here is different from the tech seen in any URE based dlc. 5. Nobody knows where Helena or the other Homo Deus are. Why Rockwell is at the Station: I believe that when Rockwell landed on earth he must have landed in Terran territory and had access to all the old Terran tek. One of these would be Arat prime where he could upload himself into the simulation and access all of the simulation. He also would have known about the station after going to Arat Prime and entering the simulation. Then the question is how did he get on the station. I believe the station must have some sort of tek similar to the obelisks allowing for the creation of a Rockwell in the station. The thing is that we have no clue what it would be. The Stations Purpose: There are only vague references to the “sleepers” and the station in both the 3 URE DLCs and Genesis. We know because of the Genesis countdown that Arat Prime has some direct correlation to the station. We also know because of extinction that Arat prime is on the opposite side of the earth to Sanctuary. I believe this is because Arat Prime is controlled by the Federation and Sanctuary is controlled by the URE. This is where we have to look at what happened with the Feds and URE during the war that we believed happened. I believe that the war got so bad, so extreme to the point where when the feds noticed elements effect on earth they wanted to just leave earth and find a pure and habitable planet. The parts I don’t know much about: 1. How corruption spreads Inside the sim. 2. Why the sim and not just the station? 3. Where the homo Deus went. So that’s it for now! This is my first theory so please forgive me for any big or blatant mistake. I want feedback be it good or bad so please help! Thanks!
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    You need the base game too. It might be on sale, I forgot. The base game is not sadly, however the base game plus the 3 URE DLCs are on sale for less than the actual game costs!
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    Well, Ark is kind of like KFC. They keep giving us the same thing:New DLCs. We ask them to fix a simple bug, and they give us Abberation. They would be so much more popular without the bugs.
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    BIG SIGH. the maps are big enough for everyone. Even with pillar spam. Just because someone has pillared in an area you WANT is really bad i know but it does not mean there is no place for you to build. Yes it might be pillared in the most perfect resources spot so move on and find a place and set down roots and wait it out. quit complaining and play the game.
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    they changed it multiple times, there is no way to stop someone from spamming with how it works. Change foundations, people use pillars, change decay timers, people use more structures. The only way it would ever change is if there was a limited number of "land claming" objects such as a flag or beacon. Everyone would have the same size bases but it would help with pillar spam. The only issue is people would alt tribes to claim more land. it never ends, pve is trash anyway.
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