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  1. I feel if they teamed up then there only would have been one solution. Why would they need two very different methods of escape if they worked together? Also why isn't the federation have any reference(not counting the survivors just the technology and the arks) in the arks?
  2. I got on genesis yesterday and realized how close the Terran and URE Implants are. This really does solidify that even during the construction of the simulation the federation was stealing manipulation and using URE Tek.
  3. My theory about ARK 2 is a bit out there which is why I didn’t include it in my last theory. I’m thinking Gen2 will be us going to another planet or will reveal something about the Terrans and will lead us into Ark 2. What I really Hope Ark 2 is is a kind of prequel featuring earth during the URE Terran war
  4. Nothing about Crystal Isles and xbox??
  5. I have a gaming pc I just dont want to have to pay another $150 on Ark.
  6. I’m considering spending the money to switch to pc just because the modding community gives more support and care for their work than wildcard.
  7. I agree the game has gotten boring, least from my POV. I’m a console player so the lack of support or care for my version really doesn’t help. Things will get interesting on June 4th because of the flood of incoming players. Apparently Ark is going free on Epic on the 4th.
  8. My theory is quite a bit out there and a bit long. Also I’m not that good at This so forgive the for any beginner mistakes. First here’s what I know. 1. Rockwell hacked into the Genesis simulation to turn the “sleepers” into his own personal army of slaves. 2. We are in a space colony/station 3. The Sim and the Station were both made by the Terran Federation 4. The tek we see here is different from the tech seen in any URE based dlc. 5. Nobody knows where Helena or the other Homo Deus are. Why Rockwell is at the Station: I believe that when Rockwell landed on earth he must have landed in Terran territory and had access to all the old Terran tek. One of these would be Arat prime where he could upload himself into the simulation and access all of the simulation. He also would have known about the station after going to Arat Prime and entering the simulation. Then the question is how did he get on the station. I believe the station must have some sort of tek similar to the obelisks allowing for the creation of a Rockwell in the station. The thing is that we have no clue what it would be. The Stations Purpose: There are only vague references to the “sleepers” and the station in both the 3 URE DLCs and Genesis. We know because of the Genesis countdown that Arat Prime has some direct correlation to the station. We also know because of extinction that Arat prime is on the opposite side of the earth to Sanctuary. I believe this is because Arat Prime is controlled by the Federation and Sanctuary is controlled by the URE. This is where we have to look at what happened with the Feds and URE during the war that we believed happened. I believe that the war got so bad, so extreme to the point where when the feds noticed elements effect on earth they wanted to just leave earth and find a pure and habitable planet. The parts I don’t know much about: 1. How corruption spreads Inside the sim. 2. Why the sim and not just the station? 3. Where the homo Deus went. So that’s it for now! This is my first theory so please forgive me for any big or blatant mistake. I want feedback be it good or bad so please help! Thanks!
  9. You need the base game too. It might be on sale, I forgot. The base game is not sadly, however the base game plus the 3 URE DLCs are on sale for less than the actual game costs!
  10. Some people love this announcement but I hate it. I feel like I have stood up for wildcard again and again when people where mad at them. I understand delaying a map for console but not even releasing it within the same timespan hurts me. I love Ark. I love wildcard. I’m frustrated because this map was ALREADY available for pc. And they are acting like they are releasing a map on the 4th when really it won’t even be close to that.
  11. Most my theories have major aspects of them that deal with the ending of Genesis. I’ve mostly been waiting to talk about that.
  12. I haven’t said anything here because I’m not good at this like you guys are but I hope you guys start up doing this soon. I’ve been watching this and the ark theories from their beginning.
  13. Nice to hear your focused on bugs. I’ve been playing for a long time and It’s good to see you fixing some of the old issues. I really appreciate what you do and hope you keep it up! Thanks Wildcard!
  14. Grenade Launcher V Reaper who will win?
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