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  1. Evo announcement and some pictures... Wow, the effort that went into this community newsletter is immense.
  2. Sounds great.. would be nice if our server was actually online.. 14 crashes in 2 days... so far.. perfect.
  3. The extra rates are useless when the server is offline, suffering severe lag, and repeat crashes for the entire event (every event in the last 12 months we have been offline for at least 24 hours, and had an uncountable number of crashes, kicks and reboots) Event skins (bar 1) are the same as last year, some of which spawn in my inventory without needing an event For someone who plays for more than an hour or two of the event will get a rare chibi, they are nowhere near as rare as you are led to believe.. (and to be blunt, most are ugly as sin) Also; If your tongue was any deeper you would taste their breakfast.
  4. Another rather unexciting event. collect items, craft items, lose items when event ends, all delivered with a heaped spoonful of server outages, crashes and lag. There should be server events, competitions, egg hunts, rare finds.. but nope..instead we get more chibi pests and untamable dinos.
  5. Dude, if you are bluescreening, you need to check your PC.. Crash to desktop is a thing, disconnects, kicks, lag, rubberbanding, border death, hacks, mods, scripts, meshing, non-existent server staff, griefers, crashing, offlining, DDoS, the pathetic choice of using the most useless hosting company online, transfer loss, character loss, sh t just vanishing, these are things you can blame WC for.. blue screening however is likely and usually a client side error. Make sure you have the latest graphics drivers, uninstall and reinstall the latests (don't just update), check hard drives for errors and do a completely fresh install of the game..
  6. Oh look.. my PVE Island server just crashed.. I guess all 8 of us that where online and just chatting, not doing anything specific where just too much for it.. lol
  7. The border thing is killing people and dinos left right and center, They claim above that it has been fixed, but that is complete BS, it's still happening as of today, touch the wall, lose all your gear, be careful out there guys.
  8. You post all of this drivel about focusing on performance in 2020, I'm not sure who told you it was better.. because it is not.. Official PVE servers are more unreliable and laggy than ever before, (PVE Island, Ext and Rag maps are the worst) Server saves now cause a double helping of freezing and lag, rubberbanding has increased, total crashes are more frequent and last longer than ever, and incidents where every player is randomly and frequently disconnected are now a new major issue that wasn't happening before. We are also now crashing with only 10 players online even on standard rates, We have had 70 major outages in 50 days ... 70, some of these outages were 16 or more hours long, how is this acceptable? And why are we routinely forced to wait from hours to days for a simple reboot? I'm sick and tired of not ever getting any real answers, so I ask again; When should we expect to see some REAL performance results? When can we realistically expect server saves to not crash the server on a daily basis?
  9. Ahh yes.. event time again, where the servers are offline more than they are online because cheaping out on hardware is the only thing Wildcard is actually good at. 717, once again spending more time offline, kicking or lagging than actually being online during events, and WC doing sweet f__k all to mitigate it. Thanks for nothing.
  10. 700 bans.. Seems like a big number.. until you point out that there is an average of 110,000+ new players joining every month, and at last count there was 11,000,000 registered accounts as of Nov 2020 Due to the mass amount of dupers and exploiters on our lightly populated server, I can't imagine only 00.00636 of the player base are causing all these problems. Time to step up your game WC and get some active admins in those public servers.
  11. There is literally a bunch of servers offline when you posted this.. and a bunch that are performing just as worse as they were during the extralife event.
  12. There will always be the sycophantic cattle who think they will gain brownie points by kissing ass.. But yeah, the servers suck.. they suck big time, we need to start getting answers on this, I'd even be up for paying a premium membership fee for access to higher performance server hardware. The server I play on was one of the new ones that dropped with the genesis release, save lag lasts for lasts for 30 to 60 seconds every 10 or so minutes, for some reason over the last few months it has decided to save twice in a row every time. so we get 30-60 seconds lag, unfreeze, 30 seconds later we get an addition 30-60 seconds of lag, then it unfreezes again and rolls back to the beginning of the first lag spike.. between these lag spikes we get sporadic disconnections and relentless bouts of rubber banding. This is one of the newer servers, but it has been like this and worse since week 2 of it being online. When this happens there is 50/50 chance you will be disconnected and login-locked, and about a 1 in 3 chance the entire server will crash and reboot, and about 10% of the time it just won't bother rebooting at all (like right now) Our server; NA PVE TheIsland 717 is currently down again, and has been down for 8 and a half hours so far, I personally have filled out an outage form, (I have NEVER received a reply from a ticket regarding server performance issues) For the people who want to buck pass and kiss ass, Yes I know how to fill in a form correctly, No I'm not on wifi, I run a fiber optic connection and gigabit ethernet via short cable from the router, I have 3900x, 2070Super, 64gb ram, and it is all watercooled, performance is not an issue, networking is not an issue. The worst part of all this, I have never seen a single person from WC address these issues, they just ignore us and hold their hand out for more money.
  13. I'd much rather just have a server that stays online and doesn't crash and lag multiple times per day, Apparently 15 people on 1x rates is too much to handle.
  14. 2 full days now, just hit 48 hours on 717 PVE , I need to access this server to transfer out and maintain bases on other servers as well. Not even a slight acknowledgment from WC, let alone an ETA, or even a bland notice about outages.. Why is there community managers and social network staff when they don't liaise with the community anyways?
  15. Day 2, 717 is still offline. Not even so much as an apology offered.
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