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  1. 2 full days now, just hit 48 hours on 717 PVE , I need to access this server to transfer out and maintain bases on other servers as well. Not even a slight acknowledgment from WC, let alone an ETA, or even a bland notice about outages.. Why is there community managers and social network staff when they don't liaise with the community anyways?
  2. Day 2, 717 is still offline. Not even so much as an apology offered.
  3. I bought my copy on steam, and as per my country's advertising, consumer and business practices laws, this would be deemed part of the product I purchased. oh I'm sure they're drowning.. Epic Games launcher is a very kid-heavy platform, and kids are sooks.. I used to process tickets for a virtual world game with 2 million registered members, Most reports where 'x called me a ____ ', "Im stuck"," ____ wont load", I got scammed, and my all time favorite "My [parent of choice] said you have to unban me" During school holidays. the amount of incoming tickets per day went u
  4. Yeah, I would too.. the answer to this question will directly influence my next series of purchases. The server I play on has been down for 2 days with no information as to why, or when it comes back, I already seem to be abandoned as a customer but personally, I cannot justify spending anymore money on a company that doesn't give a rats ass about me once I put my wallet away
  5. I'd like to know why we have a community manager that refuses to address the community regarding these issues.. 717, still down, about to enter day 2
  6. Port Forward on, place the server in a DMZ, add ark to any firewalls you may have.
  7. you can place them on roofs, or inside buildings (must be near a window if not using batteries)
  8. Except you are incorrect, as it specifically makes mention of those features in the advertisement. The advertising makes specific reference to the official meta universe, it also specifically states the server have 100+ slots, when they only have 70, so it's clear they aren't too concerned with slinging bullpoop
  9. Wow.... yeah picky is right. There is no ''comprehensive, itemized list'', the list I made is probably the most comprehensive list that has been written.. I suggest you just grab a pen and paper and start listing non-perishable resources that don't have varying armor values.
  10. Ya gotta be pretty stupid to think that wasn't the first thing people did.. Forums are a last desperate attempt at being heard.
  11. They don't care.. they have your money, if you leave now, they still have your money. our server is doing the same thing., and has done a bunch of times in the past, they get to it days later when they feel like it.
  12. 717 down for 10 hours and counting...
  13. Any basic non-perishable resource or refinable resource that does not have a decay timer. E:g: wood, stone, thatch, clay, sap (all), ingots, metal, obsidian, cementing paste, achatina paste, oil, gasoline, hide, fur, hair, pearls, crystal, gems, electronics, element, ele dust, silk, flint chitin, keratin, gun powder, polymer (hard).. and so on. Items with a decay timer like: Food, owl pellets, fertilizer, eggs, crypods, jerky, veg, biotoxin, squid ink, corrupted nodules, organic polymer, etc, cannot be placed in tek storage Saddles, armor and weapons CAN be placed in
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