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  1. Xenithar

    Multiple servers via INI?

    Since I did this I have had zero issues. It works out to be like this. C:\Games\SteamCMD\steamapps\common\ARK Dedicated Server <=--Real install, copied mods here C:\Games\SteamCMD\steamapps\common\ARK Clusters <=--Where all cluster saves go for easy backup C:\Games\SteamCMD\steamapps\common\ARK01 - The Island <=--All junctions pointing tot he real install except the saves folder C:\Games\SteamCMD\steamapps\common\ARK02 - The Center <=--Same as above C:\Games\SteamCMD\steamapps\common\ARK03 - Scorched Earth <=--Same as above The "clusters" folder inside the "saves" folder is a link pointing to the "ARK Clusters" folder. This way I could run ten Islands, ten Centers, and ten SEs, each using ten unique cluster IDs and only need a single firewall rule and all the cluster data would be in the clusters folder. I'm almost done with two more scripts. One allows a user to specify a virtual server name so you could do "MakeVirtual MyArkServer" and it would link everything up for you. The other simply has you specify your servers in a variable in the batch file and then it creates them all for you.
  2. Xenithar

    Multiple servers via INI?

    Probably due to fatigue and me thinking only of "junctions". Use the script all you want. Tune to your needs, naturally. I freed up 14GB today by making all three servers virtual instead of three copies of the server to maintain individually. Well, I mean to say I deleted the old server folders containing entire installs of the servers which I used prior to this. Still, 14GB for removing the old Center and SE servers means another 14GB for Rag and Ab. That's 28GB down to 0bytes. More room for backups and such!
  3. Xenithar

    Multiple servers via INI?

    Show me mklinks in XP or prior. How about 3.11. Oddly enough I do not see mklink on my Tandy 2100. It has DOS 6.22 but Windows For Workgroups 3.11 runs on top of that. Not in 9X either, or ME. They added mklink in Vista to be more like Linux. Same with "Powershell" (BASH anybody?). I do IT for a living and am well aware of mklink, specifically "mklink /j" being what is needed. I already solved this. Use it if it helps. I intend on making a more refined script others may use, but this works well enough for my personal use. Note that I created a folder on the root of my disk called "Games". I removed all inherited permissions and set Administrators, SYSTEM, and Users groups to full access. I install Steam and SteamCMD there. No permissions issues, everything runs as a user instead of admin, much better setup. My configuration in the script below demonstrates this. You can substitute your setup in there if you want to use it. @ECHO OFF REM Global configurable variables SET SOURCE=C:\Games\SteamCMD\steamapps\common\ARK Survival Evolved Dedicated Server SET TARGET=C:\Games\SteamCMD\steamapps\common SET CLUSTER=C:\Games\SteamCMD\steamapps\common\ARK Clusters REM Create the shared cluster directory if needed IF NOT EXIST "%CLUSTER%" MKDIR "%CLUSTER%" REM Make an island virtual server SET SERVER=ARK01 - The Island MKDIR "%TARGET%\%SERVER%" CD "%TARGET%\%SERVER%" MKLINK /J "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\Engine" "%SOURCE%\Engine" MKDIR "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\PackageInfo.bin" "%SOURCE%\PackageInfo.bin" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\steamclient.dll" "%SOURCE%\steamclient.dll" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\steamclient64.dll" "%SOURCE%\steamclient64.dll" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\SteamCMDInstall.sh" "%SOURCE%\SteamCMDInstall.sh" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\tier0_s.dll" "%SOURCE%\tier0_s.dll" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\tier0_s64.dll" "%SOURCE%\tier0_s64.dll" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\version.txt" "%SOURCE%\version.txt" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\vstdlib_s.dll" "%SOURCE%\vstdlib_s.dll" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\vstdlib_s64.dll" "%SOURCE%\vstdlib_s64.dll" MKLINK /J "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame\Binaries" "%SOURCE%\ShooterGame\Binaries" MKLINK /J "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame\Config" "%SOURCE%\ShooterGame\Config" MKLINK /J "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame\Content" "%SOURCE%\ShooterGame\Content" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame\AssetRegistry.bin" "%SOURCE%\ShooterGame\AssetRegistry.bin" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame\ShooterGame.uproject" "%SOURCE%\ShooterGame\ShooterGame.uproject" MKDIR "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame\Saved" MKLINK /J "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame\Saved\clusters" "%CLUSTER%" REM Make a center virtual server SET SERVER=ARK02 - The Center MKDIR "%TARGET%\%SERVER%" CD "%TARGET%\%SERVER%" MKLINK /J "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\Engine" "%SOURCE%\Engine" MKDIR "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\PackageInfo.bin" "%SOURCE%\PackageInfo.bin" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\steamclient.dll" "%SOURCE%\steamclient.dll" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\steamclient64.dll" "%SOURCE%\steamclient64.dll" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\SteamCMDInstall.sh" "%SOURCE%\SteamCMDInstall.sh" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\tier0_s.dll" "%SOURCE%\tier0_s.dll" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\tier0_s64.dll" "%SOURCE%\tier0_s64.dll" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\version.txt" "%SOURCE%\version.txt" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\vstdlib_s.dll" "%SOURCE%\vstdlib_s.dll" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\vstdlib_s64.dll" "%SOURCE%\vstdlib_s64.dll" MKLINK /J "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame\Binaries" "%SOURCE%\ShooterGame\Binaries" MKLINK /J "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame\Config" "%SOURCE%\ShooterGame\Config" MKLINK /J "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame\Content" "%SOURCE%\ShooterGame\Content" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame\AssetRegistry.bin" "%SOURCE%\ShooterGame\AssetRegistry.bin" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame\ShooterGame.uproject" "%SOURCE%\ShooterGame\ShooterGame.uproject" MKDIR "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame\Saved" MKLINK /J "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame\Saved\clusters" "%CLUSTER%" REM Make a Scorched Earth virtual server SET SERVER=ARK03 - Scorched Earth MKDIR "%TARGET%\%SERVER%" CD "%TARGET%\%SERVER%" MKLINK /J "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\Engine" "%SOURCE%\Engine" MKDIR "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\PackageInfo.bin" "%SOURCE%\PackageInfo.bin" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\steamclient.dll" "%SOURCE%\steamclient.dll" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\steamclient64.dll" "%SOURCE%\steamclient64.dll" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\SteamCMDInstall.sh" "%SOURCE%\SteamCMDInstall.sh" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\tier0_s.dll" "%SOURCE%\tier0_s.dll" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\tier0_s64.dll" "%SOURCE%\tier0_s64.dll" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\version.txt" "%SOURCE%\version.txt" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\vstdlib_s.dll" "%SOURCE%\vstdlib_s.dll" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\vstdlib_s64.dll" "%SOURCE%\vstdlib_s64.dll" MKLINK /J "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame\Binaries" "%SOURCE%\ShooterGame\Binaries" MKLINK /J "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame\Config" "%SOURCE%\ShooterGame\Config" MKLINK /J "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame\Content" "%SOURCE%\ShooterGame\Content" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame\AssetRegistry.bin" "%SOURCE%\ShooterGame\AssetRegistry.bin" MKLINK /H "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame\ShooterGame.uproject" "%SOURCE%\ShooterGame\ShooterGame.uproject" MKDIR "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame\Saved" MKLINK /J "%TARGET%\%SERVER%\ShooterGame\Saved\clusters" "%CLUSTER%" PAUSE I used it for my needs, but it's simple enough and works. The only files which actually exist in each virtual setup are the "Saved" folder and its contents. This even places a cluster directory wherever you want it. This leaves me with the actual server (6.68GB I believe) untouched in the default install location. I then edit the configuration files in the individual saved folders for each server. When I update using SteamCMD the non-existent virtual servers are updated since they point back at the install. Same goes for mods. This means I have one actual install which is in pristine condition and only need the one firewall rule and everything. Works flawlessly. This would work in Linux as well using 'ln -s'...
  4. Just chiming in again. I do not get these freezes on my cluster, and when we play around spawning in dinos with the "raindanger" command and do "destroywilddinos" repeatedly, my server sees no spike in CPU usage and nobody lags out. I have been using UDP since it was added, since the Unreal Engine is designed around it. I run five servers on an older PowerEdge 2900. It has two quad-core Xeons and 64Gb of ECC RAM, as well as an eight-disk RAID10 array.
  5. I've been doing Unreal Engine games since the first one back in 1996 or 1997. In the past I could have a single install and use multiple INI files to run separate servers. If I recall correctly, it was something like "-ini=mod1.ini -userini=mod1user.ini" and from the same install I could start a second instance by passing "-ini=mod2.ini -userini=mod2.ini" to it. Currently I need close to a terabyte of space if I want to run one server with unique settings for each of the official maps (Island, Center, SE, Rag, Abb, and when it releases, Extinction) because I'd have to copy the entire server directory structure once for each mode of play. This is absurd, makes updating mods insanely tedious, and makes updating a royal pain. I know that under Linux I could likely achieve this via symlinks, but we don't have that in Windows yet and likely never will. Considering that the above method is a core UE function, is this possible somehow in Ark?
  6. Xenithar

    Mutations and level do not seem right...

    Well, if S+, P+, or CF messes with rexes then yes, it's modded rex day. Either way, the thread ran its course. Other members on my server have tamed similar. In total there are six or seven rexes that have tamed with 50-60 in a stat. I happen to own four. Another tribe owns one or two, and yet another tribe I KNOW owns one with something like 55 or 56 in stam. Like it or not, it can happen. The fact that in a year it has happened only six or seven times speaks to the rarity.
  7. Xenithar

    Mutations and level do not seem right...

    A year ago at 1.25 you could get 179 at 1.25. Again, the wild ones were tamed over a year ago!
  8. Xenithar

    Mutations and level do not seem right...

    I know it isn't possible at this time, but these wild tames were before the changes to whatever formulas. These were tamed prior to Christmas 2017. I could not tame dinos at 179 any more without something like 1.8 or 2.0 speed. I understand this. The initial question was about a level which didn't add up on a single rex, which a server restart fixed. Yes, the stats posted are post-tame because I no longer have them wild. Again, they were tamed last year and as such I cannot see what the wild stats were. I just know that I only tamed ones which were rated "very high" in a stat by Dododex while they were unconscious on the ground prior to being tamed. I did not tame them and then check the stats. However, this is the only way for me to check them now. I did not do the "destroywilddinos" cheat. This is on a dedicated, password-protected server with other players. I literally killed the low-level rexes as well as ones I knocked out that did not have "very high" ratings by shooting them. Normally with a shotgun. Oh, and the server runs 1.25x tame speed, growth, and hatch speed. It also runs 0.75x food consumption rate for babies. As for how long it took it is like I said, it took months.
  9. Xenithar

    Mutations and level do not seem right...

    I told you, this took eons and hundred or even thousands of slaughtered "average" rexes. I set out with a goal in mind and I did achieve it but it was not four times in a row, they were tamed separately. Others were with me for the tames and can vouch for them. I also do not have ANY setting which would alter their stats. Is such a thing possible? I never saw an INI setting for stats.
  10. Xenithar

    Mutations and level do not seem right...

    Hang on, I'll go get the parent stats and share them. This is on a dedicated server (PowerEdge 2900) with mostly stock settings. PvP, offline protection, flyers can carry, etc. I run S+, Platforms+, Snappy Saddles, and Classic Flyers, but none should affect land dinos in any way. The only changes made to dinos is that i disabled the bionic rex and stegos. Well, I replaced them with normal ones. I also disabled Tek due to the insane amount of OP it is. Others who use my cluster have also found 120 rexes with one stat that says "very high". Female 120, tamed to 179: HP: 30 Stam: 60 Oxy: 16 Food: 16 Weight: 23 Dam: 22 Speed: 11 Male 120, tamed to 179: HP: 24 Stam: 20 Oxy: 19 Food: 23 Weight: 50 Dam: 23 Speed: 19 Female 120, tamed to 179: HP: 24 Stam: 20 Oxy: 23 Food: 25 Weight: 21 Dam: 49 Speed 15 Male 120, tamed to 179: HP: 54 Stam: 27 Oxy: 10 Food: 25 Weight: 19 Dam: 26 Speed: 17 After breeding these to eventually make two pair, each with two "very high" stats, I mated them into one with all four "very high" stats. This is where the mutations began. Also note that it took hundreds of knock-outs to find these four, slaughtering all rexes daily to spawn in more, and much more. This also took place prior to the changes which prevent perfect-taming (179). I believe the highest you can go with a wild 120 is about 178 now, right? I haven't tamed one wild in ages, less the level 4 which was used to drop some levels off while retaining stats. *EDIT* You mean I can lose the mutation counter and keep the stats? I have never heard of "cleaning" mutations.
  11. Xenithar

    Mutations and level do not seem right...

    This is on The Island, and is very possible. I spent months taming 120 rexes and, once knocked out, only kept ones which had "very high" for HP, Stam, Food, Weight, or Dam. After that, I bred pairs until I got all five of those stats into one single rex. This also took time. The first one with decent stats was a female I named "Rose" and she hatched at 299. I kept breeding and getting mutations (killing the ones with the mutation not in HP or Dam) until I had mutations only in HP and Dam. I then bred those two (three mutations each, IIRC) into one, and then bred it until I got here. I literally JUST bred and hatched a baby while testing a theory that got the level down. I tamed a wild level four female with the baby of the one listed above and after two tries I got a baby with 0 points in oxygen and 0 in speed. The level 4 mom has a point in HP, Stam, Weight, and Dam only. I tamed her at level 4 and she wound up level five, so it works out. So I now have a baby at level 287, fully imprinted, with MEAN stats. My goal is to eventually hatch a 50k HP/1000% Dam rex and then reproduce it for boss battles. Proof? Here you go! Oh and the 310 in question may have been bugged. I logged in today and the 310 was displaying 317 as I thought it should. Maybe just a glitch. Wraith, level 287 and MEAN! If you have questions I can answer them, including about the four wild ones I tamed and what their stats are to start all of this. I killed a LOT of 120's which were "average" according to Dododex...
  12. I am still wrapping my head around mutations and level. I bred a level 310 rex which has nine total mutations. I believe it is six on the father's side and three on the mother's side. First, the stats. Stats This works out for me to be the following: Health: 71 Stamina: 60 Oxygen: 19 Food: 25 Weight: 60 Melee: 70 Speed: 5 This doesn't make sense since the parents had 11 points and 14 points in speed and everything added up. Is it somehow possible to lose points in speed? Also, is my understanding that every mutation adds two levels to a stat. With nine total mutations that means 18 levels are mutated. Is this correct? The speed does NOT look right to me, but maybe I calculated the others incorrectly.
  13. The only bug I really want fixed is rafts handling like drift-cars!
  14. Xenithar

    Put a cap on movement speed and health

    Explain how to get 1000 speed and have 80k health on a player.
  15. Xenithar

    I LOVE the TLC update! (#2)

    While I miss my old raptors and now own a bunch of Harpagornis (old argies) I must admit that I love about all of the rest. My raptors are much more fun now and my spino is CRAZY. I find myself on the spino so much more now! I believe the sarco looks a tad too modern, but it looks GOOD, especially with the thing keeping its mouth open at idle, ready to snap at any fool dumb enough to get close to it. Trike features are cool also, as are the parasaur features. I still want my older, good looking rexes back though...