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  1. Wow, nice setup! I cannot remember which company did it, but they put four M.2 NVME drives on a PCI-E card in RAID0. THey were attaining some insane speeds, but at that point I imagine the PCI-E bus and/or the CPU may bottleneck, unless you run a Xeon. Anyway, not trying to derail the thread. I hope the OP can get his situation sorted.
  2. The type of platters matter also. I have four 1TB WD Black drives in a BTRFS RAID10 array on my system for data and normal games. They are quite fast, but these specific models only have a single platter. Drives with multiple platters (most of them) have much higher seek times. Ark lives on my M2 NVME 1TB stick though. No SSD or HDD can touch 3,500MB/s, and there are better M2 drives than mine out there.
  3. The problem is that they did NOT default this to off. Make the property for this new feature private or protected in the parent object. Make it non-inhertiable. Do something or free OrionSun up to patch S+, the most widely used mod in the entire game. Fairly sure I read that OrionSun was working with Wildcard now. That is why he open-sourced S+. Also, some advice. Fix the green ring to show the real range. My S+ trough shows some tiny range which wouldn't feed anything. It actually feeds dinos about three times farther out. The ring doesn't even work and is likely hard-coded to some specific radius.
  4. The latest patch broke mods... OK, patch that just came out (307.56?) has broken all seven of our servers. Apparently the new (we had it since like, 2016?) trough radius feature which supposedly is for Tek troughs puts giant, neon-green rings around all troughs. This includes but is not limited to, all of the S+ mod troughs, all of the fused troughs mod troughs, and others. In other words, every server running ANY trough mod, which worked fine for years, now has massive green rings cutting through terrain, buildings, dinos, etc. No way to disable this new "feature" either. On top of this the patch was released ON THE DAMN WEEKEND. Now we likely have lost a weekend of play due to this untested, buggy pile of crap that is called a patch. Why the HELL would an untested patch be released on a weekend? I expect, no demand, the ability to rollback my client so we can enjoy our game OR a patch to fix this. It shouldn't be hard to write a line of code to keep that new feature in the parent object, assuming you are using C++. Oh, and now we have engrams showing up which we blocked EONS ago. Great. Servers will be offline until patched. Thanks! I am finally pissed with the direction of the development after all of these years!
  5. I can tell you the issue is your hardware. How? I played on an i5-2500 (go on, laugh) with 16GB of DDR4 and two 500GB disks, NOT in RAID. I ran six mods back then. Loaded in about two minutes. If I had just rebooted, maybe five minutes tops. There's no reason you should be having ten minute load times, but my guess is that you have never optimized your system, as most people never have. That means, at a minimum, defragmentation (assuming you are NOT using SSDs). The thing is, you cannot defragment files in use. Same way you cannot change your oil and filter while driving down the highway at 70mph. To actually optimize a mechanical disk and gain a good bit of performance, you need a live CD/DVD to boot from, but I digress. You say eight core AMD, but what model? Ark can only use two cores anyway. What speed RAM? Disconnects are network-related. Hint, don't use WiFi. Sometimes network issues occur OUTSIDE your home and you cannot do anything about it. Unless you are on a LAN tot he server, disconnects may occur. That simple. If you really want to work with what you have then learn how to properly maintain your hardware. Doing a proper offline maintenance, which requires using a live Windows 7 or 10 USB/DVD, can drastically increase your performance. Then go from there.
  6. Odd, our players get those boss dossiers on our servers and nobody has admin access but three of us, so it is more likely an issue on officials, such as configuration or BattlEye interfering. We also do not have the fence support issue on our servers. No issues with meshing players or aimbots either, and we are PvP. I did not know anybody had written an aimbot for Ark and I still do not understand meshing, but OK.
  7. Incorrect. The system is called unofficial. We turned that crap off. IF a player messages an admin and explains what is going on we make sure it is there when he gets back. Simple.
  8. Wood and allos? I believe yet another bug has been introduced along the way. We just discovered that allosaurs no longer seem to be able to damage wood structures. A allied tribe had one of her allos get stuck on an enemy tribes' wooden structure. Her three allos could not damage the wood walls, but she could with her metal tools and sword. I hopped on and took a pair of highly bred allos down and was unable to do damage either. This included whistling "attack target" on the wall and with me on one attacking. Allos used to be able to take on wooden structures and the wiki says they can on two separate pages. What is going on?
  9. Oh great, zombie wyverns also? Will somebody please explain to me how one dino can magically use more resources (CPU/RAM) than another? I call BS on this. As a life-long programmer myself I fail to see how a zomdodo uses any more power than a normal dodo. It's just got a different 3D model, or perhaps it is merely a skin. Either way why the heck would these specific creatures eat any more or less resources than any other dino? Guess I need to inform our SE and Rag players they lost a ton of wyverns now! Servers are down until the remap issue is fixed. *EDIT* How is this a server administration issue? The topic was moved to server admin? So it's my fault my configurations were erased with the release of Genesis? My fault we lost numerous dinos and items? My fault dino remapping is broken? What the actual F? This is NOT an administration issue, the game is broken right now!
  10. Candies are gone too. I have always kept a few from each event dating back over a year or so. Not sure why these were an issue but Jesus, how about options for our servers to not delete this stuff? Our cluster (seven servers) had zero performance issues, candies or not. I still get around 30fps on a freaking RTX 2080 Ti on The Island when I go near a town. Deleting these candies and zomdodos literally did not affect my framerate. Server CPU performance history graphs still line up to within 1% of each other. I lost hundreds of dinos and all my candy for a 1% improvement?
  11. This would be a Steam issue, not Wildcard. Had other games do it in the past. It happens. Removing Ark is not needed. Patience is.
  12. This happened before. Wildcard did something which broke all dino remap mods so mods such as Classic Flyers were broken. In the end Wildcard fixed their end and everything went back to working. It appears that some core changes were made which again broke remap mods and either Wildcard is at fault and needs to fix it, or they have yet to document whatever it is they changed so modders can adapt. From what every modder is saying however, there is an issue on WC's side that they cannot work around. Also, we're taking massively popular mods here which have run fine for years. Things like the actual Structures Plus mod and Classic Flyers. Use at your own risk is not even part of the equation here. Besides, WC gives out the tools to mod specifically so we can create and use mods. It's not like we're hooking processes and loading stuff in like an aimbot would.
  13. Major breakage in the release... OK, Genesis should have been pushed back to March. I have a backup of right before launching after we updated to Genesis, thank God! We lost hundreds of dinos, the server log is being spammed so hard I only have a few hours before it fills the entire RAID array and brings down an actual server, and every setting has been reset despite no new settings which I can find. My settings got reset. Why? It took ages to tweak them. You didn't even warn me or make a backup for me. This is stupid since I see no real changes. No new settings, no nothing. It literally just reset my stuff for giggles. The server erased everybody's zomdodos from the last event. My tribe alone is missing over 100 dinos and since we do not have an accurate count on the zomdodos we have no clue whether or not the dodos are all we lost. Why? Why are our dinos going poof? My server console is being spammed with an "AllActors" line. In an hour or so my drive will be maxed out. What the actual heck? Everything I read states that it is due to dino remap mods. The mod authors are saying something was broken on your side, AGAIN. This happened once before, only without the log spam. So when can we restore our backup and at least get our zomdodos back and use our mods? This is pure crap...
  14. People have already had many chibis at level 6. It isn't hard on some servers. On others it seems to not want to spawn alphas. Guess that part is just luck.
  15. I tested this on several chibi. I can level them just fine using a shotgun. As soon as I kill an alpha using my rexes or something, it loses XP. Something with the distribution of XP while mounted does this reliably.
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