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  1. Caves stopped respawning? Our Island dedicated server has suddenly stopped respawning creatures inside the caves. This has been in the last two months, but there is NOTHING in the caves. Walk in, grab artifact, walk out. I have manually done dino wipes as admin and used the command-line parameter to wipe them. No go in both cases. If it matters or is related, another bug started occurring when we got the winter event patch last year (2019). The drops no longer remove the electrical ball of light at the top once the container hits the ground and becomes usable by players. No idea whether or not it is related, but it was around then that we ran the caves last and they worked. New players are trying now and have zero challenge. Difficulty is at the default of 4 which means max level of 120. What could cause this on a dedicated server? Nothing changed. No mods added. No settings tweaked. It just stopped working after one of these patches.
  2. Deactivating it on our server did not fix it. I own the hardware and the OS and all, so I do not use a front-end. I manually edit configuration files and startup scripts. We enabled raw sockets (that is how Unreal Engine has ALWAYS worked prior to Ark) and pings were cut in half. However, even with the Wildcard method (no raw sockets) it fails to connect. I literally have a Cat6 cable to a switch, then another to the server here, and it times out. Wireshark captures show packets from myself on the LAN and friends from all over going into the server, but nothing happens. It is like the server process is not listening. Wonderful patch!
  3. I updated again. I discovered multiple engrams in Scorched Earth which were NOT inside the "CoreBlueprints/Engrams" folder so I changed the code to examine the entire expansion folders and their sub-folders. I found more engrams this way. Scorched Earth is the worst offender here, but I did find a duplicate glowstick entry in Aberration as well. As always, I updated the source-code in the original post and I uploaded the latest batch file for users to easily download. Enjoy!
  4. EngramEntry_Glowstick duplicte in Aberration... Not sure if this is a bug or working as intended, but there are two "EngramEntry_Glowstick.uasset" files in the Aberration tree. The locations are listed below. ARK/ShooterGame/Content/Aberration/WeaponGlowStickThrow/EngramEntry_GlowStick.uasset ARK/ShooterGame/Content/Aberration/CoreBlueprints/Engrams/EngramEntry_Glowstick.uasset Note that the only difference is that one of these assets has an upper-case S and one has a lower-case S. This would matter in Linux/Unix/BSD/Anything else not Windows, but does it matter in UE4? I discovered this when dumping all files starting with "EngramEntry" in the Aberration folder and sub-folders. I got two for the glowstick. Would this cause problems? Just wanted to bring it to the devs attention in case it is an issue.
  5. I just updated the code and made a major change. The code which recursively searches for engrams is now a function. I did this because I realized that there are currently a total of six locations for stock game engrams. These include the core game, Primitive Plus, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, and Genesis. Oddly enough the Deinonychus saddle is part of the core game blueprints, so Valguero has none that I can find. When you run the batch file with -1 as the parameter it now outputs six files corresponding to the six core locations (expansions, mods, whatever). I updated the code in my original post and uploaded the batch file for easy download and use. Enjoy!
  6. Batch file for discovering engrams... Since I needed this a long time ago when I started using mods and wanted to block things, and when Tek was added to our original maps and I wanted to block it, here is a small batch file I just wrote to discover engrams in any mod which does not use a table or something to hide them. This works with mods like Structures Plus and Classic Flyers without a hitch. It outputs, in alphabetical order, the engrams found in any specified mod to e plain text-file with the mod ID. For exampe, S+ uses 731604991 as the mod ID. If I run the batch file and specify that ID on the command-line I will get a file named "731604991.txt" in the same folder as the batch file which contains every engram for S+ in alphabetical order that you can use in your Game.ini file to block, allow, or modify cost with. I wrote this in a few minutes today because S+ updated and has new items, removed old items, integrated Platforms Plus, and I am going to make a new Game.ini from scratch, blocking the things we do not want on our server, such as no Tek on The Island or The Center. I am releasing it to help other admins who may be new and just want to block, allow, or modify an engrams cost for his or her server and does not know how to dig through the folder structure, which takes hours, to find them. Feel free to ask me any questions here, but I only check the forum every few days so don't take it personally if I cannot respond quickly. @ECHO OFF REM Ark Engrams Discovery Batch File REM By: The Great Sephiroth REM (c) 2020 REM Feel free to distribute or modify this file to suit your needs! REM Common, popular mod IDs REM Eco Trees - 670764308 REM Platforms Plus - 719928795 REM Snappy Saddles - 725398419 REM Structures Plus - 731604991 REM Eco RP Decor - 741203089 REM Eco Garden Decor - 880871931 REM Classic Flyers - 895711211 REM Fused Troughs - 1342152255 REM Additional Lighting - 1380777369 REM Set this to the mod ID you want engrams for SET MODID=731604991 REM Set this to your Ark content folder SET GAME=D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content REM See if a mod ID was specified on the command-line IF "%1"=="" ( IF "%MODID%"=="" ( ECHO No mod ID has been configured and one was not specified on the command-line! EXIT /B 1 ) ECHO No mod ID specified, using the configured mod ID... ) ELSE ( ECHO Using mod ID from the command-line... SET MODID=%1 ) REM Set the full mod path or use core engrams IF "%1"=="-1" ( ECHO Outputting all core game engrams... REM Output the core game engrams SET MODDIR=%GAME%\PrimalEarth\CoreBlueprints\Engrams SET MODID=CoreArk CALL :FUNC_GETENGRAMS REM Output the primitive plus engrams SET MODDIR=%GAME%\Mods\111111111 SET MODID=CorePrimPlus CALL :FUNC_GETENGRAMS REM Output Scorched Earth engrams SET MODDIR=%GAME%\ScorchedEarth SET MODID=CoreScorched CALL :FUNC_GETENGRAMS REM Output Aberration engrams SET MODDIR=%GAME%\Aberration SET MODID=CoreAberration CALL :FUNC_GETENGRAMS REM Output Extinction engrams SET MODDIR=%GAME%\Extinction SET MODID=CoreExtinct CALL :FUNC_GETENGRAMS REM Output Genesis engrams SET MODDIR=%GAME%\Genesis SET MODID=CoreGenesis CALL :FUNC_GETENGRAMS ) ELSE ( ECHO Attempting to get engrams for mod ID %MODID%... REM Attempt to process the specified or configured mod SET MODDIR=%GAME%\Mods\%MODID% CALL :FUNC_GETENGRAMS ) REM Exit the batch file EXIT /B %ERRORLEVEL% REM Function to get all engrams from the configure mod directory :FUNC_GETENGRAMS REM Verify the full path exists IF NOT EXIST %MODDIR% ( ECHO The specified mod directory does not exist! You may not have the mod specified, ECHO or you may not have all of the expansions installed. ECHO The full path is listed below. ECHO. ECHO %MODDIR% EXIT /B 2 ) REM Delete existing output files if they exist IF EXIST %MODID%-temp.txt DEL %MODID%-temp.txt IF EXIST %MODID%.txt DEL %MODID%.txt REM Loop through recursively and store the engram entries FOR /R %MODDIR% %%F IN (EngramEntry*) DO ( ECHO %%~nF_C >> %MODID%-temp.txt ) REM Sort the output alphabetically SORT %MODID%-temp.txt > %MODID%.txt REM Remove the temporary file and return DEL %MODID%-temp.txt EXIT /B 0 I have updated the code to include support for listing all of the core engrams in Primal Earth. To get an alphabetical listing of all built-in engrams simply pass "-1" as the mod ID from the command line. You do this like "Engrams.bat -1" and it will output a file named "CoreEngrams.txt" for you to use. If you wish to block an engram you may use the names in the output files like I do in the line below. The line below blocks preserving salt on my Island and Center servers since you cannot get it there anyway. OverrideNamedEngramEntries0=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_PreservingSalt_C",EngramHidden=true) That's all there is to it! I hope this helps. Again, I uploaded the most recent batch file to this post for users to easily download and use. Engrams.bat
  7. Dude, you're the one behaving poorly. I work in IT also and while I may not have the best people skills on the planet I am not bitter. Your problem is your system. The Unreal Engine has always performed better on Intel and nVidia (and 3dfx back in the day) than it does on AMD. I remember helping a friend get a different UE game working on a recent AMD system a while back. Same issues you describe. I had to install some AMD software which synchronized cores and did some other things, then it ran OK. You may want to look into that. Yes, the college system is a joke. There are kids everywhere now with fancy degrees that don't understand the difference between a port and an IP address. Yes, a higher-up kid fresh out of school at a new job was messing with PAT instead of a static address, but that story is for another day. Point is, college does not always mean you are smarter. To the contrary, I find the more education you get the less you know, but you have some nice paper saying you over-paid to get that paper! Also, somebody like you, insulting a forum moderator and typing like a teeny-bopper clearly isn't college-grade material, or you just made my point about college being useless in a majority of cases. We offered help. If you do not like it there is no need to be rude.
  8. Another bug I just remembered. If you are dragging a fish to feed a stupid otter and release it when not underwater, it will float into the air many feet above you and be useless. What the heck? Not the case. Explain this for me. If what you say is true, why does my original configuration still work? Again, if you back up your config, do an update, start Ark and let it wipe the config, exit Ark, restore the config you backed up prior to the patch, and start Ark again, everything is fine. So what you say is VERY wrong. If what you say is correct, then my old config would cause massive problems. It does not. To prove this, I extracted my GameUserSettings.ini from a 2017 backup. I copied over my current one. I started Ark. Everything is fine. So your statement is false.
  9. So disable them on builds for systems which suck and are dated, not on systems with thousands of dollars of hardware in them. I don't like being punished because some kid bought a $300 Walmart special laptop and cannot play.
  10. Actually the command-line switches are still in the executable. Disassemble it and see. So again, if the commands are there, what is going on? Also, they did not remove things to "save space" on a game which is over 200GB. That's like throwing a box of tissue paper out of your pickup to "save weight". They removed the creatures claiming that the event creatures and candies were consuming massive resources. The thing is, before and after we noticed a 1% difference in CPU usage. My guess is that running Ark on the official servers using a damn Pentium 2 is likely the cause, and removing a dino is a band-aid. Upgrading to a modern Xeon or Threadripper would probably have fixed their issue.
  11. What is up with patches? What is going on with patches recently? They claim to fix issues my tribe (and allied tribes) have never experienced while introducing many new bugs, wiping configs without warning, and removing all kinds of stuff from The Island. Since December (or close to it) I have noticed these bugs crop up. When naming a dino you now need to click in the textbox before you type. You can now press enter to accept the name. Prior to this when the name dino dialog popped up you could start tying, but had to click the accept button and enter did nothing. Prior to the tek UI, the old stone UI worked properly. Dialog popped up, you could type a name and press enter and all was good. It keeps getting worse! This is just plain annoying, though not game-breaking. At least two configuration file wipes which are actually pointless. Genesis did one and we got one this morning. Both times I had a backup of my configuration files and both times copying them back restored my settings. This makes wiping them in the first place pointless, because you're only affecting kids who know nothing of backups. If you are doing this to combat users who have modified configs in a way to remove trees, rocks, and other mess then it isn't going to work if they merely need to restore a backup. Instead, don't wipe our damn volume levels and graphics settings! Wipe all custom macros and simply check upon startup that variables are within the specified ranges of the sliders and if not, set to the default value. That instantly kills this type of crap and it is cake to do. For example, after reading the INI in, simply parse the values. Take master volume as the example. If it is below 0.0f or above 1.0f, reset it to some sane default. if((iMasterVol < 0.0f) || (iMasterVol > 1.0f)) { this->iMasterVol = 1.0f; } The Island looks barren as hell. It isn't just the terrain textures being messed up, it is like the foliage has been removed. Lots of places where there used to be grass (the 3D grass) there is no longer anything. It is like no testing was done and now we're on a 2015 or 2016 version of the map, only with the snow biome and redwood biome. How did this happen? You implemented a "feature" which is broken by design. The tek troughs are supposed to show a radius of where they feed. The issue is that this "feature" does not store its setting according to your own patch notes. So if a user turns the ridiculous green ring of blindness off, leaves render distance and returns, the rings are back! Not only that, but now all troughs (built-in and mod) have these damn things on them. They blind players at night, make it hard to see around your base during the day, and there are currently no plans to fix it? Really? Why release this prior to it working right? At least get the damn thing to store the setting so we're not constantly blinded when entering our bases! I bet this makes finding enemy bases a BREEZE on PvP official... Are we EVER going to get a fix for the equus riding bug? It affects unicorns also. 99% of the time when a player rides into render on an equus or unicorn, the models spawn and then the player model sits in place, floating in the air and not animating while the horse models ride up. It looks like tamed horses riding around with nobody on them. Really bad that this has existed for so long. Since the Christmas event we have noticed that, at least on The Island, when a supply drop descends and becomes usable, the ball of electrical light at the top does not disappear! So every drop on the map has that ball of light with the bolts of electricity up there until the drop disappears or is looted. Another drop bug introduced at Christmas also deals with drops. If a drop has two items in it and I transfer ONE item to my inventory, the drop disappears, making it impossible for my friend to loot the other item. What the actual heck? Why does this still exist four months later? If there are four items and I loot two, it poofs. The only way to get what you want and leave anything behind is to loot EVERYTHING with the transfer all button, then drop what you do not want. Why? There are probably more, but these are the most annoying bugs to me right now. I seriously feel like Wildcard is not paying attention to what they are doing. Very aggravated this morning with the wiped config. I did simply restore my backup but why wipe it in the first place?
  12. That doesn't make sense. If an admin can run any event at any time with a parameter, the event should work. What good is giving us a light switch if the power is not turned on to the house?
  13. On these very forums. In the patch notes section.
  14. This is a load of horse-crap. Resetting the settings does NOTHING except piss players off. Here is how I never lose my settings through these random, useless resets. Copy "ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini" to your desktop, documents, or wherever Update Ark and start the game If the settings have been reset, exit the game, otherwise go play Once Ark has exited, copy the file back and overwrite the new one Start Ark and your settings are restored, thus making this reset utterly useless Seriously, I want an explanation as to why the hell this is being done. If it is to combat people using jacked-up configuration files or something, don't you think that somebody intelligent enough to hack up a config to remove trees and crap also has a backup? Come on now.
  15. OK, if the data type (unsigned char or byte) is the issue, why can it be levelled at 254 73 more times? That equals 327. You see there are two separate unsigned bytes here. One is the core and it isn't "capped" at 255, it simply does not hold enough bits to go beyond that. So on the left of your screen you have the core stat at 254. On the right side you have 73 levels and assume I put them all into melee. This combines into another variable elsewhere in the engine (likely a short or int) which gives us the 327. The point is, since the two are entirely separate, why prevent levelling at 255 as opposed to 254. Either way 254 plus 73 goes well beyond the capacity of an unsigned byte, but so does 255 plus 73. Clearly a short (-32768 to 32767) or some kind of integer is being used for the combined calculation, so preventing the use of your 73 levels on a maxed out stat is completely useless and is junk code. In other words, somebody felt the need to prevent a user from levelling his or her dino if said user did a good enough job to mutate a stat to 255. 254? Oh, that is fine! But not 255. As such, I want to know what variable-type maxes out at 327 and cannot go to 328. I have been programming since 1986 and have yet to find this elusive variable-type. I am not chewing anybody here out, but I am going to file a bug report and include a logical explanation as to why this is just plain stupid.
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