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    First rule of Ark : Play the game Second rule of Ark : Whine on the forums/reddit about everything, threathening to quit Third rule of Ark : Keep playing regardless.
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    We are all trying to refund a product we bought from you - and at this point your biggest concern is a rumour and clickbaity videos? Honestly.
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    Ark no1... don't give up looking for storage with no pins on it, there will be some somewhere... my last being full of narcotics i had to make 2 trips 😂 Ark 2... kite a titan into all them bases and take all, yellow purple but bin the green Ark 3... we only need flyers and know where the 150s are 😉 Ark 4... put trackers on your dinos but fk it coz we don't care lol... And finally best tip ever,,, don't think that because some guy has put posts everywhere you can't build. There will be some wee spot you can get a foundation down then when you do. Build the freaking leaning tower plaza, you get extra spaces the higher you go as it moves away from his foundations 😁😂😅
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    Cave Lion: Male and Female are visually different (like modern lion). It has the size of a bear/thylacoleo, maybe bigger. The Cave Lion live in mountains and cold area. It sleeps most of the time. It wakes up when attacked or when a creatures start running or making noise (roar, shot) close to him. It's a fast and very powerful predator but with low stamina. WILD: The Cave Lion is a rare creature of the cold area. You find it sleeping most of the time so it's not a treat, but be careful... when it wakes up you will hear his powerful roar. Only a few survivors have survived the fast and powerful attack that follow this roar... It goes back to sleep when the noise source has been killed. TAMED: You can ride it and it's a powerful mount but his very low stamina makes it a bad choice for traveling and hunting. But tribes use it as a watchdog, sleeping near bases entrances and waking up to kill every noisy intruder.
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    Take your newest tribe member, douse him in blood and dodo feathers, and drop him on any mountain. He needs to strutt around, yelling " Giga Giga Giga" After a few hours pass, a Giga will appear.
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    This is all on Wildcard as other people have commented, I honestly cannot see how anyone can blame Microsoft. I've never known a company to struggle so much with passing certification, I didn't even know of certification until I started playing Ark and hearing about it each time something was delayed. Fair play to Nitrado for the free days, despite them not being at fault in the slightest.
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    To be honest and with respect, you guys are not listening again. nothing new there! Perhaps you need to look at WHY they are asking for refunds? I will NOT personally be spending any more money on this game or expansions. you make promises and don’t deliver, you come up with 1/2 hearted fixes instead of fixing route problems, and despite claims to the otherwise you clearly DONT listen to what your player base Is trying to tell you. there have been some good ideas you should at least be listening and even acknowledging but as usual, it’s heads in the sand. The whole servers full/at Dino tame cap is nothing new.
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    You are missing the point. It not about the how, but the why. Wildcard should, what this thread is concerned, address WHY people want refunds and WHY people think the next DLC might not arrive. Not the fluff surrounding it. I do believe believe that the 3rd DLC will arrive as promised. However, you cant blame some people for thinking otherwise. Stuff has been canned before without proper comms from the Devs unless it was asked in a digest. Why do players have to nag for info instead of proper communication from Wildcard? Dx12, on ground meshes, bridges, primal survival, SOTF are all examples of this. What ever happend to boss wars? Back to this thread. People want refunds as they feel conned. Rightly so. We had the countdown website that created massive hype, when the timer ran out people were told to wait a month, everyone waited a month after bying the pass, then a week before the month was over, players saw ingame text 'about something very special'. This created even more hype. The stream came, just for them to say 'delayed for some weeks'. Primal Survival was also delayed, delayed some more and then pretty much put on hold indefinitely.
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    So here's my final dossier idea, I really hope the Devs still read this thread to see all these great ideas coming out of the community lately. Acrocanthosaurus: The third of the apex predator triumvirate, highly aggressive, found in lightly forested areas. Moderately rare While lacking the brutishness of the Tyrannosaurus and the reach of the Spinosaurus, the Acrocanthosaurus makes up for it with incredible strength and stamina. The Acro's unique spine affords it massive muscles going the length of its body allowing it an unparalleled grip on prey as well as an astoundingly fast attack. Though it has slim jaws for low damage the sheer ferocity of the bite speed for follow up hits more than make up for it. The tall neural spines also allows for a near limitless sprint that, though barely faster than a Rex, can eventually overtake any prey hoping to escape. The Acrocanthosaurus has one more ability that truly gives it an ace over many of the Ark's other giant creatures, and that is it has learned to put its massive strength to use for strangulation against those titanic foes. The Acro will not be capable of taking the beating a Rex can nor be as versatile as Spino, falling more towards the dps role. It will be a serious contender in pvp or against very strong large creatures given its abilities. It has a speed at about Carno level, but near limitless stamina. Alt-fire only works against creatures of 350 drag weight or above(no effect on bosses) and it will commence a powerful stranglehold that blackens the screen and causes massive damage. It does not inflict torpor only visibility loss and rapid damage. It's intended to be a titan killer, but it will require clever tactics and a smart rider since it can't duke it out for long against strong opponents.
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    Campfires are too big and provide the same effect as standing torches, so you can fit more standing torches in the same area used by campfires. Wyvern eggs require a lot of heat, so use somewhere between 15-25 standing torches (in a circle) depending on your region and temperature. The nice thing about using standing torches for incubating wyvern eggs, is that wyvern eggs have a very high heat threshold, so you can safely light about 5 more torches than necessary to get the incubation started. In fact, it is better to do so, to compensate for any drop in your regions temperature. Also, if you use thatch for torch fuel, you can add just enough thatch to each torch to have them stay lit for just under the amount of time needed to fully incubate the egg (if your plan is to only pre-incubate the egg that is). 180 thatch per torch will hatch the egg, so use 170-175 thatch, that way the torches will go out just before the egg hatches, and you don't need worry so much about grabbing the egg in time before it pops.
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    Abberation coming: Definitely Maybe Probably Eventually
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    One of the main reasons they were introduced into the game is specifically to target rafts/boats. The speed boat can out run them. Also, punctuation is your friend.
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    On our server at least EU 63 RAG lag, dc’ng and crashes, or dashboarding, have become out of control. I fell bad now for complaining for so long when we would disconnect a few times a week back in the day, but with every new update this problem gets much worse. On our server now disconnecting 20 + Times a day is the norm for most and some even upwards of 50+ times a day. This is disconnecting, or crashing and being sent to main Xbox screen. Also lag is well lol, I hate to even complain about as so many do but really it’s absolutly crazy. And it seems like certain areas of the map are triggers or hotspots that are guaranteed to crash your game. As we have been hoping for sometime maybe this will get better instead of becoming increasingly worse as generally the only time most die or lose gear is because of this issue.
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    The title is such because I have a few ideas that could solve a few problems with the game! Starting with the massive pillaring issue! Took awhile and a lot of discussion with different people, but it appears the best way to resolve this problem would be to create a dynamic system that uses flags to claim land! How this works: Each account(not just the current survivor) has a maximum amount of land claiming flags that they may use. This way, land claiming with a group of people, a tribe, is still beneficial because they could hold more space, while still not hogging the entire map and would need to plan accordingly. There should be 2 tiers of these flags, the first tier being wood, thatch and hide. The tier 1 flag should be already known by every player like the Note engram and this tier 1 flag should be of wood tier, but contain a lot of health as to give some protection from accidents. The tier 2 flag should be made of metal as to stop the majority of griefing dinos from destroying these flags. Note: both flags should have the same exact no-build radius and the wood should be replaceable by a metal flag without demolishing(like replacing a thatch foundation with wood). Once a flag is placed, it will function as a pillar does currently! The twist to this system is that you ARE ALLOWED to build outside of this land claim flag's radius, but the structure is subject to a quicker demolish timer as well as, any other player can build right next to it as if it were an alliance structure. (This prevents pillar wars, allows players to build community areas next to eachother, and creates a plan before you build dynamic within tribes).Edit: The land claim flags should also have a toggle-able option to allow player to build within the radius of the flag, thus allowing another player to place a temporary sleeping bag in your area(if they placed a pillar to grief you, it wouldn't work due to the flag being the new blocker instead of foundations and pillars). Next, solving the dinosaur taming cap crisis! "The Bosses!" The answer is right in front of you guys and it can knock out two birds with one stone! The problem: Ark the game scales pretty smoothly through the tiers, from starting out, to wood weapons, to metal tools, to finally dominating the resources with dinos! And once the resources are dominated, you are ready to take on the caves! You do the caves, dying here and there to accidents and misjudgment(and sometimes lag[which this addresses]). After the caves, you are ready for something a little more challenging, and this is where the bosses should come in, but alas you cannot do the bosses. The bosses are a massive jump in difficulty when coming from caving for the requirements to do said boss fights, you are going from gunning in caves with a buddy (and sometimes the assistance of a small dinosaur like the saber or dire wolf) to suddenly needing 20 level 200+ rexs to even remotely stand a chance.There is no strategic element to the boss fights whatsoever, just the occasional gimmicky way to beat the bosses which you the developers immediately patch out. The boss fights should be something strategized for and have more interaction with the player, rather than the player sit there and whistle to "Attack my target". The Solution: One Dinosaur per person! This solves two major issues with the game, if the boss fights limit each player to a single dinosaur, they will need to choose wisely to what they should bring gear wise and choose the Dinosaur MOST appropriate for the fight, some examples being(Megatherium for Brood Mother, Wooly dino for the Yeti, and a Wyvern for the Manticore). Currently every single boss fight relies on brute force... add some mechanics, make it fun to do not just a requirement for engrams and element. Finally, here is the kicker for this idea!! Server Tame Caps will be less problematic if every tribe that wants to boss does not need 40-60 rexs on standby. These tribes take 20 rexs into a boss fight in order to win, BUT if they lose, they now need to replace those 20 if they want to continue farming element to power their machines! These tribes often time have more the 40 backup rexs. Diffuse the issue, make the boss fights only allow One dino per player.(For those wondering about bringing more players to a boss fight, the more people you bring the more difficult the fight should be, with higher element payout, so everyone gets their fair amount). The final problem I will aid with in this post is the least problematic, but has potential to be something amazing in ark, Breeding. The Problem: People are living organisms that need sleep! But also have a desire for perfection! I think you know I am talking about the imprinting system by now! The Solution: We love you guys for giving us the tek trough, but that only remedies feeding time. The original solution to this which has been come up with by most, is that imprinting should be a tribe deal, because it takes a village to raise a child right? Well I have another solution you might like that goes in a different direction and people will love it! The recent changes to crafting skill turned it from the least used skill to one of the most desired skills, lets add another skill that gets players thinking about what their role in a tribe really should be, The Dinosaur Husbandry skill can be a skill that you can put points into instead of food or water. What this does is increase the amount of imprint % that you get per imprint on the growing dinosaur which would allow the player to get ahead enough on imprints that they may sleep through the night knowing they can still reach 100% imprinting! As a side feature of this, a high Dinosaur Husbandry skill could also increase the chances of mutations in the hatched/birthed dinosaurs, granted the player with the skill is the one that bred the parents together or dropped the egg, or was simply in the vicinity while the dinosaur is hatched/birthed. Bonus Suggestion: A personal thing I would love see implemented into ark would be offline trading stalls where the player may fill the box with the stock of the item they are selling, and list what they want in return for the item. The buyer player would access the box put in the sellers requested items and hit a trade button, in which the trade would be completed if the proper requirements are fulfilled. This would also work very well in conjunction with the land claim flags system I mentioned above because players could build trade stalls all near eachother like a marketplace!
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    Exactly. All the big internet tuff guys complain that we complain or want to quit and that its worth the wait. None of them understand there is an underlying principle. As much as we like the game and know its worth the wait, some people feel they dont want to be involved with something with so many lies and so much disrespect to the players. The only reason i am willing to stick around for one last attempt is because i know once we get the servers we wont have to deal with wildcard as much. It will be our own server. With that said, if they dont arrive the first week in Nov, i may take my losses and move on.
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    well, it works. Not sure what your problem was: Note, the one that worked is "Spawndino" command as it accesses dino blueprint directly. The only downside is that you have to explicitly specify their level.
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    Ark no.5 - Dont name your pets, they will die, infact dont get attached to anything, chances are you will lose it
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    Yes standing torches work better but will still need atleast 12 of them for a wyvern and watch out after the baby is born...they can die if they glitch over the flames of campfires or torches....happened to me once.
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    There would still be lag/constant rubber banding to complain about 😆
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    What this tells me is that WC wasn't diligent enough in their testing. Microsoft found the bug probably because of more strenuous testing. If we look back at the performance of Ark and all the bugs that we have encountered and dealt with over the past couple of years, it is pretty easy to see that WC does not have a very good cert process. Don't get me wrong, I am not out to bash these guys. I love this game and that is a large part of my frustration. A game I love to play hardly ever works right for me.
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    Lol just like we heard for years “ark is just a pre release it isn’t finished yet”. And Then they realease a half finished map hahah. Sorry those excuses don’t fly anymore with us. Fix your game then when it’s ready for Release release it and take responsibility for it. Otherwise they can say forever oh sorry it’s not finished yet, you all should expect problems. Nope this is a full release of an unfished broke product plain and simple no excuses.
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    I can understand your hesitation, but even though the map is incomplete, it allows access to far more biomes than any other map and it's a very enjoyable experience! I highly recommend that you check it out!
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    Two words. Murder. Sloth. Awesome harvesting. Kick ass fighter. When you level them, they hold there claws up to god, as if to say... "Bring it!".
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    I just posted this in the Lagnarok forums: All Xbox Lagnarok servers are super super laggy atm. Unplayable for some people. Its just constant lag and disconnects. Whole server has crashed about 7-8 times in the last few hours, lost babies, not happy. Bred my Mammoths (takes 8 hours) and set an alarm for 7 and a half hours only to get on and find there is still 2 and a half hours to go rather than 30 mins THATS how much its lagging. Its not just me but everyone on our server which is official pvp new servers and others I have spoken to from other Lagnarok servers. Our Island server is no where near this bad but you are kind of forced to play on scorched as it has all the scorched stuff as well as the only place you can get Ice Wyverns and Griffins. Great map but im sorry to say this is completely unacceptable and something needs to be done asap and in reality should not have been released the way it is now. This is the worst the game has ever lagged since release and even worse than when I used to play online game on a 56k modem.
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    Consolidating all my posts in this thread, with a couple new ones: Rattus caniniformus "Wolf Rats" Wild: The ever adaptable common rat has always faired well in harsh environments, and this truly shines through in Aberration. Lacking larger competition, they evolved into cunning, ferocious, and alarmingly agile predators, utilizing their powerful jaws to swiftly bring down their prey. Tamed: When tamed, these slinking monsters are excellent companions. Their powerful incisors bypass most armors, and while it rapidly tires them to do so they are capable of climbing most walls. Agile, fast, and ferocious fighters, few animals to strike with the shocking swiftness of the wolf rats. However, their comparatively frail build leaves them considerably more delicate than their surface world analogues. The wolf rats would be a new, small rideable predator in the caverns. They would be acquired at roughly the same point as a raptor, however their climbing ability allows them to prove somewhat more useful in the more vertically oriented world. However, unlike other climbers, it rapidly exhausts their stamina. Their bites ignore most armor, and their attack speed is extremely fast. They have poor carry weight, and fairly low health. They're fast, they're scrappy, and they can breed like, well, rats. ------------------------------------------ Gigantophis garstini "Mega Pythons" Wild: Far more conventional serpents than the unusual Titanoboa of other regions, Gigantophis is very similar to modern pythons albeit on a massive scale. Gigantophis is fairly slow, yet relentless and incredibly physically powerful, easily crushing most available prey. Tamed: Lacking the poison immunity of Titanoboa, Gigantophis can be tamed more conventionally. When tamed, it can restrain many animals within it's incredibly powerful coils. While physically far stronger than it's cousin, it's sluggishness limits it's utility. The Gigantophis can function as a sort of living chain bola on larger animals while functioning more similarly to the Tuso on smaller ones. It is immensely physically powerful, but is unrideable and extremely slow. ---------------------------------------- Inostrancevia alexandri "Gorgons" Wild: One of the apex predators of the underground, their resiliency during the end of the Permian has well adapted them to this new hardship. Nearly identical to their fossil counterparts, Gorgons are short tempered, fast, and incredibly powerful. Solitary animals, they subdue their prey by brutally charging into them. Tamed: Gorgons gain a buff when in solitude, unlike most other animals. While they are somewhat cumbersome animals, a lone gorgon in full charge is an extremely formidable animal. As stated, Gorgons solitary nature gives them a buff only when alone (not counting their rider), and they are the only gendered animals to lack a mate boost. Instead, they get the "Loner" status when sufficiently seperated from other tames. "Loner" provides an incredible buff nearly entirely across the board at the expense of requiring you to go into combat without support. The Gorgon is capable of tackling into prey and pinning it once it has a full charge meter, similarly to the Thyla yet including larger animals like Stegos. ---------------------------------------------- Blattella gigax "Giant Roaches" Wild: Cockroaches the size of a cow, these animals are actually remarkably docile and flee from predators when given the chance. Immune to radiation, poison, fire, electricity, etc, these insects are totally immune to any debilitating status effects and are capable of climbing most walls, eating anything remotely edible, and even flight. Extremely slow, poorly coordinated flight, but just enough for these giants to escape more earthbound dangers. Tamed: Their resiliency, comparative agility, and respectable weight capacity makes them extremely useful in any early to mid game caravan or small exploration party. However, their incredibly weak attacks necessitates an escort to ensure truly safe passage. The game definitely needs roaches in some capacity, and this map is perfect for such a notoriously radiation resistant animal. When I say that it is capable of flight, I do want to emphasize that compared to the roaches, the Lymantria is a fighter jet. ----------------------------------- Chlamydosaurus velodromeus "Frillies" Wild: These extremely skittish massive lizards are one of the fastest ways to travel through these regions. Swift, powerful runners and jumpers easily capable of carrying a rider and three passengers, they are physically resilient but combatively nearly useless. However, utilizing their frill in combination with an ear splitting shriek, they can frighten off most threats. Tamed: An excellent means for a crew of people to traverse this environment in relative safety and speed, or for a single rider to take advantage of it's respectable carrying capacity. It possesses the same intimidation ability as the Yuti, however it lacks the complimentary buff roar and is also drastically less capable in a physical conflict, relying far more on bark than bite. I thought it would be really interesting to give another animal the intimidation ability, but to be far more reliant on it. Frillies can be used in PvP but in a far more support oriented role. Their multi person saddle with a well equipped crew can make them quite dangerous, but the animal itself has very low damage despite being roughly the size of a Carno. -------------------------------- Dsungaripterus necrovorax Moderately fast on the ground and in the air, Dsungaripterus is a surly scavenger common to the grasslands and rocky regions. Capable of either galloping away into the underbrush or flying onto higher terrain, Dsungas are able to avoid most larger predators to gain access to fresh kills. Though they are able to fly, they do not excel at it and primarily utilize flight only in a dire emergency as it rapidly drains their stamina. When confronted by smaller rivals a Dsunga is capable of defending itself with alarmingly strong jaws and is also capable of vomiting its rancid stomach contents to blind attackers. The idea here is to introduce a lower tier flier at the Pteranodon's current level, and bump the Ptera up to level 40 or 45. The Dsunga is more capable of defending itself on the ground, serves as an introduction to flight, while also being one of the very small number of ranged creatures. In terms of health, melee, and weight it would be roughly comparable to a Raptor, with much lower ground speed and more diverse utility. ---------------------------------------------------- Ornithocheirus venatorus An extremely fast, extremely aggressive flying carnivore that, while significantly smaller that the gentle Quetzalcoatlus, frequently preys upon them. Ornithocheirus's razor sharp teeth and shocking speed make it a devastating aerial hunter, though its lower health compared to bulkier, terrestrial carnivores tends to limit its interactions with them to a mutual avoidance. The Ornithocheirus's slender hindlimbs and delicate feet prevent it from carrying other animals, and its specialization for speed comes at the cost of its carry capacity. This would come alongside an alteration to the Quetz, emphasizing its utility as a support creature. Nerfing the Quetzal's melee and health would limit its usage as a war bird, while keeping or upping the weight, allowing players to pump movement speed, and carrying larger animals would still allow it to remain incredibly *useful*. The Ornithocheirus would take over as a more specialized type of war bird, doing much more damage per attack but also being significantly more delicate. Wild Ornithocheirus would also make the skies far more dangerous, and prevent fliers from being the 100% safe route that they've always been to this point. In addition, this would replace the Quetzal's place at level 60, bumping the basic Quetzal saddle to 65 or 70. --------------------------------- Ceratosaurus pugnax One part honey badger, one part kingsnake Wild: Neither common nor particularly rare, the Ceratosaurus is a savagely specialized inhabitant of the swamps and redwoods. While significantly smaller than many of the other carnivores, the Ceratosaur's comparatively robust build, thick hide, and massive dentition allow it to prey nearly exclusively on its rival predators. The Ceratosaur's nearly saber-length teeth enable it to inflict devastating injuries for its size, while it's own, armored back makes it alarmingly resilient. Similar to the Giganotosaurus, the Ceratosaur will also become enraged if seriously injured, or suitably provoked. However, it shows little reaction to smaller animals or herbivores beyond a moderate sense of territoriality. Domesticated: As a mount, the Ceratosaur's comparatively low stamina, sluggish speed, and mediocre weight capacity make it of little use outside of combat. However, as a combative mount the Ceratosaur's ferocity allows it to slug it out with many tribes more common war beasts, easily capable to fit well above it's weight class. It should be noted however that the Ceratosaur's long teeth are too fragile to damage most structures, and it gains no advantages fighting creatures outside of its distinctive specialty. There are rumors that some tribes have controlled the Ceratosaur's rage into a kamikaze-style berserker frenzy. ------------- The idea here is that, by default, the Ceratosaur would have a slight damage multiplier against other large carnivores (say, Megalosaur and up) which could be improved selectively per level up similarly to the Moschop's harvesting ability. Also, Ceratosaurus is a classic, visually distinctive dinosaur that I can definitely imagine angrily sulking around Ark's maps ;). ------------------------- Dinopithecus saboteurus Wild: Wild Dinopithecus live as fairly ordinary baboons, if larger than their modern relatives. They primarily keep themselves safe from the more dangerous predators of the island by living in large, watchful social groups, either retreating to the trees or mounting a more violent defense depending on the threat. Highly loyal to each other, attacking any one member will bring the entire troop to the individual's aid. Attacking them is strongly not recommended, though fortunately they usually keep to themselves. Domesticated: Not terribly strong, poor gatherers, and a limited carrying capacity all seem like damning traits for the Dinopithecus, if it weren't for their unique ability. With their remarkable climbing skills, they are capable of clinging to the saddles of a rival and tearing it to shreds with their massive canine teeth. They do not attack the rider or the mount directly, and do poorly in direct combat, but a troop of Dinopithecus on your side can very easily turn the tide of a battle by destroying the opponent's saddles right from under them. --------------------------------------- Ophiophagus imperator (Snake Eating Emperor or Imperial Cobra) Wild: An incredibly rare apex predator, the Imperial Cobra is primarily limited range due to its extremely specific wild diet: Titanoboas. A strict ophidiophage, the Imperial Cobra is actually less aggressive to humans than its smaller relative/food source, however when provoked it proves to be a far deadlier opponent. Unlike the Titanoboa's torpor inducing venom, that of the Imperial Cobra is incredibly lethal to even the largest animals, rapidly inflicting crippling tissue damage unless countered with a difficult to produce antivenin. Their distinctive coloration and territorial display intimidates most potential threats, and if that doesn't, their venom does. When approached, they will rear up, display their hood, and hiss, which will inflict a similar fear effect to the Yutyrannus. When actually attacked, they strike. Taming: As the Troodon, however you must sacrifice only Titanoboas. Higher level ones yield higher effectiveness. Due to the potency of the venom, taming them is deliberately tougher. While they can be picked up by a Quetz, they can also *bite* your Quetz. Come prepared. Similar to the Megatherium, Imperial Cobra's get a buff from killing Titanoboas or other cobras called "Snake King", where their melee is dramatically buffed. As a tame, they can be ridden and have pretty good melee damage in addition to their venom, but suffer from poor stats nearly everywhere else. They have much lower health than other end game tames, poor weight, and are pretty slow. They have a sprint, but it consumes stamina very quickly. All that said, their venom makes them *extremely* dangerous when they are able to enter battle, but they must be used strategically. --------------------------------------- Palaeophis narcodontos (Torpor inducing Sea Serpent) Wild: A fairly docile snake species, Palaeophis is roughly the same length as a Plesiosaur, though with obviously a far more slender build. Palaeophis is closely related to the terrestrial Titanoboa and must also be tamed with fertilized eggs, however it can be done as a more standard passive tame. Palaeophis only attacks when directly provoked, but when it does so it's venom inflicts a devastating amount of torpor, though comparatively little damage. Like the Basilosaur, it's a shallow water animal and takes damage in the deeper parts of the ocean. Tamed: When ridden, the Palaeophis is the hands down best animal to use as a taming aid. Inflicting tremendous amounts of torpor, nearly all knock out tames go down fast with this animal's physically weak bite and potent venom. While fast in a sprint, the sea serpent's stamina drains rapidly, and it's far more frail than other oceanic predators. In a direct fight, Palaeophis dies quickly. Hit and run tactics are the modus operandi for utilizing Palaeophis successfully.
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