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  1. No chance of it before late Nov. When they give a date, the last possible part of it is your only chance but most likely it will be here Dec/Jan
  2. They sort of did that with scorched earth. they didnt release much info and then just dropped the dcl on us. and it was proboably the only thing they have done the right way so far.
  3. on pc and ps4 yes. Not on xbox, this is what everyone is mad about. Well you could host a dedicated server but you need 2 xboxs they run like crap and crash and rollback 24/7. And if you have 10+ players or if a single person tames a bronto its unplayable. And yes official servers are full of mega tribes, trolls, and alpha tribes who are dictators. This is why rented servers are wanted so bad
  4. They tried to hide it but knew they had to say something. They made a little update in a spot where barely anyone would check. I also found out from nitrado and also found the paragraph about it in that article FROM NITRADO. There was no reason not a single employee could send out a tweet. Its disgusting.
  5. Exactly. I stopped playing months ago until the xbox rented ones are here. But as i saw in another thread, if they dont get here soon before the other major games get released (new COD, PUBG, etc..) wildcard will lose tons of players.
  6. Are you referring to the official servers or the Rented ones?
  7. It has nothing to do with 12 year olds whining over an ETA. It has to do with they missed pretty much EVERY date they ever set (including the release for the game itself) and wait till last minute to throw in a little paragraph where not many people read. Didnt even take to twitter when they know lots of people prepared for the 25th.
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