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  1. Honestly I'll be impressed if they make tge Nov. 13th date. This is Wildcard after all. It's a miracle they met their PC launch date. While I feel for those that took vacation time for this launch, you should have known better. Ragnarok, leaving early access, Aberration, they missed everyone of them. Did you really expect anything less from them?
  2. will the bug fix address the issue where aberration single player/hosted will not load?
  3. I think everyone is willing to wait for a quality product to be released HOWEVER what we are sick of enduring is the repeatedly missed dates. You have missed every release date you have set for yourselves since July of this year. You even gave a very ambiguous 31 day windows saying Abberration would come out in October. Now you're saying yet this year? Who on your staff is coming up with your release timeframes and why haven't they been fired yet for being consistently off by 2-3 months!? please, please please stop setting unrealistic timetables all you do is piss off your fan base when you fail to meet the dates you give us.
  4. Is anyone actually surprised by this announcement? Once upon a time WC could use the excuse "we're new to this, and we're trying to work things out" But they're over 2 years into this now and still haven't figured out how to meet a schedule. Maybe they were too ambitious with their timetable or maybe they're just extremely sloppy. Either way the last two months have been delay after delay, apology after apology. After the last announcement of Ragnarok I posted that I had no faith they'd actually release it August 8th because they had already ruined their credibility. Low and behold not only are they pushing out Ragnarok they're pushing out the basic game itself. Their excuse for delaying Ragnarok was so they could get he basic game out on time. Their excuse this time? "It took longer than expected." Where do you come up with your expectations? Who is setting your timetables? Why should we your customers and consumers believe anything you post? You've squandered all the patience amd trust we gave you, but given that you already got our money I guess that doesn't matter much.
  5. Sorry, you've squandered alot of credibility lately. I'll believe Ragnarok getting released August 8th when I see it August 8th. You have proven that timeframes mean nothing. You couldn't deliver when you scheduled a month out after E3. I'm sure you'll have another excuse come August 8th why you can't release Ragnarok and feel very sorry about it.
  6. I've been skimming through this thread looking at CM responses. Plenty of helpful responses but I still haven't seen very big question answered. Will servers be reset at launch or do we get to keep our bases/dinos? Been at it for over a year and it would suck to see it all for naught. If we keep them then it's full steam ahead but if you're just going to wipe everything in August it'll be hard to justify playing until then.
  7. love this game but can't help but laugh at the situations WC gets itself into. Now you've created drama over sheep of all things. Seriously quid pro quo for sheep? Gotta put more thought into how you present things.
  8. I love ark and look forward to buying the new DLC AFTER you have at least set an official release date for the game. It does look very impressive and I will enjoy it eventually. However if your true intention was to test the gateway system there were alternative means. Youalready have a second map and you released primitive plus, couldn't you have implemented those in a way that would utilize the gateway system? Releasing paid content before final release is at best ill thought out and at worst a money grab. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt for now and assuming you simply didn't think about how it could be construed. The delay of other promised content (Xbox) and the crippling errors that came with the patch released the day of this announcement didn't help your cause or the appearance of impropriety. Please be more thoughtful in your releases. We're all excited for new content but a little more diligence would go a very long way.
  9. as impressive as the dlc looks I will not buy it until the full release. I think this was poorly thought out, spending extra time developing and releasing paid content when you still don't have the base content working properly. The Xbox patch that you released at the same time came with a fatal flaw that could have easily been caught and thanks to the holiday weekend probably wont be fixed until next week. Again nice content idea but poorly thought out release.
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