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  1. This has been an ongoing issue for many for years now, I doubt seriously all of a sudden wildcard is actually going to care. I lost Half of my tribe on our island server because of this issue, everyone was fine and then one day half my team could no longer access the server that was 7 months ago and still they are unable to get in, many tickets later zero answer from wildcard. For those that are having this issue your best bet is to find a new game wildcard will always blame someone else before fixing their issues.
  2. It’s great and all that you are excited about aberration but do you have any plans at all to actually finish Ragnarok or are you abandoning it completely ? I mean the map was never finished it was full of bugs and glaring issues that were never addressed, and now most of the servers are capped. Pretty apparent wildcard could care less but yet so many are foolish enough to actually give them money for aberration.
  3. Yes unfortunately if you read it says ... If you're experiencing issues with your servers, please click the link below. Please note that Customer Support WILL NOT be able to assist you with issues regarding server outages. i guess submit it we have quite a few times to no avail.
  4. Today it is even worse we literally canno do anything on our server it’s very sad.
  5. Lol just like we heard for years “ark is just a pre release it isn’t finished yet”. And Then they realease a half finished map hahah. Sorry those excuses don’t fly anymore with us. Fix your game then when it’s ready for Release release it and take responsibility for it. Otherwise they can say forever oh sorry it’s not finished yet, you all should expect problems. Nope this is a full release of an unfished broke product plain and simple no excuses.
  6. Absolutely agree so many issues especially due to dashboarding and lag game is almost unplayable.
  7. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse right after their little announcement our server crashed, kicked everyone now the lag is the worse I have ever seen in 2 years and most people we know can’t even stay connected to the game once they get it it kicks them immeadiately. It would be wonderful if they actually invested time and resources into fixing the game instead of coming out with new content.
  8. On our server at least EU 63 RAG lag, dc’ng and crashes, or dashboarding, have become out of control. I fell bad now for complaining for so long when we would disconnect a few times a week back in the day, but with every new update this problem gets much worse. On our server now disconnecting 20 + Times a day is the norm for most and some even upwards of 50+ times a day. This is disconnecting, or crashing and being sent to main Xbox screen. Also lag is well lol, I hate to even complain about as so many do but really it’s absolutly crazy. And it seems like certain areas of the map are triggers or hotspots that are guaranteed to crash your game. As we have been hoping for sometime maybe this will get better instead of becoming increasingly worse as generally the only time most die or lose gear is because of this issue.
  9. Same here but we have 3 xboxes and it’s just the one Xbox..so random. Won’t join any server at all. let’s hooe they are actually looking into this. Lol doubtful I know but we can hope.
  10. What I don't get is that they are taking down some absolutely amazing servers and leaving all the garbage ones that are so lagged filled and overpopulated that they aren't even worth playing. Actually the overpopulated ones are the ones that should be wiped first their logic doesn't make sense, in fact just wipe them all and let's all start fresh.
  11. People expect a working game that actually functions for one. This game is in no way ready for a full realese and expecting the game to actually function upon release isn't unrealtic or demanding. Lucky lol i think your your definition of lucky is off. It would be far better to actually do a 100% wipe then the mess they are creating. You completely misunderstand I actually don't mind the wipe at all even expected it, it's the horrific mess they have created in the way they are doing it that was complete unespccesary. And I'm so tired of hearing that we don't understand early access haha give me a break I too have beta tested endkess games over decades whoop Dee do for you. I have however never encountered one like ark in its overall disregard for its early access players. I have tolerated and stood by wildcard on so many issues under the understanding that yes of course this is a pre release. That doesn't take away from the poor decisions they are making in transforming what was once a fantastic game into one that isn't that interesting anymore. A lot of us were just trying for years to give them actual beneficial feedback that the overall community agreed would improve the game. Something most companies take into account during early acces. And this modern definaition of "pre release" is a joke, it's just a way for companies to fund their product because they don't have enough business savvy to actually fund their endeavor prior to development. They aren't actually interested in a collaborative development model they just wnat the money.
  12. Ark and wildcard have done just about everything they could possibly do to drive people away and this is the final nail in the coffin. There are a lot of us that have fought hard for sometime to find a nice server that isn't polluted like most of the ark servers that exist and when we find those gems we fight hard to maintain them. I'm talking about hidden away low population servers. The majority of ark is just a mess and not worth playing really, because of the Rediculous amount of overcrowding, horrifically mean people, lack of space, resources and Dino spawns, maps strewn with terrible obnoxious bases etc etc etc. and now they are getting rid of the very last thing that actually resembled everything that was good about ark, beautiful wonderful open spaces to actually play the game and enjoy it. Just because servers are low population doesn't mean they not popular some of us have fought hard to maintain a server thought is free of the aforementioned junk and none sense that plagues ark only to have it ripped away from us and forced to find a spot in ark amongst the chaotic packed servers that barely even resemble ark and offer little or no enjoyment. Some people on ark have spent an enormous amount of time keeping our precious servers low population for a reason.
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