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  1. Don't give a damn about how many potential tames there will be on Aberration. This is WC doing what they do best, misdirection. Look over here at what's coming! Don't look at the crappy work we've done on the three other maps! Just BUY THIS ONE! Fourth times the charm! Lol.
  2. At least this news feed wasn't filled with " we have a few faux wood i.e. cardboard boxes with our laggy game removed for purchase! Get your plastic Ark rappers medallion! Get your map printed on a cloth napkin! Includes a "leather" bound book that tears away from it's binding! But there is more! A horrible cd of the music from the game! All of this could be yours to accentuate your dc's and lags! BUY NOW!"
  3. When Jen said a " surprise was coming that begins with A and ends in an N" i was praying for "ATTENTION" to the maps that already exist. Maybe be less interested flying around to events that will be just another showcase of broken promises and more interested in ACTUALLY delivering said content ON TIME FOR ONCE.
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