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  1. Hey guys i pre ordered a server from Nitrado and just received an email saying Wildcard delayed the servers until early November. Sorry to break the news to anyone who didnt know just figured id share. Cant say it wasnt expected lol its almost normal at this point. Whats this, 3 or 4 delays on xbox servers now???
  2. Months ago on twitter Jat had said there would be changes to the bosses. I know 100% he mentioned the center but i thought he said all of them. Basically he said they would be fixed to where you could unlock all Tek and they would be different fights not just the one fight now that is on the center. What ever happened to this? It was never on the forums but Jat did say it on twitter but at this point im guessing he made it up being as that was like 3-4 months ago.
  3. Slark

    Leedsichthys removed or nerfed

    I have over a thousand hours in this game and havent once been annoyed by them. I dont see them very often and when i do they are very avoidable, i dont see any sense to removing them in my opinion
  4. There are many aspects that are unplayable thats the issue. For example if you have an xbox dedicated server and somone tames a bronto the server wont run. Theres many more thats just one. So yes dlc is great, but your losing more players to a bad base game rather then lacking dlc. After all official release wasnt long ago.
  5. Slark

    Server Crashed

    There is probably something in game causing it to crash just as its about to start up. Theres a ton of things that will cause dedis to crash right now. Could be a big bronto pack or someone tamed one or a wyvern bugging out. Theres literally so many things that make these servers not run at all its terrible
  6. Slark

    Refund issued

    I have been blasting this on the forums the past 3 day trying to get someones attention and show them its the only time they've done something the right way as far as a release/dlc/update.
  7. Slark

    ARK at TwitchCon 2017!

    No chance of it before late Nov. When they give a date, the last possible part of it is your only chance but most likely it will be here Dec/Jan
  8. Slark

    Refund issued

    I can agree to that. Better then most, but they could always improve.
  9. Slark

    Refund issued

    Like i said i completely agree with you theres absolutely no way to please everyone. But right now there methods are annoying the most people possible. There is other methods that would anger people much less that would significantly help alot of things but i cant force anything just speak my mind. For example say it is currently Jan 2017. Wildcard tells use they are working on a new dlc and we should see it hit in april 2017. They send out updates saying things are going good, they encountered some issues but things are still moving ahead on time. That continues for weeks. End of Feb rolls around and WC has finished there final product and they send it for final cert. Microsoft approves it. WC tells people they have finished early and are just finishing it up and it is good (they could flip the switch right now but dont) and ready to go but theyre may be small minor bugs like usual at first. They say they will release it in 10 days so everyone can prepare. Release rolls around Early march, way ahead of time, they communicated ad everyone was prepared. Very few people unhappy. And wildcard had plenty of time so there staff wasnt stressed or over worked. win win but im sure there will still be some complainers but very very few compared to how things have been.
  10. Slark

    Refund issued

    They have tried exact hours for specific fixes and updates and they missed them. They tried exact days for events and updates and released and missed them. they tried exact weeks for fixes and releases and missed them. They tried exact months and seasons for dlc and releases and missed them. and they missed years when they said the game would be released june 2016. They have tried everything and missed everything 9/10 times. Bottom line is they need to give themself more time with there ETA's and release dates.
  11. Slark

    Refund issued

    And that is very understandable that is why they shouldnt give dates but they still do. They give exact dates,weeks,months and even years and miss them all! We understand millions of things can come up but when you give an exact date down to the day then we expect you have already finished it and just choose then to release it. There will alwaaays be someone to complain but there is defiantly ways better then what they are doing. Lets say 1200 people complain now, that number could be reduced to 100 but they havent changed.
  12. Yes but i have seen countless problems where people contacted nitrado cause they had issues with payment and werent sure if it went through and stuff like that and nitrado directed them to MS. So i can see them doing the same for refunds but i am not them so i cant speak with facts about that. But yes technically we did purchase for example "Nitrado 30 day 10 slot server" from microsoft. the receipt is from MS and is through MS but again i cant speak for sure how they are gonna handle it.
  13. WC said to contact Nitrado but i think youd have a better shot with microsoft. Thats like buying a dell computer from best buy and contacting dell for a return. Maybe im wrong but i think Nitrado will direct you to MS being as they took your money
  14. Slark

    Refund issued

    i think most of us are true fans and thats why we stuck around this long. i personally am not throwing a fit i am simply debating and making suggestions in hopes to get through to someone at wildcard and make changes to the way things are handled in the future. After all that is how this world runs, we debate and try for change.
  15. Slark

    Refund issued

    I think you missed the point of everyone. (btw i didnt get season pass so this isnt me personally im just sharing my thoughts). But i dont think they are arguing getting it or not. I think (most) want the refund cuz they are fed up with the delays and arent getting it when promised so they dont want it at all. It was never a debate of it should be better later, it was supposed to be just as good either way. They werent supposed to get an unfinished product oct, it was supposed to be finished just like it will be in Nov. I will never win on here cuz everyone picks at any one word you misuse but i try to get the main point across. bottom line is there will always be someone to complain but WC could certainly do a better job with delays/communication.
  16. Slark

    Refund issued

    You are right i shouldnt say noone will complain. there is always someone. but i think we can agree it will be much less
  17. Slark

    Refund issued

    I dont think anyone really said that except the one guy who said theyre doing everything for money cuz theyre money hungry. I think money is a factor but not that bad. And of course you are ALWAYYYYS ALWAYYYS gonna have someone complain about something. The first rule in business is you cant please everyone so dont try. I really dont think its the end of the world (to most people lol) but i think its just getting under most peoples skin when theye literally missed almost every date they have ever set. I personally dont expect them to be perfect but i think 9/10 dates missed is just a little excessive and they dont communicate it nearly good enough. we are all still gonna wake up tomorrow. ( i shouldnt say that cuz not everyone does but u get the point)
  18. Slark

    Your reasons for quitting ARK

    I'm not sure what's gonna do it for me first, the mega-tribes that own 10 servers, or the delays. If xbox rented servers don't show up before Nov 10th that will be it for me. The lack of communication is a thing that really gets under my skin.
  19. Slark

    Refund issued

    I stated in another post the best way to go about all of it (better then meeting a deadline on the right date) is to set a date. Set a date you know is longer then you need, and release it early. Noone will ever be mad about an early release. Everyone wins. Wildcard doesnt have to rush cuz they gave themself extra time, and the players get an update early. I wish they would just understand that tactic.
  20. Slark

    Refund issued

    my apologies then. thats why i said "i believe it said" cuz i wasnt sure. i thought it said 2017 release at first i didnt realize it said october release that day with the season pass. With that being the case then i do believe there is no question about refund, same as the xbox servers. We arent getting something that we paid to have on a specific date. We may get it eventually, but we paid to have it a certain day.
  21. That is exactly what i said. This is there first big shot so they have every right to some errors. But god they've made more then a few for a game that runs half decent with being around for years now. They went into this in the wrong way and released so much half decent content before perfecting the original. Now its to the point where they have such a high cost to operate and advance they need to make more money so they dont have time to perfect the base issues. They are basically in a hole without actually being if you know what i mean. I truly believe they literally had the shot to make this one of the biggest games ever to xbox but it went out the window with the way things went. Just poor management and shots called from the start.
  22. Exactly. None of us hate the game, and we thank wildcard for even bringing it to us. But theres alot of unnecessary drama and problems because of comm. and management. The absolute best route they could take with this kind of stuff is give us a release date/month/season and release it early. They should tell us Mid Nov for xbox servers and have them out the first week. Thats how you win over customers.
  23. Slark

    Refund issued

    yeah you are in the grey area i mentioned. the people who purchased it when there was a release date
  24. Jat "lied" when he sad the center bosses would be revamped to the same as the island and that didnt happen. They said the servers were all ready and were just be testing one last time. How is that not a lie? the servers were never ready or in final stages of testing cuz they never went through cert! Im pretty sure when you say something is gonna happen and it doesnt thats a lie? It may not be on purpose but that doesnt not make it a lie? Not everything is a lie but to say there has been ZERO is indeed also a lie lol.
  25. Slark

    24/7 PVP Rag

    what is average player count now?