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Just Tried PvP

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....and the pvp crowd on Ark is the most emotionally stunted, toxic, foul-mouthed aggressive children I have ever played a game with. I have never met a group of gamers that logged on with the sole intention of causing frustration and loss to fellow gamers. Pvp is about competition, not about preventing other people from playing the game and verbally abusing them while you repeatedly force respawn timers and call them racial slurs. When I asked them to politely give me some breathing room to at least progress to metal tools I was not only killed but incapacitated over and over to simply waste my time.

When my old ass is dead and gone and these children inherit the adult world I pity them if their real world trappings even remotely resemble the abhorrent behavior and attitudes they display in video games.

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Not as much the players as the devs fault. They designed the meta to require 24/7 playing and breeding while living in an underground safe base. Casual players stand absolutely no chance and it's impossible to even possibly compete. It has been this way for years and they devs refuse to change it so only one type of player remains active in pvp.

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