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  1. Someone on the server is crashing the game literally every 10 minutes. Can you please get on and read the logs and possibly ban this person. This is ridiculous that the [][][][] are allowed to get away with this.
  2. Gen 2 - 992 is going down for 20-30 minutes every 20-30 minutes. It is ridiculous. If this is people lagging the server on purpose to dupe, you need to get on this and ban these people. DILO
  3. So we are releasing new maps and worrying about new dinos instead of banning the [] [] [] [] from constantly lagging the servers and crashing them on purpose? I guess if they get a good stream for Weibo that's all that matters.
  4. Today was the last straw. I took a break from Ark for a week due to the horrible stability of the Official Gen 2 servers. I logged in today to check if it had improved and feed my dinos. After 10 minutes of gathering food in 150+ ping the server crashed. It stayed down for over an hour and when I got back it restored a point before I fed any dinos. I'm done with Ark.
  5. Are you tired of your Gen 2 official Ark server constantly crashing and rolling back all of your progress? Well I was as well, so I took action and hosted my own Ark server. This server is for those craving that brand spanking new survivor building thatch starter bases and hiding from raptors! There is nothing more refreshing, challenging and FUN than a fresh slate in Ark. Please come and join our adventure on the Adventurer's Guild: This will start out with a 16 slot Gen 2 server. If interest grows I will immediately upgrade to more character slots. If this thing
  6. It's distasteful how we have been enduring server crashes hourly for days and they can't even pop a system-wide message or a MOTD that says "We apologize for the server instability, we are working on it." Then they take all the servers down with no notice or countdown.... only to leave us all in the server select screen refreshing like blind sheep.
  7. The map of Gen 2 itself is awesome at first, but after a few days you begin to notice its a very generic lump of butter spread thin over an enormous piece of toast. There is nothing that sticks out. The missing biomes are dreadfully apparent. None of the features scream "build a beautiful base here!" Quite simply its bland and the dinos are flung all over it in reckless abandon. No rhyme or reason. No feeling of crossing a threshold into another domain. Just a weird mountainous area with lots of plateaus and no character.
  8. The shop is going to open back up. It is temporarily closed according to WC Twitter.
  9. They have bees now according to some players on official PVE that play on my server.
  10. I wanted to have that "helpless survivor newb" feeling that we all like so I joined a Gen 2 server with a new character. After playing awhile it has become evident that I am at a SERIOUS handicap by not having the skiff engram. Since the skiff engram can only be learned by killing the boss from Gen 1, I'm pretty much screwed. Is there any way to learn the skiff without killing the boss? Maybe a blueprint? I really dont want to transfer a character over and lose my base and all my tames on Gen 2.
  11. Easily half of all the players on NA servers are originating from Asian and Eastern European IPs. I'm not an internet guru but I'm guessing that this causes tons of lag for everyone. Secondly, this is a community game. The first thing a community does to be successful is communicate. History has taught us that when communication breaks down, conflict ensues. We cannot even communicate with these players as their language fonts show up in Ark as [] [] [] []. This serves to dehumanize the foreign players, cause mistrust, and in a lot of cases even belligerence, intolerance, and hatred. It's easy
  12. Our server has crashed AND rolled back SEVEN times tonight in eight hours. If this is not ddosing then these servers should have never gone up in this state.
  13. You can zoom out without being in K mode, you just roll the mouse wheel. However the OP is right, the amount of space that the game allows you between the camera and the toon is tiny.
  14. Our server NA-PVE-Gen2-992 is getting huge latency spikes and then the server crashes. Sometimes multiple times per hour. I have a feeling this is the vendors crashing the server with ddos in order to dupe their clones and fill the inventory of their online vendors. Surely the server is not this unstable due to legitimate means. Does Wildcard have any comment on this?
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