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  1. Devs obviously don't read it anyway. Here's some of the top voted suggestions (none of which have even been addressed publicly by any dev) -Hardcore servers -ORP servers -Fix spam -Microsoft chat censor sucking -Disable cave building -etc. Beside the fact that they aren't read by the devs, no one uses that section anyway. Everything has very little views/engagement compared to general and could be easily astroturfed anyway. (kinda the case with ORP even though I agree with them).
  2. Specifically in PvP, but also applies in PvE. ASA servers are fully spammed already with like 600+ ping. It's so awful that spam is used as a balancing tool for pvp/raiding. They really need to change something. I feel like it's not that hard to address, would shake up the meta a bit, save them huge headaches I'm sure with massive server issues and costs, etc. Example that comes to mind would be to just make a certain radius around the base where you can spam all you want but anything outside the radius only last for 12-24 hours (that doesn't get refreshed on rendering). That allows for building traps and getting into fights where you can spam an area quickly to defend but it would be impossible to keep a map fully spammed at all times. Plenty of other options could be explored. Spam is like the first deterrent to people playing this game. "hey friend come play this cool game". They buy it, log on, and see foundations and pillars as far as the eye can see lmao. It's so bad.
  3. they can but from the inside only. So in PvP gotta be an open window or something. Pretty niche use
  4. I played PvP beginner servers in ASE and chailcos were a big part of the meta there to destroy plant X and wood. Definitely couldn't damage stone.
  5. Yeah should prolly give up on it lol. The potential is crazy but they don't wanna invest in it with support/balance so rip in peace.
  6. Only problem is there's no good unofficial pvp servers with more than 20 people for more than two weeks. So unless you want to constantly search for a new unofficial and start over when it dies there is no point to unofficial either.
  7. By 1x I just meant normal official vs small tribe servers. Small tribes has 3.5x rates of normal (im pretty sure) and very ironically, small tribes is way worse than normal for actual small tribes. Been this way for years and they have seemingly given up on trying to fix it. As for ascending you can definitely do that, however you don't have to abandon your old base if you don't want to. You can have a base on island and scorched even before you ascended if you wanted.
  8. sounds like they are probably max level. You can only get a certain amount of levels after you tame something. Been out of it for a bit but pretty sure its 75 levels for a tamed creature.
  9. On PvP you don't have to ascend at all. You can transfer your character to another server at any time via a drop or obelisk. As far as catching up the honest truth is the PvP meta is rough. You'd probably do better off on 1x servers. The grind is longer but all the sweat lords play on small tribes. All the big tribes on small tribes ARE cheating and account sharing to have 6 people on 24/7 basically. A lot more common to find friendly(ish) alphas on 1x, even if you have to transfer around a bit first.
  10. Finally, can't believe they allowed this for basically all of ASE lmao.
  11. A game with massive potential that falls flat at every decision.
  12. Not as much the players as the devs fault. They designed the meta to require 24/7 playing and breeding while living in an underground safe base. Casual players stand absolutely no chance and it's impossible to even possibly compete. It has been this way for years and they devs refuse to change it so only one type of player remains active in pvp.
  13. Tylanater

    ORP Servers

    There have been official ORP servers since the orginal launch of Ragnarok
  14. Tylanater

    ORP Servers

    ORP should have been implemented better onto every server. Stop catering the game towards no lifes that can not have an offline timer of more than 3 hours.
  15. PvP in ark has massive potential that WC has kind of squandered by not changing up the meta more in ASA. Cave building should not exist, it's way too OP and they've had to add way too OP of dinos in the game to compensate, making living aboveground impossible. Also, primitive locking other tribes by not allowing them to get artifacts or element (depending on the map) is awful design and awful for the PvP scene. The vast majority of "PvP" in ark is just offlining a base, which is player vs turret and dino AI (pve). They should have added an improved version of offline raid protection into the game for every server. Ark PvP was in it's best state at the beginning when it was PvPvE but for some reason they choose to cater to the biggest no lifes. You cannot play Ark PvP with a job offline anymore. 3 hour offline timer on your base is too much to be competitive. No job, no family, and no skipping a night allowed.
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