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  1. think the game is gonna be very different. I wouldn't be surprised if they go with a better form of ORP, raid times, safe areas of the map, a combination of that or something new entirely. No way to know until they say though.
  2. Well, more like ark 1 before it was broken. I'm sure Ark 2 is gonna be way different and they're prolly gonna change pvp entirely. Also the bad news is that I doubt ark 2 is coming out until at least 2023
  3. I feel like the game is missing a more primitive style PvP. Classic was great but it's not always around and who knows when it's coming back again. I remember having a lot of fun on the legacy primitive PvP servers. I think they removed the primitive servers because they had prim plus but that mode is a complete obsolete disaster now unfortunately. Would be nice to see a new primitive mode that allows guns and metal tier but no tek, including cryos, and no giga taming, Island and Rag only. Even if it's just a few servers I think they would be pretty popular especially for older players who qui
  4. No one knows. My guess is they might reveal something at the game awards show in Dec again. Prolly not releasing until 2023 or something, unless they do another early access.
  5. Look up Shockist, an ark youtuber, video called "Ark Official Small Tribes | Making THE Biggest Land Base On OFFICIAL". this was official small tribes a while back on a scorched earth server that they had totally blocked off with no other tribes living on it. I forget the exact timeline but it was wiped pretty quickly after it was finished. You very well may have more luck with bases like that on unofficial though.
  6. Sorry but this would be true in around 2017 but this base is garbage today. Double walling/foundationing is dead and has been for a while. That's just another 20 seconds with an arthopluera, if they are at your walls that's not gonna make a difference. Behemoth gates are also obsolete, they simply provide the attackers free coverage and you won't see them on any official servers except maybe to block a cave entrance but even then prolly not. Only current viable base are the OP caves. Other than that you're just gonna get blasted by star foxes, manas, poison wyvs, etc. Unfortunately, open
  7. Ark uses Nitrado for servers so it's not like they just have some potatoes in their offices that could be better. The reason for poor performance is the mechanic and rules of the game. Essentially, the only things that lag the servers are people have wayyyy too much spam, there needs to be a much more strict structure limit, and people have way too many dinos out, especially now during the event. One tribe alone on small tribes is going to have out 100+ gigas alone which is going to cause crazy lag. There's no magic servers that could fix these issues. Wildcard needs to change the rules of the
  8. I am hoping for this as well. Simply don't have a boss fight and don't allow dust or tek items to be transferred in. The game is severely lacking a primitive mode at the moment seeing as old primitive servers were not carried over from legacy and primitive plus is a complete disaster that takes 30 minutes to even load into, among many other issues. Also, now with genesis 2 you can grind a skiff, forcefield other crazy tek items in less than a day on 1x rates. Would be a great change of pace and I imagine very popular if people could transfer their characters in for primitive PvP and if they ge
  9. If you're on an official server they made it so you can't put points in after 450 about a year ago I think. So you can't accidentally over level it and have it get deleted anymore
  10. Best thing you can do is report the discords that have RMT in them. Honestly though nothing is likely to happen from discord screenshots and either way the issue will never be resolved. Small tribes has unclaiming dinos turned off but it's just wayyyyyy too easy to throw someone a cryopod anyway. You are right that stealing tames and cryos should be turned off as it ruins PvP, especially on small tribes but unfortunately I doubt this will be addressed.
  11. Unfortunately there is no rule other than blocking valuable resources in PvE I believe. Spam is a huge issue in the game for PvP and PvE. Sadly, for some reason wildcard has decided not to limit how much tribes can spam. Hopefully in Ark 2 there will be a tighter structure limit or something.
  12. What you would need to do is breed it with level 5 females to get a very low food or oxygen stat. So as an example a dino had 10k hp, 10k stam, 10k food, 10k oxy, 10k melee and born at level 450 and unable to be leveled up. If you breed with a low level female until you get lucky and get a baby that has the level 5 version of stats you don't want but the level 450 dinos stats you do want. So lets say you get 10k hp, 10k stam, 1k food, 1k oxy and 10k melee. Now the dino will be born at like level 350 (Numbers are obviously not exact as it's just an example but you get the point. However, if you
  13. While it can be kinda annoying I think it's worse to tell people they aren't allow to share their opinion on something because they are popular. What is wildcard going to do? globally ban youtubers and people on twitter for saying they want some bison to be in the game or whatever?
  14. I think it's cycles every 3 months with conquest pvp. That should wipe like mid July if I'm not mistaken
  15. Unfortunately windows 10 can only play on certain servers. I found this out the hard way a while back as well. If it's possible for you to switch to PC the ORP servers are pretty good here. Oddly prim plus doesn't work on pc compared to consoles.
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