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  1. I'm not going to debate with you about what 3am technically means lol. Everyone knows it's the meta in ark. You wait until it's likely 3am for most of the server, check offline timers to see they havent been on for 3-5 hours (which you also should not be able to see), and then commence with your pve raid.
  2. That wyvern has definitely been leveled. 448 melee is not 32 points. 32 points in melee on a wyvern is 260% melee. 448 base melee is nearly 70 points in melee
  3. Like others have said use those methods to get up to level 131. After 131 there's a HUGE xp increase for every level. The only reliable way to level after this point is giga exp parties. Which basically means saving all gigas from mass breeding that you don't plan on raising until you have hundreds and then killing them with as many xp buffs as you can stack.
  4. I mean same but depends what you mean by that. Raiding at 3 am is catering to PvErs who don't want/are too scared to PvP. No skill or pvp involved in offlining a base at 3am.
  5. Yeah, I mostly meant for official PvP servers. Currently people are making their game look like nintendo 64 so it's impossible to hide anything/be sneaky.
  6. -No cave building. Bring back bases above ground + no blocking artifacts and vital resources (like element cave on Fjordur) that completely shuts out anyone else from being competitive -No INI file editing for graphics. Totally ridiculous that this even exists in Ark 1. -More strict enforcement. A tribe based game needs tribe based repercussions for cheaters. Enforcement on individuals is not sufficient and easily abused by tribes. -No bases that get evaporated by 2 c4 and an artho. -No spam. Obviously a tricky issue to solve, a lot of ways it could be tackled, but spam needs to go for game health and server health. -Some form of raid times/ORP/Safe zones or some hybrid or new system to prevent offline raiding at 3am -No infinite breeding that incentivizes people to play the game for RMT purposes. -Optional but I think also important: Scheduled wipes for all official servers or at least a significant amount more. See beginner and arkpoc server population + success that Rust has from wiping.
  7. This is why they should have never allowed cave building in the first place. It was the same issue with artifacts for years before they added Crystal Isles. Also the whole meta of no above ground bases, only cave bases are viable, is complete trash. Sadly, the game has been balanced around cave pvp for years and so much would have to be changed and removed to even come close to fixing it. Hopefully they learned that lesson for Ark 2.
  8. IMO third person only camera is more immersive than first person, which can also switch to third person, and also has orbit cam. Everyone uses orbit cam almost instinctively, even in pve, to check behind yourself while running from a raptor, to get a birds eye view around you etc. It's not immersive at all. As far as it just being a different game with the ark branding and theme. Good. That's called a sequel. Too many games these days are just the 1.5 version of the original, like Overwatch 2. If ark 1 was the same game with better graphics and 0 bugs it would die in a week and there would be a million youtube videos calling it out like with overwatch.
  9. It's not a fair comparison. Ark is and has always been a PvP and PvE game at the same time. All PvP players also consume PvE content. If you don't like any PvE at all you would just play fortnite or CoD. Therefore, all PvE ark channels can pull from the entire playerbase of the game where as PvP channels will generally not interest PvE players. It's undeniable that PvP games have a significantly larger potential audience these days. These are the top 10 steam games right now: CS:GO, Dota 2, Lost Ark, Apex legends, TF2, Ark, Rust, Destiny 2, Dead by daylight, and PUBG. All of these games are exclusively pvp or have a major part of their design/experience based around pvp.
  10. The complaints I'm seeing is that Ark is going to change but it's a sequel. Ark 2 should be different. Ark 1 has many fundamental issues. People dunk on Overwatch 2 all day, rightfully so, because it's not actually Overwatch 2, it's overwatch 1.5. Ark 2 should not just be Ark 1.5 like so many sequels are.
  11. I see a lot of people complaining but I think the changes are definitely going in the right direction for pvp and pve. I play pvp exclusively and combat definitely needs a new approach in ark 2. The melee changes and dinos not biting through each other (if true) will actually be huge for the game. Still hoping to hear about big changes in regard to spam, raiding/base defense, and pvp landscape in general. It would be very interesting if they could merge pvp and pve players into the same servers like it was at the start of ark with maybe some form of offline raid protection/raid times/safe zones or loot/etc.
  12. Don't add any new pve to pvp servers? This literally makes no sense. I play exclusively PvP and ark has always been a mix of PvE and PvP. If you want only non stop pvp action then go play cod or something.
  13. At first I was set aback by third person only but it makes sense if you think about it. Ark 1s 1st person combat is embarrassingly bad with your character swinging into the air not actually making contact with anything. I think it is way harder to make melee combat in first person good and prolly even harder to make a game that has good feeling third person AND first person combat, especially with rolls and dodges. Additionally, ark 1 has quite a few balance issues by allowing first and third person, for example, sometimes you can throw c4 a little further or around a corner in third person or get a shot you cant get in first person. I think it will actually end up being a lot better but hopefully it's not zoomed out too much.
  14. very likely to be at the microsoft showcase in june
  15. we'll find out soon but I think it's either gonna be totally amazing or complete trash. No in-between. The wonky looking trailer has me kinda worried already though.
  16. you can keep people however long you can manage but you cannot use a glitch to hold them. If you are using some type of floating glitch on someone you can be banned
  17. you can't block any spawns on any map. However obelisks are fair game.
  18. Like I said the 20-30 tribes have all submitted OBVIOUS evidence of aimbot, loot hacks, and speed hacks, on top of them admitting to it in chat.
  19. Two Months on a beginner server of a tribe openly admitting to cheating in chat, tickets submitted with video by probably 20-30 different tribes who are not allied to each other and are completely separate, server wipe is in 4 days on the 20th, and no devwipe. How does this make any sense?
  20. I'm always curious as to what nerfs you think PvE did not need. PvE needs balancing too, not just PvP. People pretend like manas are useless after the nerfs and they are still completely overpowered, even in PvE. You can kill 99% of the game with a mana and travel the map at ridiculous speeds. Also manas can get up to like 20k hp, 11kstam, 2k melee with 30% imprint buff and 124 armor saddle with official breeding rates. The flyer nerf was needed in pve too, the fishing nerf was needed in pve, it makes no sense to get the best BPs in the game from a little fishy, what nerfs did PvE get that wasn't needed?
  21. Interesting idea and you could be on to something when it comes to spam. I really hope spam does not continue forward to ark 2 for PvE or PvP. However it would suck to have random parts of your base be destroyed if you weren't inactive, even if it was rare.
  22. Number 1 is trickier than you think. They would have to pretty much make premade survivors only and even then females would have to be exact same size as males. If the hitboxes don't align with what the model looks like it would lead to bad gameplay. For example lets take a chonker from ark 1. If he has the same hitbox as an average female when you shoot and your crosshairs are on his bicep, quads, thick chest, etc. those are all going to be misses. Essentially his model is obscuring the actual size of his hitbox making him harder to hit/harder to know where you should shoot.
  23. More relevant than ever. If devs aren't going to wipe they should at least add more wiping clusters. Add a smalls that wipes every 6 mo/put the cross arks on a wipe schedule to boost their population (ORP/Notek, etc.) Add no tame servers monthly wipe, add primitive arkpoc, anything. PvP servers need some help. Small tribes is all mega tribes RMTing at this point and no one plays it because of that.
  24. There's not really a way to prevent it unless you turn off drowning completely from PvE servers. Which would make water exploration trivial. Paint your gear some weird color so you can tell who did it lol.
  25. If you log on the servers it will tell you for future reference. Next wipe is may 20th, next friday.
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