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  1. I mean I don't disagree that breeding takes too long but people are crying over no 2x evo weekend when we just got out of constant 3x. There was always 0% chance of evo this weekend lol. The evo weekends rarely have breeding bonuses anyways.
  2. Yeah that sucks but time can't hold still for everyone who misses an event because then it would never end and we would never get more events
  3. only reason breeding is slow is because people like the infinite grind. There was only supposed to be 20/20 mutations and it was a bug that you could go beyond. However people didn't want them to change it so they didn't thus creating an infinite breeding grind. What they should do is nerf breeding to what it was inteded, 20/20 mutations which would cut back on the grind significantly and also fix the balance issues of having 2k+melee gigas, manas, stalkers etc. But of course all the same people would complain about that.
  4. people didn't learn to level, they added OP notes to the game to get level 70 in two minutes also aided by the fact that they doubled all rates permanently twice now. The game has permanent 4x rates and people still cry everytime there's not a 2x weekend. Go play unofficial or call of duty if you want 0 grinding in a survival game
  5. constant 3x ended like a week ago lol crybabys like this are why there shouldn't be any evo events at all
  6. I know battle metrics uses steams api but I'm not really sure how all that stuff works. Is there a way that wildcard would be able to block using tracking sites for ark 2? I assume it is too late for ark 1 but the whole tracking meta of ark has been a huge issue for years now. I think it would turn off a lot of new players from ark 2.
  7. What the guy above said, try to get a saddled megatherium and run the island swamp cave a couple time sand you can get 105 before it comes out. Gen 1 wave ray mission if you need a good saddle for it.
  8. Pretty sure there's max of everything on PvE, 1x PvP, and Small tribes PvP except for the new R variants and rockdrakes since they were just made breedable. They probably aren't that far away either though. There's so many increased rates these days plus the egg incubator and maewing that the breeding is a lot faster.
  9. Ladies and gentleman........we got it. See y'all on the field of battle
  10. if you couldn't block notes then there would be virtually 0 base locations on the island lol
  11. there's a ton of dead servers they haven't shut down in a very long time. In fact there's likely way too many servers at the moment. If they move to shut them down it would likely be a massive thing and there'd be a lot of time given in advance (prolly). What cluster are you on out of curiosity?
  12. There's no way they could enforce no blocking all one thousand explorer notes. You could barely have a base anywhere on the maps with notes. They should have never tied a reward to getting them all in the first place when it's practically impossible on most clusters unless you are in a big enough tribe to own 1 entire server of each map (for pvp).
  13. Games getting older so it makes sense and the devs seemingly don't react to (or probably ever read) the forums anymore. There's a post asking about classic season 5 coming up on 1k views and 30 replies and I doubt we'll hear anything about that post. That's just one example as well there's a lot of other similar posts about different things. These days you're better off asking a question, maybe getting a response or post from the devs in the discord so the forum is a little useless these days.
  14. that would be nice but the fact that they haven't announced it yet makes it seem unlikely. Honestly conquest has been going on for what like 6 months? it's been dead for like 3+ too so seems like they just forgot/don't care
  15. leeds are always a danger, need plant x set to all targets to avoid them. Can still get you if you're staying still though. Alpha leeds are the most dangerous, they seem to spawn the most around carno and in snow zone waters
  16. Me and many others on the server sent in blatant aimbot clips for over a month from the same alliance and WC won't devwipe them. After holding out to the most blatant aimbot several days in a row, today they were able to raid us using some type of god mode to one shot crop plots(not pulling fertilizer just one shotting the whole plot as they run by without stopping), flying on thylas while aimbotting with pistols (it's on beginner servers so only plant x). Some of their characters would get banned but they would never wipe the tribes, so they would be back the same day on another account. How
  17. They are pretty OP already especially in PvP. Outclassed a bit lately but being able to snipe off a flyer is already very strong, even in pve, now it will be bred to 30k hp plus prolly. Also the diving melee attack already does crazy damage and will definitely be one shotting with 1-2k melee. Also the stam is already very good and can be recovered without landing by getting in the passenger seat. Basically if they make griffins breedable they are likely to get a big nerf
  18. Yeah they need to bring back primitive servers. Would only need a couple tweeks like no giga taming and stego nerf/plant buff
  19. Solo/duo would be nice but I doubt it. Small tribes is already an embarrassment because it has more mega tribes than 1x. People would do the same thing on solo/duo servers unfortunately. Also they won't even give us primitive servers back or classic season 5 haha.
  20. there's a ton of griefing in pve servers, people will block off their caves with large walls that clip into the ceiling to not have to deal with it.
  21. Where is classic season 5? Conquest is dead it doesn't need increased rates.
  22. It's 100% all notes on all maps. Good luck getting it on and official server. Many are gonna be blocked on pvp or pve. Ice caves, Ab caves etc.
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