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Community Crunch 343: TSOTF Updates, Winter Wonderland Extension, and More!

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6 hours ago, RavingDutchman said:

i think Ark 2 will be 2025, u can't trust WildCard anymore

To be fair, I think they should delay it as much as needed. The first impression is everything for player retention. If they rush the release, players will leave and never come back. Just like what happened with ATLAS. Gamers are not known to give second chances.

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It is a good start and i pray for once the devs will invest resources as they were one of the first titles to offer a battle royale.


Matchmaking and Leaderboards...

Matchmaking is a necessity with the new system. Sitting and waiting 20 min between each match needs reconsidering. 


The inventory wheel hud is refreshing and seems like this is the route Ark 2 will be taking however. Please consider adding in the standard Inventory and customizable item wheel. 



Taming is lost with the new system. I believe taking it to knocking dinos with power is missing the crutial elements of what  makes ark great.  



Flyers would be welcomed in the event they should have almost zero stam without picking ability.

Create a way for smaller dinos to be part of the mix, pack bonuses should receive a major buff.

Ground pvp is absolutely missing. Buff to armor and previously stated expanded inventory would help with checking dura. 

Crafting could allow a expansion in most areas in regards to item tier and ground pvp.



MORE MAPS, with the assets we already have in ark customized versions of the other maps to allow a different meta on each in a matchmaking rotation would make the game fresh on every load. One map could be flyer centric, another ground pvp centric. 

Any and all assets we can test for Ark 2 should be considered heavily. This game should be used as a bridge to recruit a new population that has never tried ark. This game at its core was amazing and I believe this game could be the grounds to fix the core that was lost in the countless updates in the previous title. PVP hasnt been the same in Ark since pre-extinction. Please use this as a way to see what we like and dislike for Ark 2.


Of course the current state needs improvement. The crafting of the original was better in my honest opinion. Crafting and setting yourself up was the best part of the original SOTF. There should be community input to decide how things will move forward.


Thanks for not reading this but lets discover Ark again, hope to see updates to the game in the future while we wait for a fresh adventure in Ark 2.

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On 1/11/2023 at 12:55 AM, Joebl0w13 said:

Well, this is a good sign:


I remember how excited I was for Next Gen Ark in PS5 announcement trailer...so, you might see that upgrade for PC/Xbox but for PS, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. 

Saying that, without any new content, I doubt the upgrade would hold attention for that long on console without the mods(and I mean new fresh maps/creatures/mechanics/gear etc not SOTF type PvP mods). I felt that with the Witcher 3 when the next gen patch came out. I thought I'd replay the whole thing, but barely lasted a few hours even though this is my all time favourite game that I played to death.

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Been a while since I put in my 2 cents, but in regards to Ark 2, I have serious doubts that we will see Ark 2 in the first half of this year.  At most we might see a little teaser of game play, but even then I consider that questionable.  Personally, I think there’s some big shtuff going down behind the scenes that all of us have very little knowledge of and will probably not be privy to.  With the bombshell video that came out from H.O.D a couple weeks ago exposing some things, and thinking back through all of the gripes about the game and my thousands of hours playing it, let’s just say at least for me some major pieces of the “what the hell?” puzzle snapped into place.  For those that aren’t aware of that should do some investigation of their own.  With which I’ll end this section with,  I STAND WITH JESSE AND JEREMY AND WILDCARD!  As we all should be posting out loud.  

In regards to SOTF, as a console player, I am very excited to try this out!  I hope that it is built upon and made better and better.  This is a piece of the game that I think has been missing in Ark for many years.  Maybe some different variations would be kind of a cool concept, what variations I’ll have to get back to that lol.

With the end of the winter wonderland event and if this truly is the beginning of the end for Ark 1, I kinda have to agree as far as raising official rates, and maybe enable the ability to transfer EVERYTHING.  Things like element( or even just shards), boss trophies, flags and tributes to run bosses. As well as maybe enabling the ability to start boss fights from our transmitter would be awesome as well.  Fjordur has been out for over 6 months now, most of us have run through a few if not all the bosses, now if we could transfer anything to whatever map we choose to build our Ark 1 retirement bases while we patiently wait for the next iteration of the game we all love.

Jesse, Jeremy and WC, we look forward to what’s to come in the new year and hope that you can break loose the boat anchor that’s holding things up, take as much time as you need to make Ark 2 a truly unbelievable experience that blows the roof off the gaming community, the potential is there.  Stick to your guns, this community will be forever thankful for it!  Happy New Year guys!!!

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I LOVE the new TSOTF game, BUT FIX THE Carcharodontosaurus!!!!!! It is too OP it wins the map for anyone who gets it. Please for the love, make it so it cant heal, or lower its damage. It being able to heal itself with crazy HP crazy Hit damage is no fun. I Love what you have done for the game, but please please please fix it. !!!!!
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