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  1. You botched this beyond belief. Haven’t played in weeks and once Starfield had an Ark Suvival Mod I’ll never need your game again ❤️
  2. Gunplay is far superior to Ark as is the aesthetic. A good/water survivao mechanic and making the fauna into essentially companions would be great. It’s kind of like Ark + No Man’s Sky. I think in a year’s time we will see a mod that lets you tame the fauna for real. Cant count on WC to give us Ark 2 lol.
  3. Hiding the reality of this company’s financial situation behind creature contests is low even for Wildcard standards. Even your most diehard supporters have no reason to support you. Should have sold to Microsoft years ago.
  4. Could WC be intentionally botching the roll-out of ASA to financially free themselves of Snail Games? I don’t know how any of the particulars work with ownership rights and what not. I refuse to believe people discussed how to advertise ASA and that this was the strategy to garner as many sales as possible. I’d consider myself a die-hard and even I’m off the fence. Nitrado could now charge me $20 a month for a 10 slot server which is absurd. I’m also meant to trust that WC has done PROPER Playtesting when their track record suggests they don’t play test most content before release lol? Wild.
  5. Bruh, I don’t even consider what you’re doing playing Ark 😅much closer to Minecraft.
  6. I would taken any land animal, even a toad that had no abilities over a water tame. I’d estimate that I have spent less than 1% of my time playing Ark underwater. No interest on any level. As for the Cheetah, I dislike the Thyla and Sabre. I would not count the Shadowmane in the category personally. I enjoy the mammals and wish there were more. Cool that some people like the newest submission, buts it’s easy to understand why many players aren’t interested in the water at all. Not when Ark is the most likely game to disconnect me of all time lol.
  7. A Cheetah has great utility. Another water tame will join the rest of the water tames that never get used……I’ll certainly never have any desire to tame this.
  8. Honestly, scummy as can be to be at this point and to have NOTHING to show us. I’m going to buy an XBSX and ASA based off of what? Better looking stone picks and higher walls? F. You could not have done this worse if you had purposely tried to sink it. I fear greatly for the future of this game and am leaning towards you being bought out as the only viable solution. Again, the worst communication possible. You didn’t even attempt to sell your own game….
  9. Thanks for the chuckle. I always get a laugh out of a pve person’s take 👍
  10. ORP is PVE. One of the worst systems imaginable. Putting it on official would be a death sentence. Play PVE if you don’t want to get raided. ORP is a joke and can be exploited to no end. Why wouldn’t I just store all of my valuables in another tribe with PIN coded doors that only I know?
  11. BECAUSE PEOPLE LOVE ARK AND THERE IS NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE. How is this SO INCREDIBLY difficult for you to understand? Your level of fanboy here is pathetic. How long have you even been playing Ark? Perhaps you are too new to understand the incompetency of WC…..
  12. So your whole point is the point I just made lol? Loving Ark does not have to come with trusting or loving Wildcard.
  13. To what game? Where is the game that offers a survival experience where I can breed and tame creatures? There is no alternative to Ark. You could not pay me to play Conan’s Exiles. Why are you so emotional? No one is saying it is going to flop.
  14. You are the only person in the world who wanted to see what Beaver Dame would look like in ASA….people want to see the tames, you know the content that 99% of the game is based around. To imply they even TRIED to show us ASA is dishonest.
  15. This couldn’t be more off the mark. People are upset because they love Ark just as much as you do but have no faith whatsoever in Wildcard. Wildcard released Abberation and failed in two major ways that were easy to avoid. 1) They never tested the Mek against Turrets. So you could destroy someone’s base without the turrets even being activated. Seems like it would be the first thing you’d test right? 2) Megalosaurus is a must need tame on Abberation but on release they could not lay fertilized eggs to breed. THAT is who Wildcard is as a Dev. And that’s just 2 out of 100 possible examples I could bring up. Wildcard is so oblivious to their own game that they have always been 10 steps behind people searching for exploits.
  16. So you partnered with Nitrado and did NOTHING for solo players? Paying the same amount to host a 10 slot server that only I play costs the same amount for someone who maxes out the 10 slots 24/7. Nitrado states that the server cannot function without 10 slots which seems like a lie…. This update should have been handled in a much different way. You effectively just told the entire playerbase that the game now comes with a forced subscription Single player IS NOT ARK. If Forges don’t smelt once the game turns off, that’s not Ark. Whoever is managing this affair should be fired yesterday. You could not have communicated this to the audience in a worse way. You deserve 200% of the backlash now - it is no longer possible for even the diehards to defend you. RIP, you should have sold the IP years ago to Microsoft.
  17. Delusional. It’s strange how anyone can be a fan of this game and have this much faith in WC. They are ALREADY behind their release date for ASA. If you don’t want things such as Rock Elementals in the game than mod them out. They should erase tames people love because YOU find it unrealistic? Wild.
  18. I wonder how many checks they will have sent Vin Diesel by this time. Will be great for my grandchildren to watch the first episode of the animated series in 2090.
  19. Dose of reality: ASA isn’t coming out anytime soon. Q1 2024. I’ll be shocked if we see it this year and I bet they don’t show a single screenshot until the end of September. That said, excited for the Center. Unsure why it never got the proper love. When I think of “the golden years” of Ark I’m always thinking about the Center. It has an atmosphere that many of the other maps lack.
  20. Have raised a ton but have always just left the cakes on the snail. Set up 3 juveniles to feed off a trough and while I was logged in they were pulling from it. Came back on after a few hours and they all starved to death. 40 cakes in the trough. Any ideas as to what happened? Solo Nitrado server with all official settings.
  21. Woah woah woah, ADDRESS CRYOPODS. I will never play this game without Cryopods. If you launch AsA without them I will move on. It’s legit my ONLY “you lost my sale”. I’m not building a 50 foundation base to house Theris……..
  22. I played for years and did heavy alpha tribe breeding on official servers so I understand that grind very well. I would never play this game again without cryopods. It is the largest QOL addition they have made by far. The take is nonsensical. Cryopods will be in ASA at launch.
  23. It is nonsensical to think they would release ASA without cryopods. Where is this take even coming from?
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