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What are the 70 changes?

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2 minutes ago, Xxtheclashxx said:

ive been wondering too. why is it a secret? why is it PC only ?

also where is the update? still dont have it.

It not PC only, it's PC 'first'. Updates always come out first on PC and then later for the consoles.

Let the PC peeps test it first 🤣

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7 hours ago, riceandvegetable said:

I'm dying to know what has been changed in detail! Anywhere I can look it up?

It's self-explanatory - "related to mesh holes and foliage across all maps".

They're not going to publish maps showing each and every mesh hole and foliage problem that they fixed, what they're trying to do is communicate to the player base that they're still actively engaged in fixing mesh and foliage bugs even this late in the game. So when some people, inevitably, jump on the forums and complain that they "never" fix bugs it can be pointed out that nearly every patch mentions the ongoing efforts to fix mesh and foliage bugs.

If you know of a specific location where the mesh is bugged you can go check it and see if they've fixed something you're aware of, but otherwise all that really matters is that 70 of them (spread across all the maps) have been fixed. Other than that, just know that 70 of them have been fixed with this patch.

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9 hours ago, riceandvegetable said:

Nah, I'm boring lawful good. I guess I just had in my mind the list of things I wish that got fixed and made the update into "the final big patch to solve all this", heh.

Sooner people learn how to fly than we get this game fully finished 😅

But similar matter bothers me all the time - they constantly write in patch notes something like: fixed some exploits, and you never know how many or which ones ;)

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