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ARK One Year Anniversary and Patch 242: Enter the Dragon!


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1 minute ago, orionwinterfire said:

So they have time to goof off on reddit but not their own forums?

Guess so. Who knows, maybe they just prefer Reddit. Does seem like you're more likely to get a developer's response on there at any rate. Then again, you're more likely to get info on Twitter than Reddit, haha. It seems like the pecking order of information outlets from best to worst goes: Twitter --> Reddit --> Steam --> Here. But, to quote Drake, the Six God: "Y'know how dat poop go." 

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This patch was horrible to me and everyone who dared to trust wildcard and were inside the biome changes area. We took the time to grab and pack our stuff and dinos, move outside of the zone in a temporary location to setup back inside the new biome, on most official servers good spots are taken already and unless you want to war someone while all your weak dinos are in a horribly protected area. Your pretty much ****.

We took the time to be sure our stuff would be ready for the 30, some of us more than other but we did it. I personally destroyed my year old base / moved all the half of the mats i got back for it, back to my temporary location. Thats hundreds thousands weight worth of construction material. Knowing wildcard, obviously we expected some delay or last minute update to the patch notes, so we kept refreshing the official patch notes topic. Making sure biome change would happen before we finalised destructions.

Then 2 days delay, ok, but biome is still in here so its fine, we were ready for that, wildcard never release on time so no surprise there. Will just have to stay logged on every waking hour to make sure that if someone do raid the place, ill know who did it (renaming tribe / dino is rather common and easy way to hide yourself in offline raid). 

Then at the end of that 2 days delay, a forum post pop up, about a rumor that biome change are not going in.... check the patch notes, nope still here and patch notes were updated an hour ago, were safe... Then someone link that twitter 7 hours later, an obscure reply to someone talking about a baby dino and asking a question on the side on twitter... a reply by none other than jen, the same jen who own the official patch notes topic. more than 10 hours after that twitter reply was made, they finally update the patch notes and remove the biome update from it.. pushing it not 2-3 more days, not 1 week, not even 2 weeks. 3 whole weeks. 


Me and everyone who were planning on rebuilding their main base inside the new biome are now stuck with a decision.

We either waste half of half our base material to build a proper temporary base that can survive raids to an extent (using all the mats we got from demoing our main base), in a subpar location and then when biome update finally show up in a month (lets be realistic here, its not gonna be on june 22 will it ?). We get to demo out base all over again, repack whats left of it (now 25% of our main base initial material) and use that to restart a proper base in a location we actually like. 

Or we gamble on the fact noone will profit of the fact we are horribly crippled and filled to the brim with materials to raid and take everything (which im sure many will do).


Now youd think, well wildcard must at least be doing something about it right ? Welp, who knows with the communication were getting they could just all be dancing and drinking right now, well never know. A simple were sorry it was our fault (because it was, theres no beta or early access or alpha excuse here, if they cant communicate now, they wont ever be able to communicate, an official launch wont change that). Would already be infinitely better than the complete silence weve had. Ideally some form of compensation since most of us stuck in this situation cant even play now or for the next 3 weeks, were stuck on guard duty or lose everything. Let alone participate in that event, or try to enjoy the new baby interaction stuff. 

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  • Auto-Turrets can no longer be built on Quetz/Sauro/Mosa/Plesi/Paracer platforms (Plant turrets can't be grown on them). Any existing turrets on such platforms will no longer fire. Otherwise they're now only allowed on Rafts and non-moving Bases.

  • Plant Turrets now consume Fertilizer per shot, and also will not shoot if no water is in the crop plot."'


RIP Base it was the last defence when a tamed giga rush in to ur base ...

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8 hours ago, Tomazon said:

How to do the antidote for the Leech?


Simply learn the engram, then you have to Farm the items. Should not be too difficult. But remember it lasts only three hours and you cant Put in the refrigerator. The blond lasts 12 days in the refrigerator so just collect the items and crqft only antidot when necesary. 

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