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  1. Happy Holidays: Community Crunch 113!

    So why is it that only the official servers get holiday events? That really messed up considering I've been with this game sense the beginning and it was great that first year when everyone got to participate in the events even the unofficial servers. It was great when my friends and I got to participate in hunting skeleton dinos and then chasing raptor claus, but i guess WC doesn't care about it's community anymore only about making money and expanding profits. Way to go WC, you officially sunk to every other game developers level, just when i thought you were different.
  2. You’d think after officially releasing the game they would actually try and meet their ETA, I have never had a problem like this with another game company after they officially released a game. Like fallout, when they said far harbor would be released in may, guess what it released in may. I’ve just never seen this with another company before,WC you need to get your act together quit extending yourself over dozens of projects and just focus on a few. I’m tired of seeing you guys say we are doing this and this and this. Focus on aberration and incorporating the mods you started sponsoring almost a year ago, is anything going to ever happen with those?
  3. Community Crunch 98: Gold Master Edition

    So the console players that have been waiting for over a month for ragnarok because WC said they were singularly focusing on the release date were completely lied too because apparently you can't even release the game on the specified release date you told the world about at E3. So now two months later I will finally get ragnarok maybe but I'm not going to hold my breath and hopefully get that full release game I preordered. Also love how other things were pushed back but the stupid broken atv still made it through to the game. At this point I'll get to play the new battlefront before ark full releases or ragnarok comes to console.
  4. so with ragnarok being delayed again, hopefully the full release won't be delayed as that seems to be their focus.
  5. Here we are on July 19 and studio WC is still silent and haven't seen anything posted or stated at all this month. Ragnarok still is not out for consoles and on other sites it is saying it is delayed again, wish that they would say that on this site as it is their official one. Does this mean that the official release is going to get delayed too? wish that there was some answers and communications, after two years wish that this wasn't a problem anymore(communication) and also wish they were better about the delays.
  6. Too many structures

    I play on my computer as well and it is where I test the builds I finalize on the PS4 and the same exact build on my computer never ran into this issue but then when I start on the PS4 I now run into this issue, so I don't see how you say this has been in the game for over a year, this isn't something I have ever encountered before. Also when people say they wish they would fix this like I did in my earlier post, it is in no reference to it being a bug. I'm simply stating I wish they would fix this or edit it sense this is still an alpha game. they seem to have no issue constantly redoing the dinos and other creatures of the game as well as other aspects. I just am putting my opinion in that I hope they rethink and consider changing this.
  7. Too many structures

    I play on my PS4 mainly and it has no option to change the structure limit.
  8. Too many structures

    This is probably the dumbest thing ever that wild card has done. This is worse than the flyer nerf. I've spent the better part of days building a wyvern keep on my center map and now just as I starting to finish it says I've reached the structure limit in this area for it so now it is half done and looks like crap. I wish they would fix this on consoles as I play on the PS4 and it seems like they never really fix the problems on the console edition. This is dumb I understand if you want to limit structures on official servers but come on, don't do it to private and unofficial maps this was one of the biggest pluses of this game, being able to build whatever you could imagine and now they have ruined it.
  9. Workshop Wednesday: Issue #2 - Mapping Out Your Success

    Amazing maps really hope they all make it into the game would love to play on all of them.
  10. Ps4 Imprinting Problems

    i'm trying to figure out what you mean and i just don't understand it cause no matter which slider i touch or anything the only way i can get 100% imprint is by resetting all my sliders back to default and waiting days for a baby to grow which unfortunately i have a life outside of ark and don't have that kind of time to devote to ark.
  11. Ascension

    I don't know if many people have already figured it out or if I did it wrong but I did the highest level one and it made me respawn and I respawned at lvl 100 had no soul cube as they describe it but my implant said ascendant and said plus 15 levels and none of my engrams or points had reset so don't understand what point of it though
  12. Primitive Plus 1.4 Patch Notes ETA 1/18

    So is primitive plus still being added to or has it been abandoned, I play on all three platforms but I'm starting my first primitive plus server on the center map on my PS4 and I would like to know if it still being produced or if they have ditched it. I would like to see more items that have come out such as the lance get added to it but if they aren't continuing on it what's the point cause I can't find any notes or posts on if it is still updating
  13. ARK: Fear Evolved 2!

    has anyone who played the event yet know where you can find the mask like the clown and wolf also cant ever find the dodorex or wyvern it always says their summoned and then immediately despawn.
  14. ARK: Fear Evolved 2!

    figures also is anyone having problems where dodorex or wyvern spawn and then instantly is gone?