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  1. I have a new suggestion. Would it be possible to add a "added date" to the library list so we could sort by when we added / obtained the dino ? Would make it easier to see generation improvements and i imagine it shouldnt be hard to add for the future dinos at least (not sure if you have the date on the existing data). Just using the index to give them a fake date so that older ones get listed as older even tho we dont have the exist date would probably be more than enough to not mess up old databases.
  2. This patch was horrible to me and everyone who dared to trust wildcard and were inside the biome changes area. We took the time to grab and pack our stuff and dinos, move outside of the zone in a temporary location to setup back inside the new biome, on most official servers good spots are taken already and unless you want to war someone while all your weak dinos are in a horribly protected area. Your pretty much ****. We took the time to be sure our stuff would be ready for the 30, some of us more than other but we did it. I personally destroyed my year old base / moved all the half of t
  3. would be cool to have the probability for the worse possible breed (like we have the best one) as well as maybe a third line showing the most probable result. Also, it would be cool for actual value to be written as tooltip when you over the wild level values (for instance in the best possible breed preview, hovering 28 in the hp column on a bronto breed would output "hp:13992.1" as tooltip
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