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  1. your feathered dinosaur models are way better than the scaly ones... you should really consider about changing t-rex and utahraptor models with feathered ones ! that whould be so baddass
  2. ovis's meat supposed to be the most favorite food for the carnivores so what about making it a "kibble" for taming troodons ? i would prefer to sacrifice a bunch of sheeps instead of a giga....
  3. since we have the sheep on the game and it's meat suppose to be even better than prime meat... what about making it more effective for taming troodons ? like a kibble... i really don't want to sacrifice a bunch of giganotosaurus just to tame a troodon...
  4. anyone knows the console commands to spawn in the tek tier items ? i've been looking for them the whole day...
  5. what you did with basilo and the water it spits out is amazing ! i never thought about rainbows on ark...! the small details like this make your game perfect !
  6. when the haircut mechanic is out are you planning to add different haircuts for other creatures with fur, like mammoths and sabers ?
  7. since we have cnidaria on the game... that's another reason to add a sea turtle like archelon because it can harvest its jellything !
  8. can't believe we actually lost the award... can't even belive how many crazy and weird people are out there.... why goat simulator ?! this game is a trash.... it is a complete 0 compared to ark...wait no... not even... it is so horrible that you can't even compare it with ark... so stupid
  9. With the haircuts coming on the next update... will we be able to change our own haircut without the help from other people ? i don't wanna trust my hair to anyone else... !
  10. you got to win the award..!! i mean.. did you saw the competition ?! who is even gonna vote for goat simulator or blood and bacon why these games even exist on steam ?!... okay maybe goat simulator is kind of good... but still why someone would vote for it !
  11. i have a question that i don't even know how to explain it... never mind my question is : are you going to add animations for the tusoteuthis and maybe even for all the creatures that can grab into other creatures...? i mean, make it like setting its tentacles around its prey instead of just having the creature into its mouth and having its tentacles going through it (it looks really derpy and i think you could change it to the best)... i hope you got my point...
  12. you know what... never mind i am gonna tame a bunch of parasaurs, equip them with my super amazing parasaur skin and pray to god that it will make me happier !!
  13. what about pc... i bought this game since it got released on steam... because i knew it would become something cool ! everyone who took the risk and bought a game that is in early access without even knowing if it would become something... you rewarded us with giving us a parasaur saddle skin... srsly... e parasaur saddle skin ?! nobody even tames parasaurs... at the begining i didn't mind... and then i saw i feal kind of jealous and upset... at least do something to balance our feelings...
  14. everything is awesome!!! but... i think the glitches on the caves or... whatever you call them... seems confusing, tricky and kind of annoying .... are you going to add a setting that just disable them ? overall it is pretty cool !!!
  15. The pg maps are awesome and i especially love the mountains they look very... realistic to me ... but it is also very laggy... especially in the jungles because of all these trees close one to the other.... i guess we already have an option to change it.. but i will have to look around for it ... and maybe on the future you will be able to fix it ? That would be amazing !!