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Among non-flyer fighters gigas are my favorite. Ever since I raised my first fully imprinted one, I barely used anything else: alpha hunting? Giga. Meatruns? Giga. Need something big and tough to tank whatever I'm taming? Giga (on passive).

The place of my favorite flyer is split between argents and (non-lightning, non-poison) wyverns.

Favorite aquatic... Well. Not much choice there. Basilo.

Favorite shoulder pet: featherlights (aesthetically), dimorphs (functionally), jerboas (ever tried to put a skeleton costume AND a clown mask on a jerboa? Try. Try it, and thank me after you have the first nightmare about the results).

Favorite "does nothing, but looks cool": unicorn (I have 6 adult ones and a podded baby).

Favorite other: maewing. Kinda cute, but what's more important that I can just fill it up with meat and leave it with a baby giga, and go for egg run or whatever... And then return to find a still alive baby giga. Even if I made no attempt to be over with it in five minutes, and instead took my sweet time picking eggs, and luring wyverns, and sight-seeing. Awesome.

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I have several favourites. 

In terms of flyers it is tied between the Wyvern and Griffin. Aesthetically the Ice Wyvern is definitely my top pick and as an avid fan of dragons, being able to fly on a wyvern is just something. After switching to pc I grew to love the usage of the Griffin, dive-bombing and its manoeuvrability is great.

Second is the Thyla, being able to explore on the ground, but also easily running away from threats by climbing a mountain. They’re also capable fighters and with a decent weight can easily be used in caves or for drop hunting. 

Than comes the Otter, it’s just cute and I can go around snow without worrying about freezing.

My favourite dino is actually from a mod, the Acrocanthosaurus, but in terms of Ark dino’s it is probably the Spino. 

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It seems as if I'm echoing the previous posts, but my favorite is the thylo,  followed closely by the otter.   I cannot resist taming almost any thylo I see, especially during a color event.   For a shoulder pet, I have several of every one available, but I have probably 10 otters spread out across the maps,  always one on my shoulder not only for the insulation, but to grab multiple artifacts.

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Mäeving. Apart from its immensely useful nursing function it's also fun to glide and slide and dive around with. Extra likability points for being an adorable mammal.

Also argy, because it's so versatile.

Also dimo, because it's a bodyguard and assists me in the everlasting conflict with the ichthyornis.

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