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  1. It has been a while. Time to play has been really limited. During Fear Evolved I had to prepare to defend my thesis. Which unfortunately cut my time short. Graduating was a priority, but at least I succeeded. I did fire up Ark for a bit. So, here a recap of several short session First I brought some Giga’s over to the Island. Mainly to actually see the Dodorex for the first time. Been playing for years, but never actually seen it in game Had day and night drift by, when I finally got the messages it had arrived. We went on the hunt and managed to slay the beast! Three of my Giga’s died
  2. A recap of yesterday. Again didn’t play for very long, but I did accomplish a few things. When I logged on the goal was to get to level 16 and build a raft. So, I started gathering the materials. After doing that I wanted to get a berry collector. My target became the Parasaur I tried to kill yesterday. Level 30 and very colourful. Bola’d her and clubbed her in the face. Knocked her out, put Mejo’s in her and waited. Easy tame in a quiet area, when she stood up I named her Danny. We walked back home and I made a saddle. this sped up the narcotic making process considerably. Anyways,
  3. Wanted to play a bit after work, but actually getting to that point took much longer than expected: Today I wiped my Valguero save to start fresh and it was a struggle. Even though I only played about an hour. Spawned in at the small islands. Obvious and relatively easy first place. Got a small thatch hut going immediately. Followed by the hunt for hide. My first target, a level 30 pig. Attacked it and lost it in the vegetation several times. I remembered how much i dislike the bushes on Valguero. They are a pain. Lost the pig completely and gave up. Decided to go for something that would
  4. Again, didn’t do to much this morning. Started of checking on imprint timers. Went out and did a dino scan. Finally a high level Mosa popped up. Flew over there. Finding it was actually the hard part, as it had meshed itself through the rocks. Taming was very easy and safe. Podded her and went back home. My wyvern wanted to walk. Did that and hatched dimorph eggs after. Few keepers, twin males with all the stats. All Megatherium babies were killed, again. Female Theri matured, male is at 80%. Giga’s are at 75%. Deinonychus’s grew up. Put them all next to each other and compared them. Only kept
  5. After being obligated to show my face at a birthday, I lasted two hours, went home and fired up Ark just to relax before heading of to bed. Thus a very short session. Started and had to wait about halve an hour to imprint one of my Giga’s again. During the update this morning I added a few mods (not sure wether I’ll keep them or not. One of them added more animals. Dino scan showed a 300 Snow Leopard. Which I tamed. It is a very pretty animal. After that I visited the Fire Wyvern trench. Snatched a 350 egg. Teleported back and put it in the hatchery. Imprint timer was down to 6 minut
  6. Started of imprinting my 3 Giga’s. Did a dino scan and came up with a list of the ones I wanted. Tamed 6 Yuty’s, 3 Griffins, a snow owl 4 Carno’s, 2 Wolfs, 2 X-Allo’s, a Deinosuchus, a Quetz, another R-Giga and 4 X-Anky’s. I also started working on a new building, but got distracted and teleported to my old base to get al my Deinonychus eggs. Hatched them all. Only kept 4, this may change when they grow up. I need to pay more attention to their stats. Anyway, another imprint on my Giga’s (hour timers). Bred my now grown op Megatherium male to the female. No keepers so far. Did finall
  7. Learned today that singleplayer on Fjordur is very buggy. Which explains the problems I’ve been having. Luckily singleplayer also offers ways around these problems. Started of the day breeding Megatheriums, first baby killed. Letting the timer run down, I wen to get groceries. New baby just popped when I came back. Killed, again. Teleported to my autumn base to do a dino scan. 5 High level Therizino’s. 3x 300 and 2x 290. Tamed them all. Two weren’t any good. Put the other at base, close to a hatchery and let them breed. Also brought my Megatheriums over again to the autumn base. Seco
  8. Lately it has been a lot of one step forward and several steps back with Ark. Got on and bred my Megatheriums, babies weren’t any good. After waiting around in between timers, I eventually went out and did a dino scan to see what was out there. 300 R-Giga, yes please! Got her tamed up and podded her. 280 X-Dunkleo and he had almost beached himself. Easy tame, next to him a 280 Angler and Xiphactinus. Got them both. Teleported back to base and threw all three creatures in my pen. Then teleported to Jotunheim. Arrived and got the message your, all water creatures, were killed. Lost eve
  9. When I played last sunday, it wasn’t very active. Meshed through a rock when exploring on my newly bred Basilo twice. Loaded an older save the first time it happened. I ended up in an even worse situation as I couldn’t retrieve the items I gathered that second time. Today I reloaded the first save where I meshed. Retrieved my items, and teleported to base. Went on to relocate some more materials and animals from my old base to my “Autumn Base”, as I haved dubbed it. Tamed 4 Argies. Got a few better stats than I currently have. Mainly in stamina and health. I will get to breeding then
  10. Been awhile since I last played, but atleast I got a lot done on Fjordur today. Started of by breeding my Megatherium’s and after four babies I managed to get three keepers. A set of twins, both female and a male. Now to combine the three, in order to get the weight, melee and stamina in. Later on I found a wild male with better health. So, I’ll breed that in once I’m done. Also went on a taming spree. Got 5 Megalodons, kept 4. Two M and two F. Bred them and got a M with all the high stats from one pair, and a F from the other! Once they matured I bred them and got another set of twins, M
  11. Been awhile since I last played. Was actively playing some other games and also haven't had the energy to fire up ark. This is a compilation of small sessions here and there. Continued breeding Megatheriums on Fjordur. Still no success. The game just doesn't want me to have a baby with all the stats. Planned on expanding to a area below, but the terrain is very uneven and placing a behemoth gate just looks weird . Need to plan some more and work out how to exactly encorporate the lower area. Decorated my base a bit, but didn't do anything else of note. On Ragnarok I just messed arou
  12. Spent more time working on my base. Added a house for myself with a nice porch. It’s got some really nice views. Beneath my house I built storage for weapons, saddles and their blueprints. Built houses around my forge, replicator and one for a grinder, fabricator and chem bench. After that I teleported back to my old base to collect all the items and resources. Went back and forth for those, as well as to bring my dino’s over. Birds are all on the roof, megatherium/Fenrir and kento in the stable. Erin is located next to my house, same goes for my doeds and ankylo’s. The latter two still need d
  13. Continued working on my base on Fjordur for a bit. Finished the roof of the large building, made it flat in order to house all my flyers. Also brought my Quetz over for measurements. Added a storage building and organised it. After that I started working on my perimeter wall. My base should now be safe, as I added several plant species X to block any unwanted guest. Brought Bane (Acro) over to see if he would fit and I actually have a lot more space then I originally thought. To think of the future I build and elevator, which is connected to the plateau below. I can easily wall that one off, f
  14. Played for a bit last night as well, went flying around to scout for a base location, again. Flew over two of the islands several times. When I kept going back to a certain area with autumn coloured trees, on the largest island. Decided that this area will be my main base location, for now atleast. It is has a very nice view and a larger flat area than I thought at first. Started with the constructing of the base. Small crafting area overlooking a large portion of the map. It was meant to be my personal house. But it turned into a stable . It has small sections for shoulder pets. This map con
  15. Started the day on Genesis 2. Tamed a few more Shadowmanes and a nice R-Quetzal. Uploaded all of them, including the Shadowmanes I tamed before, and the items I collected. Went to Ragnarok and downloaded everything. Put the Shadowmanes in a row and the Quetzal on a perch. Took a look at their stats and bred a high health female to a male. Popped a male with her health on the first try! Will raise him and breed him to my high melee/stamina female and high weight female. Hopefully, I can get a baby with the colour from my high melee/stamina female. She has a light greyish colour that I want
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