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  1. I learned recently that there was a structure limit in a given area. I set out to make the largest building I could, starting with a 33 x 33 foundation. Did not get to build as high as I wanted, but ended up with a very nice sized dino storage hall. Main and top floor are 8 walls high, with a middle floor 4 walls. Perfect for the upcoming event. Colors and color mutations galore. If anyone is curious, the structure limit is somewhere around 6800 pieces.
  2. What I noticed was that even upon relaunch of the game, the points spent in speed are always refunded. So for now I just level each flyer as I need them the start of each session.
  3. Haven't posted in several days. I've been enjoying the genesis maps. I have been able to take down the gamma Master Controller, but it was hardly worth the price. I lost 4 shadowmanes, my yuty and my personal bodyguard rex.( he was on follow and passive. Poor guy didn't have a chance to defend himself. My bad.) With my newly crafted tek skiff I have been farming genesis drops like mad. Fun vehicle for sure. Stepping away from genesis, I took my shadowmane army and a few rexes and completed the valguero fight on all difficulties, then did the Center on gamma. I only had
  4. I could have sworn I've seen one since then in my sp, but now you have me questioning. Have you done a dino wipe? That's usually when I notice them, upon the fresh spawn.
  5. I was unaware of this. Time to start prepping harder for the fights
  6. Chibi will get you a max of 5 levels, so one more available for you. You can get a maximum of 15 levels for ascending on both the island and aberration, for a total of 30. Then there is an additional 10 levels you can get for all the explorer notes off of all maps.
  7. I was able to find a low level tek stryder with the saddlebags and excavation rig. What an amazing tame. I have been making ark daily trips to the space biome and cranking out all the resources. I also tentatively poked my head into the Rockwell area on gen 2. Scary place but not overly so. Had a noggin take over my thyla. His bites hurt! I rocketed up to the sky and waited till the noggin fell off. Not sure if I want to try and tame one as I'm only singleplayer pve, but there is the achievement....
  8. I have been bouncing back and forth between gen 1 and 2. Amazing maps with new gameplay. The missions are very difficult, which adds back in the challenge factor that was missing at the end game I've been at. Thoroughly enjoying the expansions.
  9. Just curious when the next event with colored dinos is going to be. I just got genesis and if an event is close I won't go wild with the tames yet.
  10. I finally broke down and got the Genesis season pass. Gen 2 is gorgeous. I build up a 2 x 2 shack with the basics, then transfered back to my main base to craft all the new toys I unlocked. Made up a tek bow, tek canteen and some nets for my harpoon gun. Back to Gen 2. I then snagged the first decent level r-thyla I could find and started exploring. The tek bow is amazing. Searching for the perfect spot to set up the main base for the map. So many options.
  11. I have been building up on Valguero. Working on an ewok tree village. So far I have 3 tree platforms set in fairly close proximity. The plan is to connect them all with bridges and zip lines. Yesterday I made the trek to gather all 10 artifacts in preparation for the boss fights.
  12. Completed Beta Rockwell. I took in 12 megalos, 2 reapers as bodyguards, my drake and a light pet. By far the hardest boss fight I've had thus far. Drake just about died, light pet did die when I got knocked off my mount, and the megalos wouldn't attack when they were supposed to so I did the entire fight with my shotgun. Finally got them to attack during the last "round" and they shredded what was left of his health. I did beta because that gave me the last two engrams I needed. I think I'll have to beef up the army a touch for the alpha ascension. Was a blast though. I was nervo
  13. Just curious if anyone has an idea how many stackable resources are in the game. Looking at building a dedicated storage house but can't find a number online of how many dedicated boxes I need to craft up.
  14. I appreciate all the responses but I feel my point wasn't fully explained. I am simply asking what the long time players do to stay invested in the game, not for someone to tell me what's fun. Starting over and inflicting restrictions are always an option, but I personally don't feel like starting over. Seems like building Is the way to go after completing the boss fights.
  15. So I'm in a conundrum. I have been progressing through the game on a single player world with some QOL adjustments to the settings. I have completed the alpha ascension on the island, the boss fights on Rag, scorched earth and crystal isles, all titans on extinction with the exception of the king titan. The only major fight left story wise is rockwell, which I am 99% prepared for. I have yet to purchase the genesis season pass, so can't access that content. My question is this: What do I do after Rockwell? I realize I have some levels to gain after the ascensions, but what do I d
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