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  1. Picking just one creature Is difficult. For land mounts my favorites are the thyla and the rock drake. Both are great for travel, combat and utility, and the colors can be quite nice. For air travel, I'd have to say the wyvern, as who doesn't want to ride a dragon? Water mounts hands down is the basilosaurus. The fun electrical creatures pose no harm making the ocean experience a little less stressful. And, finally, shoulder pets. This one solidly was awarded to the otter, as its cuteness factor, thermal insulation and artifact carrying made it the most useful IMHO. However, with the introduction of the sinos my poor otters are feeling severely neglected. A pet that's a hang glider, a backpack and can scare away those darn ants and thief birds...yes please. Plus, they are cute in there own right.
  2. Haven't posted in awhile, so thought I would drop an update. Lost Island has been a blast. With the Sino I have been able to drop down from the tek tier and enjoy a little more primitive experience. The new map has almost all the dinos one could want and is fun to explore. I was able to find a breeding pair of unusually high level rexes and have been playing with breeding them. I would never use them in a boss fight as they are too overpowered, but very fun for meat runs. I was finally able to convince my girlfriend to play with me! She loves fishing in games, so the valentine's event was easy to convince her to try. She agreed to every other day now, so I spend one day prepping and planning and the next day playing with her. I have played nothing but solo since I started, so having a teammate is a nice change.
  3. Unequip a piece of armor while you are in the ob menu. It should populate the tab with your items
  4. I couldn't get my glider to work on lost island either. I didn't try anywhere else yet.
  5. Ever since the Turkey Trials started, maybe before, rock drake eggs have not been spawning in the trench on Aberation in my single player game. (Xbox) During events I do dino wipes often to force reaper spawns, but when I noticed the eggs not spawning I stopped. Still no luck. There are lots of drakes in the area so I'm not sure what the issue is. I was curious if anyone else has had or has this issue and any possible solutions I may have missed.
  6. Ravagers on aberation do just as well. Can't knock bleed damage.
  7. Single player xbox here. The rock drake eggs/nests are not spawning in my aberation. Eggs are spawning on all other maps correctly, just not on ab. I haven't checked the other issues in this thread, but would really like to grab some event drakes.
  8. I have had no issues. Have been to three maps since event started and everything is where it should be. *knock on wood*
  9. So the plan yesterday was to clean up the new base on CI then head to aberation to look for another reaper, possibly with event colors. But wait, I finally got the max level mate for my Para, so might as well breed then up quick and see. ( single player, mating rates boosted.) While they are gestating, I jump on my shadowmane and run through the neighboring desert for some meat. What do I see around the corner? 150 male giga. Hightail back to base for trap and proceed to trap, knock out and tame up. He was actually within render distance of my base. Got him back to base and checked on the paras. Twins! Popped em in the maewing and checked timer. Plenty of time to complete my meat run that was interrupted. Just a little farther from base than.the last giga I run into a 145 female giga. My lucky day. Sprint back to the base for the dino gates for the trap, quick imprint on the paras and back out to tame up a mate for the first gig. Needless to say I didn't make it to aberation, but I have a new breeding pair of gigas to work with! Paras both got imprinted as well. Was a good session.
  10. I learned recently that there was a structure limit in a given area. I set out to make the largest building I could, starting with a 33 x 33 foundation. Did not get to build as high as I wanted, but ended up with a very nice sized dino storage hall. Main and top floor are 8 walls high, with a middle floor 4 walls. Perfect for the upcoming event. Colors and color mutations galore. If anyone is curious, the structure limit is somewhere around 6800 pieces.
  11. What I noticed was that even upon relaunch of the game, the points spent in speed are always refunded. So for now I just level each flyer as I need them the start of each session.
  12. Haven't posted in several days. I've been enjoying the genesis maps. I have been able to take down the gamma Master Controller, but it was hardly worth the price. I lost 4 shadowmanes, my yuty and my personal bodyguard rex.( he was on follow and passive. Poor guy didn't have a chance to defend himself. My bad.) With my newly crafted tek skiff I have been farming genesis drops like mad. Fun vehicle for sure. Stepping away from genesis, I took my shadowmane army and a few rexes and completed the valguero fight on all difficulties, then did the Center on gamma. I only had one set of artifacts, so was not able to do the other difficulties. That is the project for this weekend, but it's the last set of boss fights on the dlc maps I have to do so I will be taking my time with the rest. I'm pretty bummed that not all the missions are available in genesis 2 on the xbox sp. I'd really like to complete ALL the boss fights, but I'll just continue to farm drops on gen 2, at least until the next color event.
  13. I could have sworn I've seen one since then in my sp, but now you have me questioning. Have you done a dino wipe? That's usually when I notice them, upon the fresh spawn.
  14. I was unaware of this. Time to start prepping harder for the fights
  15. Chibi will get you a max of 5 levels, so one more available for you. You can get a maximum of 15 levels for ascending on both the island and aberration, for a total of 30. Then there is an additional 10 levels you can get for all the explorer notes off of all maps.
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