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  1. Made up a bunch of kibble, my egg fridge was full. Then I did the dreaded follow all whistle in the middle of my base. After an hour or so of rearranging all my dinos I was tired of looking at the base, so went to CI and built up a base there. Tamed up a max level spino, two rexes, a bary and a blood wyvern. Looking for a couple more bloods to start breeding up the boss army for the crystal isles fight.
  2. A galli with points into speed is something to behold. I had one before the great single player wipe a few months back. Moved so fast my xbox could barely keep up. I also have a unicorn I have bumped up to unusually high speed. Walks faster than most mounts sprint.
  3. All good suggestions. Thank You. I ended up combining the ideas and built a Phlinger inspired base on Crystal Isles, right on the water to dock my raft. Already found a max level spino, bary, and two Rex's for the new map.
  4. It was a busy weekend. Went to CI and farmed up two sets of artifacts. Took one set back to Rag and did the alpha boss fight after killing off a few spinos and titanoboas for the trophies. Then I tore down and rebuilt my Para element farm. Much more efficient design. Ran a few drops on extinction and found a couple nice colored snow owls to add to the collection. Metal runs, meat and berry runs. Then to finish off the weekend I went to The Center and found a couple high level Rex's and a 140 tan colored giga. Good weekend overall.
  5. One of my favorite threads on the forum is the "what did you do in Ark today", so I thought I'd flip it a little and see what suggestions I can get of what I should do in ark today. About my game: single player with a few boosts to taming and raising. Main base is on Ragnarok with initial base on the Island. Small satellite outposts on extinction and aberation. I have completed all bosses on the island with the exception of the alpha tek cave/overseer. I have completed the alpha ragnarok fight as well. Storywise I have Rockwell and the tek cave left. I have an element farm with
  6. I have my kibble farm on sloped roofs. The eggs seem to be easier to grab for things like Moschops, but have never tried with megalania
  7. So after a mad taming spree on the "last" day of the event I log off to see the event extended. I'm going to have to make a new base/holding pen for all these colorful dinos. I decided to do one quick run of gacha breeding before logging off. 1 male and 5 females. Babies popped and before I had them sorted the gestation timer had started again. (Boosted single player). Kill off first round of babies and what do I find in second round? Nor one but a mated pair of element gachas. Podded em, killed off the rest and went happily back to base to raise em up.
  8. Yesterday was a good day. Went looking for event dinos and found several that were at max level. I believe I have a thyla problem as I tame two or three every trip. I then added on to the main base on Rag. Added a nice breeding/hatching room with windows to give the dinos something to look at instead of face to the wall. One final run for drops before bed and I found a red and black rex to add to my stable. Low level but it's one more color to work with to add to the line.
  9. I have had party dodos on my single player game for over a week now. I was able to use the cake slices to make chibis only. Now that the event is active, the chibi recipe calls for prime meat jerky, but I can see nothing that requires the cake slices. Am I missing something?
  10. I'm 99% sure I had trip wyverns pop out of the incubator
  11. My single player is still on version 929.7. Is there a way to force update so the loot crates finally work? XBox version
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