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antimesh Anti-Mesh System False Positives


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ANd here we go again... Antimesh killed me and my dino for the 2nd time.

this time we were farming metal. My friend tried to grab our ANKY with ARGI when i was riding it going up on a muntain. The grab pushed me and anky inside the mesh....ANTIMESH kicked n.
I lost my equipment AND our precious farming Anky LV 259
In my opinion devs MUST support us as we try to support them, thir cerrer and their families. If we take our time to help the company and you fixing your product you must help us on not loosing interest. I like Ark...but i can assure you that this kind od BUGS/PROBLEMS are damaging your playerbase instead of helping fight abusers.
SUGGESTION: >if a detailed description+screen proof (we support you and your job) is posted on forum at least give the dino back to the player. As usual i0'm opening asupport ticket too consuming my time to help as much as i can.


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I was shooting a velonasaur from atop the proto-ark's northern metallic thing while prone, I shot a couple times then suddenly got sent to respawn screen.  This is the first time this ever happened to me so I was confused.

Server was extinction 449, I noticed that my shots were having trouble hitting even though I looked like I had line of sight so I kept getting closer, I figured my shots might have been hitting the ground, there might be some wierd collision there and I might have slipped in while standing on it, that could have been what caused it.  But from my perspective I was on top of it as shown on the second image, except I wasn't mounted because I was using a longneck.


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I am here to report yet another death to a false positive.  I play on the only Genesis hardcore server "hardcore11". The full server info is in the attached image. I have died once already to the antimeshing, I went through the trouble of convincing family to play, and they have now died to antimeshing. PLEASE tell me how to avoid this!!! WE LOG OFF ON THE SECOND FLOOR....how then do we die by this feature? Isn't antimeshing stopping people from getting in the map? If log off 2-3 wall height above the ground....why am I being griefed by this feature? You'll see in the second attachment the coordinates of the player death and the bloodstalker death from the antimeshing feature. Tell me what I can do to avoid this..... should I log off 10 stories high? will that matter? Should I use a bed before logging off, will that keep me in place? Why when i log in, is the system deciding to kill me rather than teleport me to my last acceptable coordinates? or the nearest acceptable coordinates?


Tribe Log 2.PNG

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So I was trying to get some element and electronics with my friend on Extinction when I picked our doedicurus up with an argy with my friend on it. The doedicurus then was inside of the bridge at approximately X=33718.137 Y=15078.460 Z=-24923.807 and then got killed by “Anti-Meshing” when we didn’t do it on purpose. Is there anyway I could get it back. I’m on official btw. FA074FB3-145A-4621-B492-D3BE11312ECA.thumb.jpeg.41548f82acb649301c273857b67fd46c.jpeg

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So I had been playing genesis for a while and my members disliked the dlc so when transfers open I left and play with them which I was on xbox 122 smalltribes genone and join a scorched earth game but I had tame 10 bloodstalkers of high and low level one being a 150 prefect tame female and I had 7 (cryo) in my inventory giving 2 of them 2 friends but I'm not sure if tht spot is just glitched or it's a bloodstalker thing but I would be over joyed if I could get them back also my gt is aralysian 



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i was farming green gems and crystals in green zone earlier today.then i saw the server down message.so i parked my Drake on top of the metal structure in upper green where there's water coming out of it.to be safe i put everything in the Drake then log off.i got killed with no explanation when i got back on.then i tried to get my Drake back using another Drake.i got killed while i was on my 2nd drake by anti-meshing when i landed close to where i died when offline.the map is aberration lost a Drake and could possibly lose another and a very good anky in the pod.can u guys help?i got no other drakes left.

having a broken anti-meshing system is worse than not having one.

my advice is that u put a warning msg and a timer on it. it 'll save a lot of ppl




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NA-PVE-Official-GenOne591 server:  Patch lvl 306.84

Attempt to tame bloodstalker. Hands off keyboard. Received tamed message, followed by me falling to my death.

I managed to get back to my body, retrieve the remaining blood and grabbed by 2nd bloodstalker.

Once again, hands off of the keyboard, received the tamed message, then falling to my death. 

Then I checked my logs. Both killed by anti-mesh at the moment of taming.


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1 minute ago, Arkohalic said:

I have a teammate that was taming a Bloodstalker, lvl 140, and once it finished taming it kicked him off and then died to the anti mesh detection. 

I can't post the screenshot for some reason the photo is too big, the cords were X=270745.875 Y=161506.344 Z=35441.164 and I can email the screenshots if there's a way to do that? 


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I have had anti-meshing kill new tames literally right after they have tamed even though it looks like it kills it before it is tamed.  i would like to know why we can not get them back or replaced.  Its happening up in the trees. if that helps

130 female Blood Stalker cropped.jpg

140 male Bloodstalker cropped.jpg

145 female Blood Stalker cropped.jpg

Server info and Cords cropped.jpg

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added that it was happening in the trees
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