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  1. GenTwo servers show 65/70, 67/70, 69/70, etc, frequently several players below cap, but when trying to join the game says "Server Full". The number will change, but the message always displays when trying to join. Does this happen for everyone? Is the player count wrong on the server list, or is this a bug with the slot cap fix that was pushed last night?
  2. Super excited for the launch! Good luck polishing it up
  3. It can be HARD to find them when they fall/teleport. Part of the "hard" for that biome I guess. Took me an hour once!
  4. I've noticed on several maps that I play on that the longer it's been since the server was restarted, the more lag there is. After a server restart, lag and ping improve drastically for hours, and slowly get bad again. If it's been more than a few days to aw week, it gets horrendous. While it might not solve all server performance issues that plague the ARKs, the good old "turn it off and then on again" happening on a regularly scheduled basis could help improve performance on some servers, for some issues. If it's regularly scheduled, we can plan around it.
  5. Presumably you're on the extinction map. That sound is an Orbital Supply Drop coming down somewhere on the map. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Orbital_Supply_Drop_(Extinction)
  6. There are 3rd-party tools (standalone programs, not mods) that can help you keep track fo dino stats and know where mutations are. I use this: https://github.com/cadon/ARKStatsExtractor but I'm sure there are others. Highly recommended. Be sure to use unique names.
  7. Same thing on Island49. Not happening on all servers, just some. It's been about a day now.
  8. Just to add, the word "unplayable" is NOT being dramatic here. It's quite frequently unplayable on this server.
  9. Ditto. It's been constant issues. Rarely can I get on and not drop, have rubber bands for 5-10 minutes, wait for server hangs of 15-45 seconds that occur every 5ish minutes at most. This server needs some serious attention.
  10. I've lost yet another dino to the anti-meshing system incorrectly identifying meshing. This time just after taming a bloodstalker (look at the time codes). Please turn this off on PVE servers. Meshing isn't a problem on PVE, but the anti-meshing system still is killing things people worked for a long time for...
  11. Does this anti-meshing ever push your tame up forcefully. Twice in recent weeks I've experienced an odd, forceful push upward from the ground, and I first experienced this after that system was implemented. If so, I experienced it on Aberration 269 (ccc: 27907 -94704 31808 53.92 -21.51) , if not sorry for the spam and feel free to delete.
  12. @Cedric while the number of reports of false positives for anti-meshing may have decreased, the anti meshing thread still gets many reports a day. I also suspect people are not reporting it as much as they were because WC support doesn't do anything about it when people contact them for help. Patch notes in the past showed a few fixes for this problem, but there haven't been any new notes about it for over a week, and only a few fringe cases were in the notes to begin with. Unless they're being fixed in other ways than patches (which they very well could be, I have no clue to how it would
  13. You'll get that taming rate this weekend, all weekend The events can't all have everything boosted, the variety is what makes them unique.
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