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  1. Does this anti-meshing ever push your tame up forcefully. Twice in recent weeks I've experienced an odd, forceful push upward from the ground, and I first experienced this after that system was implemented. If so, I experienced it on Aberration 269 (ccc: 27907 -94704 31808 53.92 -21.51) , if not sorry for the spam and feel free to delete.
  2. @Cedric while the number of reports of false positives for anti-meshing may have decreased, the anti meshing thread still gets many reports a day. I also suspect people are not reporting it as much as they were because WC support doesn't do anything about it when people contact them for help. Patch notes in the past showed a few fixes for this problem, but there haven't been any new notes about it for over a week, and only a few fringe cases were in the notes to begin with. Unless they're being fixed in other ways than patches (which they very well could be, I have no clue to how it would be done), it supports what I said above about people just not reporting it anymore. I wish WC would at least to turn off this anti-meshing stuff on PVE servers until these bugs are sorted out, where it has minimal if any benefit and significant drawback to the PVE community.
  3. I def always have multiple dinos on neutral in my base. Sometimes they get out of place when stuff goes down, but I'd prefer that to the alternatives When I log in, before the base renders sometimes dinos will be in the area. When the base does render, they can resolve the issue by just being inside of the base instead. Most recent annoying but not damaging instance was a diplodocus , which proceeded to move all the things! with it's nudges.
  4. I believe it's terrain only.
  5. Early in playing, I decided to hop on ark after having a few beers. Died defending my favorite iguanadon in the swamp on the island. Bad enough, but I was determined to get it back because it wasn't dead yet. So I hopped on all of my favorite raptors and ran off to try to save it. Lost my five favorite tames that day.
  6. I think the benefits of having anti-meshing on on PVE are far less than the negatives, at least until they iron out the kinks. ItThe false positives combined with not restoring tames is pretty disrespectful to the PVE playing community. I also wish they'd engage with the community on the forums, if nothing else saying they understand the frustration and are still working to fix. Its like they have a gag order not to talk about anti-meshing. FWIW, my egg rooms are always not near the mesh or exterior walls. So far haven't had an egg stolen (knock on wood). Perhaps I'm just lucky, though.
  7. If you haven't already, please do report it on the anti-meshing thread, submit a ticket to support, and write a respectful letter to info@studiowildcard.com expressing frustration with the abundance of false positives in the new system. They seem to be ignoring (or, benefit of the doubt, not seeing) when people complain on the forums. Keep letting them know about the instances of false-positives and your frustration!
  8. Wildcard "losing" isn't what you should hope for, if you like these games. Just (significant) fixes to the anti-meshing false positives, and/or a change to the do-not-restore policy for tames destroyed by the false positives. An approach that would be more productive would be to do *all* of the following: Post all the info you have in the anti-meshing false positives thread (they'll need data to fix all of this!) Submit a ticket to support for each thing you have destroyed by a false positive. Be polite and respectful but express your frustration for the losses caused by false positives. Unless their policy has changed, they'll tell you that they won't do anything, but you'll still be a metric that lets them know the community wants attention on this. Write an email to info@studiowildcard.com, again be polite and respectful in expressing your frustration with anti-meshing false positives, and the policy for which false-positive destruction won't be restored. Sure, it might be a black hole of an email, and you almost certainly won't get a response, but somebody probably reads them and at least can tell others they've been getting a number of complaints about it. All of this may help get more focus from the folks at Wildcard on the problem, and more communication about what/when it will be fixed. @Cedric, will there be any more communication soon about what is being done to fix the anti-meshing destruction false positives? If not, can we please get more attention on it? It feels like we're walking around in a minefield of invisible mines that could destroy hours of work at any moment when playing ark right now. I know you asked for patience while your team works on it, but the false positives seem to be continuing to destroy things daily at a quick pace based off the false positives thread (and thats just the ones that get reported!). There have been some light details in the patch notes, but those seem to be fixes for very specific scenarios. The problem seems much bigger and wide spread than for the very specific fixes so far in the patch notes to solve the problem.
  9. You'll get that taming rate this weekend, all weekend The events can't all have everything boosted, the variety is what makes them unique.
  10. Various rates get boosted for events, and most weekends get boosted rates. This weekend there's an EVO event, and next week is a valentines day event, and they're boosting various rates for those. Check the homepage for articles about them. So they boost rates all the time, but it's sorta fun extras rather than an always boosted thing.
  11. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Base_Creature_Speeds This lists the base and sprint speed for all creatures in Ark. It doesn't take into account things like diving on griffins and snow owls, though.
  12. Frankly, that's a bad reason with it being as glitchy as it is, and how many things its destroying when it shouldn't. A better policy would be to only restore tames if you provide a post in the anti-meshing false positives thread, so that the community can help iron out the bugs and not feel bitter towards the studio. Or just looking at cases with a little more discretion. It seems pretty clear to me that a PvE player who had their tame destroyed but not themselves wasn't meshing, otherwise the player would have been destroyed too... @Cedric I'm sure you've noticed how many upset people are posting about false-positives and the support teams not being allowed to restore things that were destroyed incorrectly, and it's creating a lot of bad blood in the community. Just imagine how many people it happens to that don't bother to post on this forum. Perhaps you can bring it it up with your team to let support restore the tames of folks that report a false positive and provide data? It would help in perfecting the anti-meshing system, help not disenfranchise the fan base, and is a policy that could be changed once some more kinks are worked out of the new system. The anti-mesh is destroying too many things incorrectly and people are rightly angry.
  13. In my support ticket about this, the GM said to send an email to info@studiowildcard.com. Maybe that's a black hole, but maybe not. If enough people send emails about false positives, maybe they'll listen.
  14. If somebody is playing PvE, I don't think that's as valid a point as it would be for PvP. But regardless, until they iron out all of the kinks with the anti-meshing system, they should have a more lenient policy. Look at the false positives thread. That's a lot of folks losing stuff that they shouldn't be losing. Now imagine how many people don't know about this forum or aren't bothering to post. There's too many false positives happening from this new system for the "we can't know for sure" argument to hold water.
  15. In my support ticket about a rock drake being deleted by the anti-meshing system, while I was fighting a crab on aberration, I was told the following: The developers have told support not to restore anything destroyed by the anti-meshing system The developers have told support not to escalate/appeal this policy for PvE instances That implies a couple of things: It was a policy choice to not restore things being falsely destroyed -- they can, but won't, make it right when the new system messes up. And the fact that it happens to PvE players for which the meshing wasn't originally an issue doesn't change anything. I'm sure there are reasons for these decisions, but hasn't been much communication about it. Sure, there's the thread Cedric posted, but that seems to be only intake of information. There's some light details in community crunch, but that seems to be very high-level and downplays how incredibly frustrating it is to lose things you've spent hours developing through no fault of your own, and the light information in the posts does nothing to dissuade the fear that playing the game might randomly delete your tames, gear, and player, and there's nothing you can do to avoid it other than not play. You can scrounge up some scant details from patch notes, but that's about it. I no longer take any tames I care about losing around. I've put all my nice gear and favorite chibis in storage. It's definitely taken a lot of fun away from the game. I know meshing was a serious problem for the game and the Wildcard team really needed to do something about it, and I appreciate they've taken on what was probably no small feat. Their decision to not make right when false positives destroy peoples stuff, though, certainly makes me lose trust in the Ark team. I guess I'm starting to understand why there are so many salty comments towards them on the forms, twitter, reddit etc.
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