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  1. There are 3rd-party tools (standalone programs, not mods) that can help you keep track fo dino stats and know where mutations are. I use this: https://github.com/cadon/ARKStatsExtractor but I'm sure there are others. Highly recommended. Be sure to use unique names.
  2. Same thing on Island49. Not happening on all servers, just some. It's been about a day now.
  3. Just to add, the word "unplayable" is NOT being dramatic here. It's quite frequently unplayable on this server.
  4. Ditto. It's been constant issues. Rarely can I get on and not drop, have rubber bands for 5-10 minutes, wait for server hangs of 15-45 seconds that occur every 5ish minutes at most. This server needs some serious attention.
  5. To expand on what Piffguru said, it can transfer them, with the same percentage chance as any other colors. There are two parents, the baby could get either of the parents colors and this chance is repeated in each color region on the tame. If you don't get the color you want when breeding, keep on tryin!
  6. Unless it's a recent change, you can't craft them in a mission terminal. However, on PC at least, cryopods are now *back* in the hexagon store.
  7. I'm sure it's just not a priority. Hell, the broken anti-meshing system they implemented was destroying hard-earned dinos left and right for people that were not breaking any rules, and that's an egregious problem compared to this, and they didn't get the fixes in for weeks or months. I'm sure it's low on a list somewhere. In the meantime, unless your character can use a tek replicator you're out of luck.
  8. Do you have a link? I've been digging through the threads trying to find it, but there's always lots of posts on those.
  9. Cryopods removed from the Hexagon Exchange It appears the most recent update removed crypods from the hexagon exchange. Since you don't seem to be able to craft cryopods anywhere but a tek replicator, this means that anybody that doesn't have the tek replicator engram learned cannot get cryopods. Not sure if this was an oversight, bug, or intentional, but if it's intentional it seems like a significant balance change.
  10. On PVE servers, the anti-meshing system doesn't solve a problem, but it does create a problem and disenfranchise players. The anti-meshing system creates a lot of false positives (at least a few a day in the reporting thread, plus presumably many more instances daily that go unreported), and "internal policies" won't allow GMs to replace dinos that the system destroys. Most false positives represent *hours* of effort for players being destroyed wrongfully. I understand the need for anti-meshing on PVP servers, where meshing was a big problem, but on PVE servers the anti-meshing syste
  11. I've lost yet another dino to the anti-meshing system incorrectly identifying meshing. This time just after taming a bloodstalker (look at the time codes). Please turn this off on PVE servers. Meshing isn't a problem on PVE, but the anti-meshing system still is killing things people worked for a long time for...
  12. Game freezes at snapshot 9 when trying to join server When attempting to join a Genesis server, the game freezes at Snapshot_9. It eventually times out and boots me out.
  13. There is 2x this weekend, Cedric said on his personal Twitter.
  14. They usually would have started by now. Its possible they are busy getting ready for the Genesis launch on Tuesday and won't do the EVO over the weekend.
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