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  1. Still nothing about 971. It's been down for a month. Would be great if WC would actually say something about it. I tried to see if I could do a character recovery with support, but they won't give back any ascenions (with are the hardest thing and something to be proud of accomplishing). They offered a level 105 character and a small handful of techgrams...even with screenshot proof.
  2. GenTwo 971 has been down for 2 weeks. Some folks are saying it is an issue with a corrupted save, and a rollback didn't solve it. I've reported the server outage like WC wants, but have a question for the community: Can a server is deemed irrevivable and just never come back? If so, will Wild Card let the people that were on that server know, or will it just be radio silcence?
  3. Starting to seem like 971 won't ever come back and everything on it is lost...
  4. Can't enjoy this launch because my character is on GenTwo971, which has been down for an entire week straight.
  5. 971 has been down for 129 hours... I hope they at least can bring it back up before the map launch tomorrow, I wanted to take my toon from that server to the new map.
  6. *Puts tinfoil hat on* 971 is unable to stay up because it's a giant map, and the server was one of the original at launch so it's way overpopulated and has far too many dinos-for-sale breeding ops (those GIGANTIC bases with every color of every dino for sale at level 377, usually box tribes). The server has frequently hit the max-dinos-on-server cap. The game simply can't handle the scale of saves in PVE, so wildcard can't really do anything about it and is letting the server be down so that when it comes back people will migrate elsewhere, reducing the buildings and dinos on the se
  7. Even a higher-level ptera will struggle to carry you if you have armor on. They just arn't built for it. I'd go for an argy, though they are harder to get.
  8. 971 offline for almost 2 days straight again. It's pretty much never up anymore.... NA-PVE-Official-GenTwo971 - (v340.12) Uptime: 7 Days: 36%, 30 Days: 64%
  9. 971 down for 38 hours, comes back up for 1 hour, then goes down for 12 hours and counting again.....
  10. GenTwo servers show 65/70, 67/70, 69/70, etc, frequently several players below cap, but when trying to join the game says "Server Full". The number will change, but the message always displays when trying to join. Does this happen for everyone? Is the player count wrong on the server list, or is this a bug with the slot cap fix that was pushed last night?
  11. Super excited for the launch! Good luck polishing it up
  12. It can be HARD to find them when they fall/teleport. Part of the "hard" for that biome I guess. Took me an hour once!
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