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  1. WC just said this is no time to party...because ppl are dying in the streets...and some selfish mf still complaints about a late update and accusing devs. what a strange world we live on
  2. anyone had "Character lost" after last patch ? (CrossArk6) I'm opening this topic to try to condense all the "char lost" after last patch. Our cluster is "CrossArk6" We play on EU-PVP-NoTek-TheIsland-CrossArk6 WHAT I SUPPOSE HAPPENED: After patch something went wrong and servers were rolled back in time. So if you didn't transfer in the hour (or roll back time) you just lost like me some structures you just built prior/after patch. BUT if you transferred (from AB to Island or from RAG to Island) something went badly wrong. People from friend tribes said (and i saw some pos
  3. i always tought that curing swamp fever just moving from sarver to server was a kid shortcut. every experienced player suggest to do so but whats the point of fearing something that it's easy and fast to cure from ? I support the idea to keep SF till cure is applied. So be awaare of infected leeches boyz !
  4. ANd here we go again... Antimesh killed me and my dino for the 2nd time. this time we were farming metal. My friend tried to grab our ANKY with ARGI when i was riding it going up on a muntain. The grab pushed me and anky inside the mesh....ANTIMESH kicked n. I lost my equipment AND our precious farming Anky LV 259 In my opinion devs MUST support us as we try to support them, thir cerrer and their families. If we take our time to help the company and you fixing your product you must help us on not loosing interest. I like Ark...but i can assure you that this kind od BUGS/PROBLEMS are dam
  5. @Cedrichi this is Nicola from Italy, Yesterday i died in swamp cave during an adventure, anti-mashing system kicked in and destroyed my bag immediately. I can attach log, coordinates and map location: I lost all my "precoius stuff" down there+ a 200++ Argentavis that was a preciuos and loved ally of the tribe. I alreday opened a ticket request with full details: REQUEST #1415558 Which map are you playing on? The Island Which server are you experiencing the issue on? List all the servers if there is more than ONE. EU-PVP-NOTEK-THEISLAND-CROSSARK6-(v304.456) What is the coord
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