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  1. Ferox stuck in a state between the 2 forms As you can see on the submitted picture, The ferox is in the small form, yet it says 1/1 element required which should have made it big? I can't pick it up or cryoball ball it, as if it was in the big form. This ferox was not even doing anything prior to the patch since it was pregnant and inside a small base.
  2. My pregnant ferox wasn't pregnant after patch and now it's stuck as small form with 1/1 element given and cant be cryoballed og picked up. It's like the animal is in a state between the 2 forms
  3. Expecting removal of reapers on genesis The people who exploited this bug are hopefully getting their reapers removed or else they have an unfair advantage
  4. Can't get items out of ferox inventory after patch Anyone else having this bug?
  5. Ferox disapeared after the timer for the empowered effect wore off Official Smalltribe 101 genesis please refund your system is flawed
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