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  1. In my opinion, there are a couple of ways how to nerf this meta.: -1. Cave debuff: If you stay in a cave for more then 5 min. You get a debuff. E.g., slowness or blindness and the longer you stay in the cave, the worse this effect gets. With death, the effect doesn't go away. Same for tek pod. The only way to remove this effect is by staying on the surface for some time. Result: Living in caves gets pretty annoying, so people do not want to build in caves unless necessary -2. Disable velos in caves(you can place pretty much-unlimited velos at a cave choke and so prevent every attacker from entering) Result: Easier soaking + rocket running -3. Fix meshbitting: It makes raiding some caves impossible, and the response time of devs is not even really existent. Effect: Easier attacking at small chokepoints and crouch spots -4. Disable 6x damage to platform structures so you can easier raid caves like the Ragnarok lava cave and don't lose a racer box with one rocket Result: Easier online raiding of a few caves -5. Change turret limit for caves so there are fewer turrets in chokepoints(or maybe no tek turrets(that would make turtles with c4 even more op)) Result: Easier rocket run+soaking -6. Disable y traps in caves(some cave raids can pretty much be prevented with enough y traps, but let's first see how the effect of the y trap changes will affect that methode) Result: You can easier move forward in caves -7. Change the reasons why people go into the cave: -forest: change to grap range -ice: lower ice ball range -tek tape: limit the damage that can be done by mass tek tape rushes(e.g., tek tape limit or make damage depending on tek tape amount or make it easier to plant z tek tapes) Result: People do no longer have it that necessary to go into caves -8. Change certain choke points(make them bigger so you can use soakers e.g., trikes and don't have to coach, e.g., for ice cave on the island) Result: makes rocket running easier + some caves become possible to soak, and you can move easily back with those soakers. This is extremely risky for tribes that have already built-in those chokes and might lead to floating structures -9. Better underwater soaking possibilities: -maybe make it possible to use racers/brontos underwater, so they do not float directly over the ground and can regenerate stamina and maybe a way to regenerate oxygen while underwater, this would make it possible to use soakers with a box so you can not get shot out. -more possibilities to rescue overweight soakers in turret range, e.g., making it possible to whip squids/basilos(currently only cryoing works) Result: Easier underwater soaking, but the effect will be minimal since people do not like attacking underwater due to a lack of possibilities -10. Fence Supports should not give foundation claim in caves I understand that it is intended to secure bases from building in range, but in caves, it makes it really hard/annoying to raid a cave due to the way those snap on the walls, so you got to grapple to them or use rockets. Without foundation claim of those, that would make it easier to push caves since you can just ignore them and so speed up a push. 11. Change parasaur alert: Result: You can easier scout and soak caves without directly having enemies get alert when you just get close to the cave. Also, it stops giving an advantage to tribes with screenreading discord bots so you can offline caves.
  2. In my opinion, the 10 second trap time of plant y is too low, I assume it is made in order to prevent naked players from being stuck for a longer time and in order to make it easier to rescue tames, but maybe adjust it instead to 1 of this other approaches or a combination of those. All should have similar effects and should help with balancing: -for players 10secounds + per 10 weight, the character has additional 2-10 seconds stuck time(would need some testing), at a certain weight, you can expect players from having flame arrows or torches and this prevents naked players from staying there too long. -for tames: if you set the tame that is stuck in the y trap on fire, it also damages the y trap, that will make it easier to rescue tames safely and fixes sometimes problems with flame arrows not registering hits on the y trap and so has the desired effect of saving dinos, but this would mean that the timer doesn't need to be that low and could be increased for dinos - for tames double/triple the time they are stuck, within 10 seconds you normally are not able to kill or do a lot of damage to a trapped dino, which means there is no real punishment for being uncareful and running into y traps -during lag improve the performance(reloading) of crossbows and registering of flame arrow hits so you can hit y traps better and don't take to long to escape -for players without flame arrows(e.g. since no map with the required resources is available on the server)/access to those, it might be good to increase the damage with torches against y traps so those can also escape fastly
  3. with the limitation that you are not able to use it while handcuffed or having torpor and results just in death, it would probably not be possible to abuse it
  4. something like that already exists as some sort of extension made by the community https://github.com/cadon/ARKStatsExtractor/wiki , althou it does not keep the folders but you are able to see the hatch stats
  5. would be good, although, I already saw it in some other suggestions, but will still give it a vote anyway, since this is alone
  6. would definitely be good, since otherwise, it can take hours to find a drop without a dino or gear that you can use
  7. The way current mutation breeding is done is by having a male which is over mutation cap(over 20mutations) be mated with "clean females"(females under 20mutations). Over this method, you can get infinite mutations. This leads to insane stats and breaks certain balances in the game. Also, it leads to the unnessesarity to tame dinos, since those will never compete with the breed ones. Due to that, I would suggest, that both male and female got to be under 20 mutations in order to mutate. This change would make it necessary to tame dinos again in order to get better stats, but also leads to quite a lot of more work to get a good line going but makes it easier for newer tribes to start on servers that already have highly breed lines, since that will make the lines more compatible. Also if you manage to loot the line of someone you probably have then the line everyone has without any big differences, which makes it even easier for the newer players.
  8. Aberration has a few nearly unraidable locations, due to their height above the regular ground, e.g., tree locations. This height makes it extremely easy to defend since the attackers got to build a ramp up to your location(which is not everywhere possible due to the "too high above ground" error message). Due to that, I would suggest to either disable building over a particular high on abberation or increase the "too high above ground" building height so you can create a ramp to every one of those locations.
  9. While raiding caves, it often happens, that 1-2 rockets destroy a paracer box, and so you got to replace it before you can continue to soak, this is pretty annoying, and so should probably be changed, so it is no longer 6x damage on platform structures.
  10. dabo1

    Cave meta nerf

    Currently, on official pvp, building in caves is the meta. This has multiple reasons: -Titans(extinction ones) -some Caves are pretty much unraidable if built correctly and someone is online(some even if no one online) Due to that, I would suggest to nerf/disable cave building in: Island: -Carno Cave -Snow Cave Center: -North Ice Cave -Pearl cave -Bear caves Se: -Grave of the Tyrants Abberation: -Hidden Grotto(Shadow Cave) How this nerf could look like(does not have to be every of this options): -disable tek turret placement -disable teleporter placement -lower turret limit close to chokepoints(areas where only a few small dinos/no dinos fit through) -disable all building
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