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  1. Same, my game dashboards ever few mins
  2. Server been down 5 days Not sure where else to put this can’t get an answer from WC. Anyone else official Xbox server go down? Our extinction has been down since Saturday, all the tribes filed outage reports still nothing
  3. Breeding bugged? I was just wondering if anyone is having an issue with breeding lately? I’ve got a turtle that just finished that would only mate with 2/4 of the female turtles. Went back today and now it will only mate with one of the 4 females. anyone else having this issue in the last few days?
  4. Having the same issue here after the last server update. Can’t transfer servers anymore without waiting another 15 mins after already waiting the server timer
  5. Was moving my tribemate around with crab in abberation he just disappeared when I went to drop him. Eupvp crossark1
  6. DEVS, when are you going to learn that not addressing the problem only makes these situations worse.
  7. Same with my abb server. So far not one announcement I can find about it, when are these devs going to realize that my saying anything always makes the problem worse.
  8. your latest server version turned off 2x gather? Why advertise 2x for this event only to turn it off half way though and not even tell anyone?
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