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  1. I played Gen 2 on launch with my older xbox 1 X, with little to no issues with connection. A few days ago, I got my hands on the new xbox series X, the newer faster console. It seems the performance on ark is great except for Gen 2. Not sure where to report this but I am not the only one who has it. A few of my tribemates also have the series X and have the same issue but not the people in our tribe who have older xbox's. Just wondering if this is a bug or just related to our servers. Anyone else out there experience the same issues with gen 2 and the series X?
  2. We’ve lost 2 skiffs now just flying though the airlock tunnels that connect though space. We’ve lost countless items by dying from simply flying though.
  3. Was moving my tribemate around with crab in abberation he just disappeared when I went to drop him. Eupvp crossark1
  4. your latest server version turned off 2x gather? Why advertise 2x for this event only to turn it off half way though and not even tell anyone?
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