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Community Crunch 244: Halloween and Gen2 and Extra Life! Oh my!

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I sense that 'thing' and the white bunny from Monty Python's "King Arthur" have a lot in common...

What's the config line for hexagon rewards multiplier and where does it go (game.ini or GUS)?

Hi, Wildcard,

please don't nerf the Wyverns!

You are writing 'slight stat rebalancing'. That sounds ominous. I would have faith in the word 'slight' if I hadn't witnessed ARK nerfs before. So I can't help feeling you are about to make Wyverns pointless. The infamous beta flyer nerf comes to mind.

Please, please don't destroy these great creatures.

Why is it even necessary to 'bring them in line' with the Crystal Wyverns? Look: why have 2 different sorts of Wyverns in the first place if their stats are the same?

Different Wyverns = different stats and different specialties. Crystals aren't much in combat but are faster. Normals aren't as fast but good in combat. That makes more sense then making them equal on a low level even though they stem from different maps and look different.

You aren't bringing an Anky in line with a Doedi either, right? And why would you. It'd be pointless. Different creatues, different abilities.

Thank you.

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  • Volunteer Moderator
4 hours ago, Amris said:

So I can't help feeling you are about to make Wyverns pointless.

They may be bringing their stats in line with the Crystal Wyverns but they are going to be breedable, so you can mutate them to your desire. How is that making Wyverns pointless?

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17 hours ago, GP said:

They may be bringing their stats in line with the Crystal Wyverns but they are going to be breedable, so you can mutate them to your desire. How is that making Wyverns pointless?

They are breedable already with classical flyer. Now I am simply afraid my bred wyverns that I spent a year on collecting eggs, then mutating the line 47 times will be made into paper tigers.

I so hope I am wrong and they mean it when they use the word 'slight'.

But even without classical flyers it is disappointing to give an advantage with one hand (making them breedable) then take that advantage away with the other hand (make them worse).

Btw: I notice that you jump on the word 'pointless'. That seems to trigger you. Well, you did get my call back to the flyer nerf in beta right? Where you playing ARK back then already? Did you experiene that nerf? I explained already that I don't trust the word 'slight' when I have lived through such a massive nerf. That's where the word 'pointless' comes from. And yes, I realize 'pointless' is an exaggeration. And yes, I used an exaggeration on purpose to get my point across. Nevertheless my point stands: 2 different animals should have different stats and abilities. (And my use of 'pointless' wasn't far off when used in conjunction with the flyer nerf.)

Another thing: I see you are a voluteer moderator so I guess you feel obliged to come to Wildcard's defense. In that matter I will say this: Yes, Wildcard did create a great game. I am the first to say so. In fact ARK is my fav game and Wildcard deserves all the credit for that. I do not want to denigrate any of them. However as a fan and passionate ARK player it is not only my right but also my duty to tell them what I think about upcoming patches from my perspective. They need to know what the player base thinks about specific points of the game. That's important for improving the game. And this includes negative things too. No would be helped if only positive voices were allowed to be heard. But that I criticize a certain aspect does in no way mean I want to critizice the game as a whole. Do not confuse that please. (And maybe you didn't, I don't know. I just want to be sure.)

Now when you come to Wildcard's defense please ask yourself: do you do that out of reflex because you are a volunteer moderator? Or because that's your personality: jumping in on defense with or without good reason? Or do you say that because you have seriously thought about the issue at hand? In the latter case welcome aboard and thank you for your reply. However if it is one of the first 2 options then please think about whether your reply is actually helpful to create a better game.

I stand to my point: Wyverns are very cool ark creatures (up until now). Please don't make them worse.

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@Amris I think you are the one that got "triggered" not me.

I'm not defending anyone. I simply think that a slight nerf, whether you believe it to be slight or not is beside the point, is fine because of the fact that you will be able to breed and mutate them as much as you want.

There is no advantage or disadvantage at all because everyone is impacted the same as each other.

Just because you have used Mods that enable mating with creatures that the base game doesn't allow shouldn't mean they should never get touched by changes in the base game, unless you believe the Devs should know exactly what every Mod chnages in the game and work around them?

But sorry if my one sentence triggered you to write an essay accusing me of defending WC rather than believing i'm speaking as a player.

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